Sting Is Our New Teacher?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I got awakened by an alarm clock, feeling hot, and having to use the bathroom; and I remembered part of one or two dreams but I did not feel like voice recording them because I felt tired & lazy, so I went back to sleep, and I forgot that dream or those dreams when I woke up later so now I only remember part of my last dream which is unclear.

I think that I was in a building that might have been an indoor/outdoor building that was somewhat like the Walmart in D, I was in a classroom near where the men’s clothing used to be near where the holiday cards are now, and some of my classmates were former classmates of mine like WT & several other people.

I think that on the right side of the classroom was the store and maybe on the left side of the classroom was a field or an indoor field-like room, and I probably had one or more classes but I can not remember.

I just remember that the classroom was dimly lit at some point and my classmates & I were moving things around, a TV was one of those things, and our new teacher or substitute teacher or a guest speaker came; and I think that the singer Sting was our new teacher or substitute teacher or the guest speaker.

I remember Sting talking in an interesting philosophical-like way with us as we moved things around, after finishing moving stuff Sting told us all to walk to the field-like area to sit on the ground for a gathering, and so we all sat on the ground together.

Sting was going to ask each one of us questions one-at-a-time & talk with us to get to know each of us better in front of the entire class as we all sat together on the ground, and so everyone would learn more about each other in a more intimate way; and after we all sat on the ground I asked Sting who would go first, and he said that I would be first to my surprise.

So Sting began the gathering by introducing me to the class, I said who I was and I said a few things about myself, and then Sting started the question & talk session which felt like/seemed like the TV show Inside The Actors Studio because Sting was talking/acting like James Lipton.

Sting started by saying: The Hunger Games…. *A Long Pause* “.

I interrupted the long pause by saying: “I recently saw The Hunger Games, and I said a few things about the film.”.

Sting then said/asked: “If you were in The Hunger Games…*Pause* , what/how would you most likely be/get killed?”.

I paused briefly, and then I said: “I would most likely be/get killed trying to help someone or by someone using my niceness against me to kill me because I would probably only kill those trying to kill me and/or someone else, I would probably not go around killing people unless it was in self-defense, and so that would probably get me killed; and once someone realizes that they would probably trick me into helping them and/or they would kill me from behind when I am helping someone else and/or them.”.

I can not remember what else we talked about or what else I was asked, and I can not remember the rest of the gathering; but shortly after the gathering we were still talking, I was talking with my former classmate WT & several other classmates, and my former classmate PW was playing with a long metal/fiberglass painter’s stick (paint roller extension pole) that connects to a paintbrush-head to reach tall/high places when painting.

PW then started to hold the painter’s stick like a throwing spear, and then he threw it toward us like he was trying to throw it over us; but that was dangerous and stupid, and he did not warn us.

The painter’s stick hit WT under his eye, almost hitting him in his eye, and then everyone stopped once they realized what had happened; but fortunately WT only had a bruise, some swelling, and pain under his eye after getting hit.

The damage would have been worse if it had hit his eye, he possibly could have lost his eye, but fortunately that did not happen.

WT was angry and he asked PW why he had done something so stupid & dangerous, and we told PW about the dangers of what he had done; and then we probably sent WT to get his injury checked by a doctor/nurse, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr