Defending A Settlement From Alien Orcs?

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Last night I did not get out of bed to voice record my dreams and I suddenly woke up from this dream abruptly, and so I can not remember most of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of this dream.

There was more to this dream before and during this dream that I can not remember unfortunately, and so this dream will not make much sense because most of it is forgotten now.

There were several different things going on before and maybe during this dream, maybe different layers and/or perspectives to this dream or jumping between dreams or parts of the dream, and this part of the end of the dream possibly took place on another planet but that is just my wild assumption (guess).

This part of the dream was like a live action interactive movie (film) and video game combined with a dream, and it seemed to involve a maybe Viking-like group of assumed humans with primitive/old/ancient technology/weapons/armor/et cetera and some newer technology (I am not sure how new) trying to maybe settle on this planet in a small settlement that was possibly near water.

I am not sure if these assumed human settlers were originally from this planet or if they had just arrived, and they were being led by a maybe warrior-like woman with whitish-colored skin with long yellow hair.

Like a video game I had some control over this dream world, and the goal of this game/whatever was to defend the settlement from what I assumed to be tall muscular strong alien orc-like entities (humanoids) with probably primitive technology.

I am not sure if the alien orc-like entities were native to this planet or not or if they were settlers too, I just know that they kept attacking the assumed human settlers, and this was like a turn-based game where you only had a few seconds to prepare before each random attack.

You could spend those seconds preparing your fence/wall or arming and organizing your settlers or looking for randomly spawned items to help with the defense of your settlement or set traps or you could let the female leader handle things or you could maybe give a speech or you could do nothing or maybe you could share leadership with the female leader et cetera.

I remember playing/going through several turns helping defend the settlement, I tried different approaches and I even let the female leader lead sometimes, and things were challenging and randomized to make each attack feel more unique and stressful.

The assumed humans had better technology than the alien orc-like entities it seemed, but the alien orc-like entities were big and strong and relentless and outnumbered the assumed humans.

I am not sure if I was allowed to directly participate (take part) or not, I do remember possibly physically being there or seeing things like I was there, and the female leader was a good and strong leader and warrior who really cared about her people.

The alien orc-like entities were slowly wearing us down even though we were successfully defending against them each turn, and the battles were pretty action-packed and realistic and interesting.

The assumed humans had probably traveled all of this way and did not want to leave, and so they were willing to defend for as long as they could before considering abandoning the settlement (I possibly talked with the female leader about this, but I can not remember).

I possibly became more involved and I wanted to get directly involved, I am not sure if I got to or not before waking up, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Failed Empire And A Goddess? | The Sister Of My Former Classmate JC Gets Eaten By An Alligator?

Greek Goddess Demeter
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Last night I had several dreams, daydreams, and maybe semi-dreams; and several of them were connected but I only voice recorded one, I remember part of another one as well, but my memory is very unclear.

Dream 1

This dream or semi-dream or series of dreams/semi-dreams probably happened after the dream that I voice recorded but I am not sure, and I am typing it first because it somewhat explains the history of events that happened before the dream that I voice recorded.

My memory is unclear so expect errors but I will try to type what I think happened based on my unclear memory, and I think that the dream involved the story of a goddess or woman who led an empire that either was or was like the Mongols, the Huns, and several groups like that.

The goddess or woman had long somewhat curly brownish and/or blackish colored hair in that classic Greek goddess-style and she had light brownish colored skin and she probably wore a nice ancient-style dress, and she seemed to be worshiped as a goddess by her people or she was a goddess; and she possibly had special powers and/or magic, and maybe she was semi-immortal or immortal because I do not think that she aged over the many years but I could be wrong.

I remember her armies conquering/raiding on horseback showing groups like or similar to maybe the Mongols, the Huns, and other groups like that like they were controlled/led/influenced by her over the years/history or something like that.

But somehow eventually her empire was defeated and she was defeated or killed at a certain location/place, something happened at that location/place that damaged the area into a swamp-like place with water, and it was left abandoned for many years; but that is all that I can remember of this dream, and this dream continues at the end of the second dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the night and I arrived at the yard of a fictional place that was like E Manor with a swamp-like place with water around a larger house/compound that was somewhat like E Manor, this probably was near the area where the goddess or woman was defeated/killed many years ago in the first dream, and many people lived here including some people I know like some of my former classmates.

My male former classmate JC was outside with many other people looking for his sister JC (also a former schoolmate of mine/ours), they said that they thought/think that she was eaten by an alligator, but they could not find her body or pieces of it; and so I joined the search for his sister JC, but I can not remember if we found her or not.

After a long search we finally went inside the large house/compound to sleep, the outer parts of the house/compound were semi-indoor areas that were open on the left side to the outside with a covered outdoor walkway/catwalk with booth-style seating on both sides of the walkway/catwalk where people could sit/eat/drink/et cetera, and there were nice thin fabric curtain-like things along this side of the house/compound that blew smoothly in the wind that provided some privacy and protection from insects instead of walls.

Some of us were still not ready to sleep after the search so several people sat in the booth-style seating areas while some of the others slept or sat in the sleeping area in the semi-indoor area, and I was in the sleeping area.

It was very foggy with a nice breeze and the fog even filled the semi-indoor area at times, and during the night I started to notice armored creatures or men who looked like shorter versions of the goblins/orcs from the Lord Of The Rings movies sneaking around trying to sneak attack us.

I assume that the defeated/killed goddess or woman from the first dream was either still alive or her spirit/ghost was alive or something like that, and that she was sending these goblin/orc-like creatures and/or dead soldiers and/or soldiers to try to kill us; and she was probably trying to restart her empire, but this time with goblin/orc-like creatures and/or dead soldiers that she created and/or controlled with her powers and/or magic.

I remember using the fog (which possibly was fog that she was making with her powers/magic) to my advantage, and I used it to hide and sneak attack the armored creatures/soldiers as I came across them while sneaking around trying to warn the others.

I remember reaching the catwalk/walkway where some of the others were sitting, they saw some of the armored creatures/soldiers sneaking past them, and so they sat silently; and the creatures/soldiers did not notice them or bother them.

I continued sneak attacking them through the fog, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Continuing Dream With An Alice Morgan-Like Woman?

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Last night I had several dreams but I got awakened again by people making too much noise and opening the bedroom door and so I forgot those dreams, I went back to sleep several times and I woke up several times, and I kept having what seemed to be a continuing dream so I am not sure whether to label it as one dream or several.

I have forgotten most of the dream because I kept going to sleep and dreaming about it and waking back up several times so this dream will not make much sense and it is very unclear now, the dream took place in the same fictional dream world during various times of the day, and I was always with a small group of the same people but some of them were killed/were kidnapped/et cetera during the continuing dream; and the person who stood out the most among the group of people was a woman named Alice whose character slowly changed in appearance and personality during the continuing dream.

Alice was a stealthy/sneaky woman who could sneak/escape in and out of almost anywhere and she was good at hiding, there was more about her that I can not remember and she slightly changed as the dream continued, and at first she looked and acted a bit like Lady Jayne Wetherby from the TV show Dracula (2013); but she slowly changed as the dream continued until she looked like and acted a bit like Alice Morgan from the BBC TV show Luther.

The continuing dream was strange and confusing because it was like a dream combined with a video game combined with a film/TV show and it was a continuing dream and maybe some non-human humanoids/entities were among the group of people with me and against me, I think that there was an army (probably mostly non-human like Orcs and other unknown entities and humans with old style armor and mêlée and ranged weapons) that would find and attack us sometimes, and so the group of people and I seemed to be either a group of people trying to live free/peacefully and/or a rebel group trying to help stop the army who controlled the dream world and/or maybe something like that.

The group of people and I stayed in and around a nice small college campus-like area made of brick with a wall and tower-like structure built on and around the building(s) on the right side of the college campus-like area but we spent most of our time living in a shack-like area across the street from the small college campus-like area next to a small forest-like area, I remember us having meetings/talking/preparing/et cetera, and slowly I started to build a bit of a relationship/friendship with Alice who spent most of her time at the college campus-like area living in hidden areas in/under/on top of the various buildings.

At this point Alice was basically a nicer version (not a sociopath or murderer) of Alice Morgan who might have been a been a thief but I am not sure, and one day when I went somewhere the shack-like area where Alice and the others were having meetings at was attacked by the army; and I returned to find most of the people dead, taken prisoner, and the few survivors had hidden and/or ran away but I did not see Alice and the survivors did not know where Alice was.

This bother me a lot and so I went to the college campus-like area searching for Alice in some of her normal hiding places but I did not find her, but eventually Alice found me as I was searching for her; and she showed me her secret hiding places that she had used to survive the attack by the army, and how to get in and out of them.

Her secret hiding places had different entrances/exits in various buildings underground/above ground/on top of buildings, and her most secret hiding place/hideout was in a hidden area on the tower-like structure that/which was the tallest structure and there was only one entrance/exit to this area; and she had a complicated route that she would take to reach it to avoid being seen by people or cameras, and she showed me the complicated route to get to it.

The route started at the buildings combined with a wall and underground areas, we walked through the college building in areas with no cameras until we reached the highest floor and we entered a room/area that led us to the tower, and on the outside of the tower was a secret entrance/exit and we used that to entered the secret part of the tower; and after that we entered the normal tower area which was like an upper-class-like place, and large/tall male security guards in suits approached us to arrest us but I convinced them that Alice had nothing to do with it and so they let her go.

I then talked with the security guards trying to avoid being arrested but I can not remember what happened, I just remember being afraid that the army would come to arrest us, and I still wanted to find the people who were taken prisoner by the army; and I wanted to live freely/peacefully without the army constantly attacking us, and I my relationship with Alice was continuing to grow to where maybe I was interested in dating her and/or I cared about her a lot.

I remember wanting to find/meet up with Alice later and maybe I did but I can not remember, also I forgot to mention that at the end of the dream Alice looked like Alice Morgan on the last episode of season 3 of the BBC TV show Luther where she had shorter hair and she was wearing a similar outfit with tall dark-colored boots and pants and jacket with gloves, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Attempted Coup And Helping Lady Jayne Wetherby And Kara Thrace (Starbuck) Has A Baby?

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I got awakened from my last dream because someone opened the bedroom door, people were making a lot of noise, and the heat from the heater made the bedroom hot; and so those things combined woke me up from my dream suddenly, unfortunately, causing me to forget most of my last dream even though it was a pretty clear and easy to remember dream.

The dream will not make much sense now that most of the dream is missing/forgotten because of being suddenly awakened by all of those things and I am not even sure if I was myself in the dream or not, the dream took place during the day, and I remember walking to what I think was a banquet that was taking place at a one-story building where a lot of high level/important people were; and there was a big crowd outside the entrance waiting to get inside and/or talking.

This dream took place in a different time period in a fantasy-like world that seemed to be a combination of a fictional past and a fictional future combining the world of the TV show Dracula (2013) with The Lord Of The Rings film series with the TV show Battlestar Galactica (2004) and one or more fictional worlds/time periods, and so there were people with old style and modern and futuristic clothes/armor/weapons and even maybe Orc / Alien-like humanoids / entities.

As we were waiting and talking outside the entrance Lady Jayne Wetherby from the TV show Dracula (2013) made a grand entrance walking confidently through the crowd wearing maybe a nice long purple dress with a gold-colored armored top with cleavage showing, but suddenly a lot of the Orc/Alien-like entities took her hostage by surprise and they pulled out weapons and they surrounded everyone outside like they were attempting a coup and were going to kill all the important/high-level people inside the building at the banquet.

Security closed and locked the doors to the building as the Orc/Alien-like entities expected and so they were going to use Lady Wetherby as a hostage to get them to open the doors, they told the security that they would kill Lady Wetherby if they did not open the doors but the security refused to their surprise because Lady Wetherby was a high-level person and they expected their hostage plan to work, and Lady Wetherby looked angry/embarrassed that she was taken hostage so easily because she was so focused on making a grand entrance and she was not paying attention.

I slowly got closer to the Orc/Alien-like entities who were holding Lady Wetherby hostage and before they went to kill her I attacked them and I freed Lady Wetherby and both of us grabbed some mêlée weapons and we started fighting the Orc/Alien-like entities with all we had, Lady Wetherby fought with great vengeance wanting revenge for being taken hostage and embarrassed in front of everyone and she was destroying Orc/Alien-like entities and she could clearly take care of herself, and us fighting inspired everyone else outside to fight and I yelled for them to fight as well; and a great battle took place, it was wild/crazy/et cetera, but a bit fun.

I remember blocking, dodging, chopping, stabbing, slicing, throwing, kicking, punching, elbowing, kneeing, jumping, et cetera during the battle and we were winning the battle; and I saw Kara Thrace (Starbuck) from the TV show Battlestar Galactica (2004) fighting as well, for some reason(s) that I can not remember I helped her escape the battle when it was over or when it was clear that we would win, and I remember us being maybe near some water next to some grass and dirt outside near a wilderness and an automobile.

Starbuck either had a baby there or during the battle or before the battle or not long ago maybe because she had a baby with her who seemed to have been born very recently, that is probably why I helped her escape after the battle or right before it was over, but she did not trust me; and so I kept trying to help her and to get her to trust me enough to help her and her baby escape, I think that it was her baby, but I could be wrong.

I think that I remember Starbuck being over-whelmed with the thought of being a mother and she probably told me that she did not think that she could handle being a mother, I tried to give her words of encouragement, but it probably did not help that much; and I probably helped her with her baby showing and teaching her basic skills to help her take care of her baby, but she still did not trust me.

I think that I wanted her to wait with me and/or drive in the automobile with me to another area where we could meet one or more people I knew who could help take Starbuck and her baby somewhere safer, but Starbuck did not trust me and she was refusing my offer; and so I kept trying to convince her that I was trying to help her, and maybe at some point a women I knew came to help us.

The woman probably tried to help me convince Starbuck to let us help her and her baby, but I got awakened suddenly in the real world by various things that I mentioned earlier.

The end,

-John Jr