College And The Coronavirus And Facials

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a large college with several large connected buildings or maybe it was all just one large building with various parts including a dorm, a mall, and something else.

In the dream I lived at the dorm so I assume that I was a college student, and I remember going around the various parts of the building.


My Former Classmate MT Dies In An Automobile Accident

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I had a dream before this that I had remembered but I did not voice record it and I eventually forgot it when I kept trying to make sure that I remember the second dream, and so now I can only remember part of the second dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I remember my dad telling me about a rumor that he heard that my former male classmate and collegemate and roommate MT was dead | had died, but I did not believe the rumor.

The next thing that I remember is confusing, maybe I was in a college classroom waiting for our teacher | professor to arrive and maybe another student was watching this on a device or I was just seeing this somehow without being there, and I remember seeing a scene from a fictional pornographic film that took place during a nice sunny day outside at a college.

A clip of the very end of the pornographic film was shown at the beginning like a preview of what was to come which involved the PA MC and a male pornographic actor with whitish-color skin with medium-to-dark hair having sex in the cowgirl position on some steps outside that went underground so people walking above ground could not see them unless they stood over the stairs, and the male pornographic actor orgasmed | had an orgasm and there was an unnaturally large amount of semen and/or fake semen shooting | coming out of MC’s vagina and then there was red stuff coming out as well.

This preview scene was only a few seconds and then it jumped to the beginning which showed MC and the male pornographic actor walking across the college campus to reach the stairs to do their film, and the male pornographic actor was carrying one or two clear cases | containers with one of them containing some red stuff that looked like it was possibly sausage and maybe the other container contained some white stuff that was probably fake semen so that would probably explain what was coming out of MC’s vagina in that clip of the end of the film.

The two of them were talking to the camera person as they walked to the film shoot location, but then this ended and I was inside a college classroom during the day with other students.

Our teacher | professor entered the room and our professor was Grace Randolph from YouTube, and one or more of the students in the class were former classmate of mine like maybe my former male classmate DH.

Before starting class Grace told us that she had some bad news, one of our classmates in this class had died recently, and she said that this classmate was my former classmate MT.

I still did not believe it or want to believe it, I possibly stood up telling her this and asking her if she was sure, and she said that she had spoken with his parent’s and that his death was probably reported in the newspaper.

Things became a bit emotional and I still did not want to believe it and I was a bit shocked, I remember saying and wondering how was this possible because he was healthy and smart and I doubted that he would kill himself so I wondered if he had been murdered or something, how could someone like my former classmate MT die before me.

I said a few more things as I slowly started to get out of the denial that I was in, I was somewhat acting like he was supposed to be immortal or something, and I asked Grace how did he die but she paused to give us some time to recover.

Grace then told us that his parent’s did not say how he died, but that it was probably mentioned in the newspaper.

Grace then lifted the mood by making some jokes about my former classmate MT and she mentioned some of the positive things about him, and we joined in.

Grace told us when the funeral would be held, and I remember considering going to the funeral even though I usually avoid funerals.

Then Grace let us sit and recover again so that she could start class, she started class, and after class several of my classmates and I decided to investigate how our former classmate MT had died so we read the newspaper story about his death and then we went to the location where he died to investigate the area ourselves.

At the location where he died during the day, we saw skid marks on the ground, and we looked around at other clues trying to compare the newspaper story to the evidence that we were seeing and trying to visualize what happened that night.

As we tried to visualize what happened that night based on the clues I saw things like a flashback, my former classmate MT suddenly wanted to move to somewhere called maybe Oakdale but I am not sure what country or state that was in, and so he drove to that place.

It was evening or night so he went to a club to have fun, at the club he drank alcoholic drinks and he picked up some women et cetera, and then he left the club with some women and maybe some other people to go race and do stunts in his automobile in a somewhat isolated construction site-like area where people would often go to do things like this.

My former classmate MT was probably a bit drunk and they were all having a good time, and he was driving very fast and wild and showing off his automobile and driving skills over a former bridge-like area that had an old drawbridge (?) with rope rails on the ground near it when something went wrong (even in my visualization of what might have happened I did not know what went wrong) and his automobile probably flipped many times killing him and his automobile was messed up badly.

Most things seemed to be lining up with the newspaper story but we still did not want to believe that it all went down like that, maybe there was something that they had missed and maybe there was more to this story, and so we continued investigating.

At some point we left, and the next thing that I remember is seeing things that were happening without being there physically  maybe and I was seeing a black fighter aircraft that looked like maybe a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk being carried on a black circular pad that was attached to another maybe fighter aircraft.

The aircraft seemed to be on their way to a military training exercise, and then at least two or more other fighter aircraft joined them I remember hearing them communicated with each other using the communication system in their aircraft.

They were talking about the death of my former classmate MT like they knew him too, they also felt that maybe there was more to the story, and they were going to fly over the location where he died before flying on to the military training exercise location.

They were angry and they suspected that some raiders | bandits who live in that area were probably involved in some way, and even if they were not they felt that these raiders | bandits were threats that needed to be eliminated so they were going to bomb and shoot up some of their locations and maybe even the area where my former classmate MT died maybe hoping to stop people from using this area to race and do stunts and as a way for them to cope with his death and their own special way of honoring him.

I saw some of the locations where the raiders | bandits were, there were different groups who controlled certain areas, and these areas were familiar locations from one or more past dreams.

The pad carrying the F-117 Nighthawk-like aircraft started to move in different directions so that the aircraft could fly away from the pad that was connected to another aircraft and then the F-117 Nighthawk-like aircraft flew off the pad, the pad readjusted, and all the aircraft started to fly to the location where my former classmate MT had died so that they could carry out their bombing and shooting plan.

They were determined and they already had their targets planned out, they knew which structures they would bomb and shoot, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Eviction Job & Aaron Chiz Making Sex Videos

I can not remember the beginning or the end of this transitioning dream from last night because of pain and discomfort interrupting my sleep thanks to my old mattress and maybe my sleeping positions, and so I can not remember the lead-up to this part of the dream.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, an unknown man and I had both been jobless for a long time, and we needed a job, and one day we got a job working for a man with white skin with maybe a bald spot who probably owned an apartment building.


Rick Grimes Has Hot Sauce Blood Disease?

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead (2010)
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I barely remember part of one dream that had several parts, I remember the dream taking place during the day, and several parts of the dream took place at a college I think; and I went to class several times there probably.

During one of the classes my uncle CE, the actor Jamie Foxx, and several other celebrities with medium-dark brownish colored skin were in the class for some special event or something where they had our class walk to the front to pick up a laptop one-at-a-time slowly as they called out names & later we each had to pick up packets & last we needed to get a code or something to move to the next step but I never got that far; I got a laptop, I got a packet that had my brother CC’s name on it along with my name oddly (he was in the class too oddly), but I never got the code because I woke up shortly after stopping the class bully from attacking another student by calming him down by talking.