A Budget Medical Clinic | My Cousin EE Annoying Me | Testing A Robotic Body Suit (Powered Armor)?

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Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of three dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place during the day in D, and I was walking near a small fictional abandoned building near where the gas company payment office used to be; and some people asked me if I wanted to make some money helping them clean out the small abandoned building because they were opening a budget medical clinic in the small abandoned building, and some contractors were on their way to quickly remodel/fix up/prepare the building.

I asked them some questions about it, I told them that a budget medical clinic sounded like a good idea because something like that was needed in D, and I agreed to help them; and so I started helping clean out the building, at some point I finished as the contractors were arriving, and I was paid for helping them & I was asked to come back once the clinic was open to sign up as a patient & I said okay/thank you & I walked off.

There was a time jump in the dream and one day I was walking by the now open budget medical clinic, I went inside to sign up, and two women greeted me who seemed like nurses; and I filled out my new patient forms, and they ran some tests on me & they gave me the test results.

To me the women were nice but they did not seem every professional/experienced like at the most they were probably at the level of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or maybe they had no nursing training but I am not sure, they told me that they wanted me to come back another day for more tests, and I paid 40-something dollars I think but I could be wrong; and I left, there was another time jump in the dream, and I went back to the budget medical clinic for more tests.

They ran more tests on me & on my test results they said that something was a bit high and that they wanted me to come back again to run more tests, somehow my dad entered the clinic hearing this, and he complained out-loud suggesting not come back because he felt that they were just trying to get money by having people keep coming back for tests & he felt that they were probably lying about some of the test results to keep you coming back; and while I somewhat agreed with my dad I tried to get him to be quiet since complaining out-loud was probably not going to help, I paid the two women/apologized to them for my dad/thanked them/said goodbye, and I went home.

I talked with my dad once I got home telling him that I did not plan on going back to the budget medical clinic unless I had to, I would just go to the charity hospital instead when possible, and I told my dad that I also was suspicious that the two women were possibly lying about some of the test results to people to keep them coming back for more tests; and there was another time jump in the dream, I was walking by the budget medical clinic building again when I noticed a door that I had not noticed before on the side of the building facing the main highway, and so I went inside it after knocking.

There was an open room where several men were working as computer/network technicians/support/et cetera, there were switchboards/servers/computers/internet cables/computer desks/et cetera, and I stopped to talk with them about their jobs/learn a few things/see how I could get a job too/et cetera; and they treated me nicely, they were laid back/relaxed types, and we talked about this & that & they showed me some of their equipment.

At some point they started joking about/making fun of the owner of the building who they called Jason *Something*, they had never met the owner before but they disagreed with certain things that the owner had done with the building, and so they made jokes about Jason who they assumed was a man.

Jason was letting them rent this part of the building while the other part of the building was the budget medical clinic, both parts shared a middle hallway with several rooms, and the computer room was an open room except for the bathroom.

Anyway, as they were making fun of the Jason their boss entered the room from the shared hallway hearing them making fun of Jason (the owner of the building), and I saw him make an angry/annoyed face; and he interrupted his employees by telling them that Jason was actually a woman and that Jason was his daughter, this shocked his employees causing them to go silent in fear/embarrassment, and their boss said that he had bought this building for his daughter Jason so that she could have her own business & after he bought the building he gave ownership of the building to her & so that is how his daughter Jason became the owner of this building.

Everyone was still silent and then their boss left the room again, they quietly talked about what just happened, and then I left shortly after this; and I started walking home, at some point I reached the library where there was a fictional yellowish/whitish colored wall on the side of the parking lot facing the BP School Board, and for some reason I decided to climb it to reach the library parking lot.

As I was crossing the wall my hand hit a spider web & a spider bit me on my arm that looked like it might be a Black Widow spider, I slapped the spider to the ground where it probably died in a water puddle, my arm was hurting & I was afraid that the spider might be a Black Widow spider & so I found a clear sandwich bag on the ground that I used to put the spider in, and then I started walking to the hospital with the spider in the sandwich bag.

I got to the hospital and showed them the spider but it was so messed up now that they could not see what kind of spider it was, my arm was hurting, and so they let me stay in one of the two-person hospital rooms for observation to see if my symptoms would get any worse; and to my surprise my dad was in the hospital room I think, but I could be wrong & maybe it was someone else.

Either way, I talked with my dad/the person, and at some point my arm stopped hurting & I felt okay; and so I assumed that the spider was not a Black Widow spider or another kind of dangerous spider, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the night in my parent’s yard, some fictional & real indirect family members of ours were in my parent’s yard near where the automobiles are, and some of them were little annoying kids; and I was talking with my cousin EE by my dad’s truck as his fictional baby brother was playing under my dad’s truck with some other kids, I asked them not to play under the truck because it was dangerous but they would not listen to me, and my cousin EE did not try to stop them.

At some point my cousin EE and the rest of my older indirect family members were going to go somewhere, probably to party/eat/drink/et cetera, and my cousin EE wanted me to watch his fictional baby brother while they were gone; and I did not want to but my parent’s were gone somewhere else so they could not watch him & so I decided to help him this time at least, and so I said yes.

I then went under my dad’s truck trying to get my little fictional cousin/EE’s fictional brother to get from under the truck, he would not come out at first but then he let me start slowly helping him from under the truck, but then he moved his arm backward suddenly & it hit the sharp part of the tail-pipe & it cut his arm a bit causing it to bleed a lot for a little cut; and so I told my cousin EE what happened as he stood there as I wiped the blood off my little cousin’s arm.

My cousin EE then started blaming me for what happened so I kept explaining what had happened and that it was not my fault, I was careful but he suddenly swung his own arm into the sharp part of the tail-pipe, but my cousin EE would not listen; and he kept annoying me about it as I held his little brother until he stopped crying, at some point his little brother stopped crying & the cut stopped bleeding, but my cousin EE kept following me annoying me constantly until I got angry.

I handed him his little brother telling him to watch his little brother himself, and I walked off angrily toward the house as he followed me begging me to watch his little brother; and I was super annoyed/angry, but suddenly I decided to let my anger go & I took a deep breath & it went away & I started to feel positive again.

I reached for his little brother and he gave him to me to hold, I smiled telling my cousin EE that I would watch his little brother, and then I patted my cousin EE on his shoulder telling him that its okay & that we were good (that I have forgiven him for annoying me); and I told him that he could go now, and so he left.

I felt positive now but I still did not plan on doing this again if asked again by my cousin EE, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream took place in a fictional place during the day late in the afternoon, this dream might have taken place in the future, and it is very unclear because I forgot most of it; and so I only remember being approached by some people wanting me to test out a robotic body suit or powered armor, I can not remember who they were or why they chose me, but there was a reason(s).

The robotic body suit(?)/whatever was somewhat whitish colored with some other colors tall & large/thick & armored/heavy-looking with two arms & two legs with a large upper-body area where the driver/controller would sit, it was like a robotic machine used to allow a person who could not walk to be able to walk and/or a person to pick up/move very heavy objects & to do other things, and it was an experiment; and they wanted me to be the person to test it.

I was hesitant but they convinced me eventually to agree to test it, they left the robotic body suit/whatever with me, and then I got inside of it; and only you head was not covered by it oddly, maybe there was a part to cover your head if necessary, but it did not cover my head when I used it.

I then used the robotic body suit and I walked off outside in it to test it out, this dream world was probably completely random because I do not think that it looked like any area/dream world that I know/remember, and at some point I went to a field with strange shaped futuristic objects in it near some trees; and I was using the robotic body suit to reach for something near the trees, but as the robotic suit leaned forward with the robotic arm reaching forward it stopped working leaving me trapped inside.

I then tried to find a manual and/or written directions on the robotic body suit to try to figure out how to safely exit the suit and/or get it working again, I found something on the suit that said Emergency Eject Lever / Button / Whatever, but I was afraid that would eject me into the air/sky; and so I tried to find the manual or a safer way to exit the suit.

At some point someone I knew found me in the field, I explained the situation, and they were going to help me contact the people who brought me the suit so that they could help me get it working again and/or get out of it safely; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Shocked / Tased At A Store

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember part of my last dream, which took place in a fictional version of D, and I drove back into town to reach a store before they closed.

The store was where the BB on the West-side should be, and the store was a small business ran by a family that included: a wife, husband, son, daughter, and maybe one or more family members.

I got there near closing time and an American Football team was there ordering something and so I waited with them in line, and I talked with some of them; and they were wearing their football uniforms & some of their football pads.

For some strange reason I was wearing a cheap life jacket, the kind you use when on a boat, that made it look like I had some football pads on; and so I made a joke about being on the football team, and I asked if I could be the kicker. 🙂

We started to laugh and we made a few more jokes about me playing on their football team, but then it was time for the football team to leave, and they said good-bye.

The owners were starting to clean up the store but I think that they were going to let me shop, but I think that I went to use the bathroom first; but this part of the dream is unclear, and I just remember walking in the store, not far from where the owners were cleaning.

Then the owners son, who looked like my former classmate JC, walked toward me grinning/smiling with a sinister/negative facial expression, and he pulled out a taser or a strange device; and then he started to shock me with it.

It hurt and I started to scream in pain as I fell to the floor, because my muscles were starting to tense/tightened & I got weaker, and he kept shocking me off & on as I was on the floor screaming in pain; and I could not get up to defend myself, since my muscles were being shocked, and strangely the owners did not seem to notice this since they were busy cleaning & some shelves were blocking their view.

I had no idea why the owner’s son was shocking me, he seemed to enjoy it as he grinned/smiled in a sinister/negative way, and I might have even begged him to stop & I might have even asked him why he was shocking me; but he did not respond, and he kept shocking me as I was on the ground screaming in pain.

Since he would not respond or stop, I decided to try to resist the shocks, and I started to scream louder trying to power-up/build the strength to get up; and I started to resist the shocks a bit, and my muscles started to un-tense/un-tighten a bit, but I still could not get up.

Then the husband/father came walking over, so the son stopped shocking me & he pretended that everything was normal, and he asked if everything was okay; and the son lied and said yes that everything easy was okay, and I lied and said that everything was okay & that I had slipped & fell or something like that. (Probably because I was afraid)

My body was in pain as I still was on the floor, since my muscles still were not ready to work properly, and so I started trying to gain the strength to get up; and eventually I got up, but my muscles were sore & weak still.

I then had to use the bathroom again and the son & father & another man who looked like MT’s brother CT followed me, and I walked into the bathroom nervously has they followed me for some strange reason.

They stayed near me talking, as I used the urinal & they used the urinals next to me, which was strange & a bit uncomfortable; and I was wondering if one or more of them would attack me again, and so I nervously listened to them & I talked with them.

But then I woke up as we were leaving the bathroom.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Lucid Dream Where I Fly To Avoid Snakes?

Lazy Overview:

Last night I barely remembered one of my dreams, and I remember a bit of a dream from the night before.

Dream 1

My dream last night took place in the day in a fictional field where there is a fairground-like place, and this place has been in a few of my dreams before in the past.

My dream last night was similar to the last dream that I had of this place, and I think there was a fair or something going on; and I probably went to it, I probably talked with a few people, and I probably visited a few booths at the fairground-like place.

I think one of the booth owners tried to cheat me and/or someone else, and there probably was a small argument or something; and another booth owner knew me from the last dream I think & I remembered him, but I do not know him in real life.

I think that the other booth owner and I talked about some of our memories from the last dream, and we seemed to know each other pretty well; but I can not remember him from any other dreams, except the dreams of the/this fairground-like place.

Not far away from the fairground-like place is a field with some wooden table-like things, and one area of the field has/had a lot of snake holes; and some of the snake holes and snakes are/were around the wooden table-like things as well.

I think that in my last dream of this place, that I started to notice some snakes as I walked on & around the wooden table-like things, and so I kept trying to avoid them until I had to run and/or fly away.

In this dream I remembered my last dream of this place at some point & I think that the dream went lucid or semi-lucid (became a lucid dream), and I started to fly around; but it was hard to fly, and so I had to keep landing sometimes to jump back into the air to start flying again, which was funny & scary.

I kept trying to avoid the snakes as more and more snakes would appear from holes or they would appear magically, and so flying was an easier way to avoid them.

For some reason I kept flying over the area, I probably was trying to enjoy being able to fly, but I had a hard time flying.

I had to land near the snakes many times to jump back into the air to fly, which was a bit annoying, but I did not get attacked by any of the snakes as far as I can remember; snakes do not usually bite me in dreams, but for some strange reason more & more snakes usually appear when there is one snake in the/my dream(s) at first, it/that is one of my common dream themes with snakes for some reason.

I usually try to avoid them if I can and they will usually not bother me (other than moving around/close to me or something), fortunately, but seeing so many snakes magically appear(ing) can be a bit scary & annoying.

Some of the snakes would return/returned to their holes and/or I would not see them anymore, so the area was not always full of snakes, but if I stayed on the ground too long, more snakes would appear or come out and move toward me.

At some point I woke up as I flew around, and as I thought about some of my other dreams of this place.

Dream 2

My dream from the night before is very unclear, and I only remember finding a woman who I think needed some help; and so I brought her to my parent’s house.

I remember being a bit attracted to her and I was thinking about getting to know her better, but I had the strange feeling that she was my cousin; and so I asked her if she was my cousin, and she said that she was my cousin.

I was glad that I had asked her and I felt a bit weird after that, but I was glad that I had found that out before I did something that I would have regretted. 😀

That ended all thoughts and feelings of attraction, and I felt a bit weird & embarrassed that I had almost started flirting with my cousin without knowing it.

I asked her why did she not tell me that she was my cousin earlier, and she said that she was playing a joke on me or something; and I think that she was pretending to be a woman who needed help with something, and she was just doing that as a joke to see how I would respond or something.

I was a bit angry that she had done that, but I was glad that nothing inappropriate was said or done; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

John Jr 🙂


A Zombieland Inspired Dream Fragment | My Mom & I Own A Store?

A Zombieland Inspired Dream Fragment

I had this dream fragment last week, actually both of these dream fragments, but I have not been feeling like typing them due to illness and thoughts of actually ending or making my dream blog private or moving my dream blog to another blog website; during times like this I even start forgetting most of my dreams, which has happened the last week or two, it seems that my dreams become less important in times like this and so they are forgotten.

Anyway, the beginning of this dream fragment is too unclear for me to explain but it had something to do with three women, maybe sisters, hiding from the police at some abandoned apartments.


Talking To A Bull

Last night I only remember part of my last dream, it took place in some fictional area at a fictional building similar my old job.

I think I was given the chance to work at this building for a day, as a try-out or something to see if they wanted to hire me.