One Two Three!

Today The Daily Post had a Discover Challenge called One, Two, Three!, and this is what it said:

Taking inspiration from an obsession with lists, we challenge you to create in sets of threes.

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Each Tuesday, we’ll provide a theme.

Publish a new post — in any genre or medium — in response to the theme.

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Today, in the spirit of list making, the challenge is to create in sets of three in the medium of your choice.

Poets might try a few tercets, or perhaps its most accessible form — the haiku.

Photographers and artists might consider working in triptychs to capture a subject in evolution or experimenting with the rule of thirds.

Playwrights, how about a comedy or drama in three acts?

Foodies, why not envision and prepare a three-course meal?

Composers, how about a new piece in three-quarter time?

Not sure how to proceed?

Try brainstorming a list of mediums you’d like to try and / or materials you’d like to work in. (Woodworking? Quilting? Knitting? Sewing?)

This challenge is wide-open — the intent is to get you inspired to create in the medium you love best.