A Gang Selling Things From A Lobby?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside and outside in dimly lit areas that seemed to somehow be part of where I possibly lived and possibly part library and part school-like, and in this outdoor/indoor-like courtyard area I had a computer that seemed to be mine.

I remember using the computer at some point and then I went to the bathroom or something in one of the few completely indoor areas, and then I returned to log-out of my computer because I had forgotten.

There were other people around using this area so I was glad that I remembered that I had not logged out because some random student or library patron could have had access to everything.

At some point I joined up with the students like I was a student too, even though I was older than everyone it seemed, and I remember waiting in line with the students as I talked to a thin male student with dark-color skin.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember driving to a fictional parking lot with one or more people, and we went inside a building that looked an abandoned building in the entrance lobby.

The lobby was rough and mostly concrete with almost no furniture like they wanted to discourage people who were homeless from using this, there was a mostly empty office-like room or a room that people used to sale things from, and there were some bathrooms and a few other places.

It seemed that this part of the building was abandoned but could be used by the public, but they probably only wanted people to just use the bathrooms and leave.

Past this were some doors that led to what looked like a school that was still being used by some people, and it was in better condition and it was not all concrete.

At some point after leaving the school area there was a middle-aged man with light-color skin holding a box having a standoff with another man who seemed homeless and had dark-color skin, they acted like they may pull guns on each other if this deal failed, but they were only joking around.

There was now a line of people outside of the empty office-like room, there was a group inside that room of men with dark-color skin who seemed to be gang members who would sometimes use this room to sell and trade things with people, and they had lookouts et cetera outside the building and inside the building.

It seemed that they would set up briefly somewhere and people would come to trade and buy things, probably including illegal things, and I walked outside to walk to my automobile and there was a line outside as well.

I did not want anything to do with this, I was going to wait in my automobile until the others were ready to go, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Kicking Competition

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved my brother CC who was younger again and was possibly back in high school leaving to visit his fictional girlfriend who had light-color skin, and our brother TDC and KDC who were younger again (maybe 4th or 5th grade) went with him in his automobile.

Later in the dream they returned late at night later than they were supposed to, we were inside a fictional house and I was there with our mom, and our mom was not happy about them getting back so late so she told them so.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the morning and I was talking to my mom on the front porch, and two women with light-color skin were talking outside in the yard of The B House.

In this dream one of the women was probably the mother of my brother CC’s fictional girlfriend from the previous dream and I assume that she lived at The B House, and I assume that the woman with her was probably a family member or friend of hers.

The assumed mother of my brother CC’s girlfriend called my mom over to talk, and so my mom walked over to talk to them either in front of our yard or in front of theirs.

The mother sounded and acted a bit drunk so she was slurring her speech, talking loud, was very close to my mom, was making a lot of physical contact, was laughing a lot, being annoying, talking too much, et cetera.

Eventually my mom managed to escape back to our yard after saying goodbye, and the two women started walking back to their house.

My mom did something that is not like her and she started talking to me about how uncomfortable that was and how she wanted to leave the entire time, and she started talking about how annoying the mother was.

This surprised me because that is not like my mom to talk about someone like that especially when they are still close enough to possibly hear, and it seemed that the two women possibly slightly heard us because they turned around and looked for a moment before going inside their house.

After seeing this I said something to distract my mom for a moment until the women were inside their house, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a large dark windowless indoor / outdoor place that also felt like it could have been underground, it was like being inside and outside (grass, dirt, maybe even a small river (stream), water well, shack, et cetera) and underground at the same time, and there were even pillars et cetera going up to the tall ceiling or cave or whatever it was.

There was a large television or screen to my right that was playing what was possibly a French movie that possibly reminded me of the movie Brotherhood Of The Wolf or it was that movie, and there were various people sitting in chairs watching the movie and my male cousin ME was there with his fictional girlfriend who had light-color skin and they walked over to greet me.

My cousin ME asked me to take part in a kicking competition so I accepted, and the goal was to kick a soccer ball at certain locations and whoever was the most accurate and completed the most successful kicks would win.

At some point it was my turn and I had to make a pretty far kick and a pillar and some other stuff was in my way, and I had to kick past all of that stuff and over a man sitting next to a water well next to a shack.

To make the kick I would have to kick by running from the right side instead of a straight kick and I needed to curve the ball around the obstacles which was more difficult in this situation because I kick with my left foot even though I am right-handed, it was dark and the screen was making things worse, and I had to worry about not hitting the man.

I waited and eventually I kicked the ball without being able to see clearly when I kicked it (because of the light of the screen and various other things) so I kicked the ball high and not as strongly as I wanted to, it went at the right angle but it was not going to go far enough, but something or someone who was about to attack something or someone jumped through the air to attack the soccer ball instead.

The soccer ball hit whatever or whoever it was causing the ball to bounce closer to or directly to where I was supposed to kick it, and whoever or whatever exploded after crashing and / or from the ball hitting them / it.

The people there started to cheer because of my amazing kick and the crazy action.

Eventually it was my turn for my next kick, which was an easier and shorter kick to the left side this time, and I had to kick a television with the ball.

There were some difficulties, but I still made the kick successfully and it hit the television screen and bounced off so I was winning the competition or I won, I remember my cousin ME and maybe his fictional girlfriend and a boy walking over to talk to me about the kick et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr



Annette Moves To The Same City

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream that took place during the day, and I think that it involved me being online and finding out that Annette another blogger from and maybe some of her family were moving to another city.

By coincidence Annette and some of her family ended up moving to the city that I was living in, so Annette asked me to help her/them move their stuff in their new house, and so I went to help her/them.

I remember helping them move stuff while we talked, I remember Annette mentioning a table or chair that she had bought that needed to be put together, and that she would probably need my help to put it together one day.

I finished helping them and visiting with them and I left at some point expecting to visit them again soon and help Annette with the table or chair, but weeks or longer passed without this happening so one day I decided to make a surprise visit at their house.

A woman who I assumed to be Annette answered the door but she looked younger, bigger, and a bit different from how Annette looked earlier in the dream so I was not sure if it was really Annette or not but she seemed to know me so I assumed that Annette had somehow magically changed in appearance since I last saw her; and I was too embarrassed to ask if she was Annette or not.

Some of her family was there like a female family member with white skin with long yellow hair, a male family member with white skin with dark hair, and maybe a few others.

The female family member and the assumed Annette with a new appearance talked with me as they walked me to the room where the table or chair was that she was trying to put together, when she answered the door earlier I had asked if she still needed help with it and that I had come to visit, and she told me that it was mostly done but they needed a bit more help.

The table or chair was on an island-like table in a kitchen or dinning room or another room, it seemed to be mostly assembled now, and they needed help moving it to another room.

Oddly part of this room was an outdoor area even though we were inside, and the outdoor-looking area looked like part of a small yard where they had taken down the fence and there was pulled up dirt and grass like someone had pulled it up trying to remove the fence and/or like maybe they were going to cover the ground with a floor to match the indoor-looking areas.

Somehow the table or chair changed to where it now looked like a combination of a body bag in the shape of a man combined with a bean bag chair, I remember them saying or joking that some of the materials that they used were possibly from a male family member of theirs or something like that (this was explained better, but I can not remember), and I remember being a bit confused and thought that this was strange.

We moved it to another room and I asked them if they were sure that it was put together properly, maybe I also asked if they were sure that no one was inside of it because it was shaped a bit like someone was inside of it, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr