Symbolism + Sola Gratia + Game Of Thrones = ?

All that I can remember of this dream is that one part of the dream involved my former male classmate JC but that is all that I can remember of that part of the dream, and one or more parts of the dream had the song or songs Sola Gratia (Part 1) and Sola Gratia (Part 2) from the Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack playing in the background one or more times.

The last parts of this dream seemed to be symbolic and they seemed to combine a Game Of Thrones-like world with our modern world, the people/other living things/clothing/jewelry/abilities or powers/beliefs/et cetera seemed Game Of Thrones-like, but the environment/setting was in our modern world it seemed.

In one part of the dream several people (men and women) were telling their versions of an event that they each saw at the same time, each person described the same event differently and I got to see how they saw the event as they told everyone about their version(s) of the event outside during the day, and each of their versions seemed to involve their belief(s) in the religion of The Lord Of Light from the television series Game Of Thrones.

Each of their versions of this same event involved an Arya Stark-like girl who somewhat looked and dressed like her but her hair was a lighter color and she probably looked slightly different, in each of their versions of this same event this girl was outside during the day going up some stairs that looked like modern stairs and/or a modern escalator, and each of their versions of this same event involved her reaching the top and there was light at the top that she walked into so you could not see her anymore but you could see the light; and to them this probably meant that she was special/chosen and/or had reached a place that most people do not reach and so she was given the power of light by The Lord Of Light to bring light to the world during the day and/or something religious/symbolic like that maybe.

Each of their versions of this same event differed when it came to how she went up the stairs/escalator, in some versions she sat down and floated up, in some versions she stood up and floated up, in some versions she walked up, in some versions it moved her up like an escalator, in some versions she maybe crawled up, in some versions she maybe climbed up, in some versions she maybe ran up, et cetera; and they were happy about this event, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream seemed to involve a game show/whatever (where people do various challenges) that was taking place outside, there were several hosts and obstacles set up, and there was a man there who looked and dressed like Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones; and I remember a male host with whitish colored skin holding a microphone while talking to him.

The male host also had a mostly blackish/dark colored necklace with at least one large blackish color claw and/or tooth on it and maybe some feathers, the Jon Snow-like man supposedly had recently gotten special powers/abilities/whatever (possibly from The Lord Of Light), and I guess the host asked him about this; and I remember the host walking away for a moment.

The host walked to a semi-indoor area where the other hosts were where they could see the Jon Snow-like man from various cameras and hidden areas, I remember him talking to a female host with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair about the powers/abilities and their beliefs/whatever, and he said that he was going to test the Jon Snow-like man to see if his powers/abilities were real and really from maybe The Lord Of Light/whoever; and I remember him leaving with the necklace like he was going to put it somewhere, and trigger the start of the obstacle course/game show/whatever.

The hosts felt that the Jon Snow-like man was telling the truth but they wanted to be sure, I remember a gate opening behind the Jon Snow-like man and one or more humanoids/creatures came out of it, and I remember him walking toward them but I can not remember what happened; and at some point something or someone was sneaking up behind him, and when he noticed this the others went back on the other side of the gate.

A man or male humanoid with whitish colored skin wearing maybe a darkish colored Night’s Watch-like outfit or fur/animal skin limped toward him with an injured leg and he told a story that I can not remember that possibly involved a deer attacking him, and he asked the Jon Snow-like man to heal him; and I remember the Jon Snow-like man touching him, and he told him that he knew the truth.

Just by touching him the Jon Snow-like man was able to know/see the truth/what had happened, he told him that the deer was maybe really his dad and so I guess he was not really human and so he admitted that he had lied, and so the Jon Snow-like man healed his leg; he thanked him, and then he turned into the blackish colored necklace that the host had earlier and it fell to the ground.

The hosts walked out to let the Jon Snow-like man know that he had passed the test, they started talking to him and congratulating him, and talking about what this meant and it probably involved beliefs involving The Lord Of Light; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr