Another Dream With The Young Shepherdess Painting In It

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Last night I had remembered two small fragments from my last dream last night, but now I can only remember one part, that took place before I woke up.

I think the dream had jumped to a new place and I was walking through the parking lot of the library in D, and next to a bush or something I saw part of The Young Shepherdess painting sticking out.


The Two-Story Mobile Home

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The night before last I remembered my last dream, which was very short and started with me in a two-story mobile home, I think.

I was in a sunroom that was in the back of the house and I could see through the windows in the room, but there were curtains so I could not see that well; the house was a fictional version of the mobile home across the street from my parent’s house.

I saw what appeared to be my grandfather’s truck leaving the back yard and the sun was close to setting, I thought about closing the curtains, but I decided not too.

I then walked from the sunroom to what appeared to be a family room and to my surprise the ceiling was tall and I saw two stairways leading to a second floor that only covered half of the house, so I guess that second floor was only the master bedroom with bathroom probably.

The family room was large and had a rectangular shape to it with a couch in the middle of the room and behind the stairways were two openings that led to the front of the house; which probably had the living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and guest bathroom.

The house looked pretty bare, it was like this was my first time being in the house and we or I was or were about to move in; I saw and heard no one else in the house.

I looked around surprised by how much space there was and then I started to walk up the stairway to see what was up there, but looking down across the family room, I noticed a hallway on the left side of the room; on the wall in the hallway I saw a painting that was the size of an average human and it appeared to be The Young Shepherdess painting but it appeared to be hand painted by someone other than the original artist.

I decided to walk over to see it, I was so surprised to see a painting especially one so large and especially one of my favorite paintings, but as I walked over there I heard someone knocking on the door in the sun room.

I paused wondering if I should ignore the knocking and go look at the painting or should I answer the door, but I woke up.

In the real world my mom was knocking on the door and so that was the knocking I heard in the dream, I find that interesting when things like that happen.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂