Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Tere Bin Nahin Lagda

I got this song (Tere Bin Nahin Lagda) by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan years ago after hearing it in the movie Bend It Like Beckham, I may not know the lyrics or even what language this song is in, but I still think that it is a pretty good song that worked pretty well in that movie.


Nous Avions (Time Flies)

What Is It?

The 2013 short drama family film Nous Avions (Time Flies).

Nous Avions – Time Flies (2013)

What Is It About?

This is how this short film is described by Travelling Distribution on Vimeo:

Canada, Quebec I 18 min 20 s | ALEXA | couleur | ratio 2.35 | son 5.1 | Français, Hindou + English subs


Dans les années 90, comme presque chaque dimanche, une famille modeste d’immigrants Pakistanais va pique niquer dans une impasse au bord de l’autoroute.

De ce point de vue privilégié, ils observent les avions atterrir à Dorval.

C’est leur sortie du dimanche.

Aujourd’hui est un jour spécial car on attend le Concorde.

Mais le fils aîné, Akram (17 ans), en pleine crise d’adolescence, trouve le temps long et préfèrerait trainer avec ses amis en ville.

Au terme de cette journée décisive, il décide de partir voler de ses propres ailes, créant tout un émoi dans la famille.

Montreal, 1999.

Like every sunday, a modest Pakistani immigrant family picnics in a dead-end next to the Airport, closely watching planes land.

On this special day where the Legendary Concord is expected – a rare treat in town- Akram (17 years old), the eldest son of 3 kids, deeply in his teenage crisis, decides to take off to live his own life, creating a commotion in the family.


Côte d’Ivoire, de parents libanais, Stéphane Moukarzel est diplômé en communication à l’Université Concordia, à Montréal.

Auteur de plusieurs courts-métrages dont Coup sauvage (2010) primé à plusieurs reprises et U-Turn (2011).

Ses thèmes de prédilection sont le temps qui passe, l’obsession des actes manqués, la nécessité de lâcher prise et la quête identitaire dans une société aliénée et individualiste.

Il est également préoccupé par la notion de bulle et d’espace.

Il affectionne particulièrement un cinéma humaniste dans lequel absurde et drames intimistes se côtoient.

Si ses personnages sont toujours attachants, ils évoluent dans un univers tantôt sombre, tantôt lumineux et souvent irrévérencieux.


Alexandre Dostie & Marie-Pier Lacroix Couture
1425, place de l’Hotel-de-Ville
C.P. 368
Trois-Rivières, Qc
G9A 5H3
1 514 467-8160


Joseph Gordon-Levitt + National Public Radio (NPR) + A Man Asking About Banks = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream, the dream was longer and there were more parts to this dream, but I forgot them for some reason when I woke up.

Part 1

The dream took place during a nice sunny day with nice clouds at my parents house and I was probably in the living room watching/seeing and/or hearing and/or reading about the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and an interview with/about him, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Part 2

The next part of the dream took place in the living room and I was reading and/or sending a message probably to the National Public Radio (NPR) website through their contact page or by email and/or I was reading about NPR, and it probably involved problems with NPR and suggestions on how to improve things; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

In the last part of the dream I was once again inside the living room and my brother CC was outside watering and/or feeding the dogs and/or something like that, and then I heard a man in our yard talking very loudly who spoke English with a heavy accent like he was from India (Indian) or Pakistan (Pakistani).

The man was talking loudly trying to get my brother CC’s attention and he was asking him personal questions about his bank, trying to find out what bank or banks he used, and other personal information like a phone scam and/or something like that where they try to get enough information to steal money from your bank accounts and/or to commit identity theft against you and/or to scam you.

I opened the window preparing to tell my brother CC to not answer those questions but then I decided that I would go outside and kindly ask the man to leave and walk him out of the yard and tell him to have a good day, but I woke up before I could do this.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Help Mrs. CH Figure Out Her Password

I remember part of my last dream from last night which started during the day in the city of D after I found out that Mrs. CH (the mother of my former classmate DH) could not remember her password on one of her computers that I fixed for her, and so I drove to her house in my automobile with my brother GC to see if I could help her figure out her password.

We arrived at the house and I knocked on a fictional door on the left side of the house, the house was slightly different looking and bigger, and a young woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who looked like one of Mrs. CH’s family members answered the door.

I asked if Mrs. CH was home and I think that the young woman said yes and for me to come in and she walked away, I was not sure if I was supposed to follow her or not, and so I waited in the first room when I entered the house.

There were many people inside the house like a birthday party was taking place with family members, co-workers, friends, et cetera all around the house; but I did not see Mrs. CH or Mr. LH or my former classmate DH, and some young women were playing an instrumental song with a nice beat that seemed like something made for girls like a Barbie-like / something made for girls mixtape / CD or something like that even though it did not sound girly.

In front of me was a kitchen, to the right of that was possibly a living room, to the right of that was a hallway, and to the left of the kitchen was what looked like a separate building connected to the house where the birthday party was going to take place because I saw many tables and chairs and a buffet set up with decorations.

The young woman never returned and my brother GC walked into the house with me to see what was taking so long and at some point someone announced that it was time to sing happy birthday to Mrs. CH and so everyone started walking to the party room, I did not see Mrs. CH and no one had invited me to her birthday party, and so I decided to leave and help her with her password problem another day.

I remember walking across the house until I reached an outdoor covered catwalk that led to a rectangular school-like building and then I came across my mom to my surprise, and eventually my male cousin DE joined us; but I do not know what happened to my brother GC.

For some strange reason we started walking back home instead of using my automobile, maybe my brother GC drove it home and maybe we decided to walk, and as we walked down B Street it was night on this street now strangely but I did not notice the change.

I remember walking and talking with my mom and my cousin DE, we saw and heard some young woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair playing in their yard, and they were listening to the same instrumental song that I heard at Mrs. CH’s party.

We could see through some people’s windows because some of the houses had no curtains/blinds and they had lights on and we saw into one nice modern small two-story house into the second floor, and a young man was in his bedroom with various nice electronics (TVs, monitors, computers, game consoles, et cetera) and posters on his walls.

We continued walking until we reached the highway and a fictional narrow park built along the sidewalk, it was day again in this area strangely but once again I did not notice the change, and I had memories of this narrow park along the sidewalk that felt/seemed so real that even now that I am awake I still wonder if those are somehow real memories.

In my memories of the narrow park I remembered nice plants, water fountains, food stands, playground equipment, benches, tables, et cetera along the sidewalk; and in my memories my mom used to bring me there when I was a kid, and my cousin DE would come with us sometimes as well.

But now all of that was gone and it was just grass and maybe a few benches and some men with whitish colored skin were doing some construction near us, and I asked my mom and my cousin DE if they remembered how things used to look back when I was a kid.

My mom said yes and I asked her to describe how it used to look but when I asked my cousin DE he started to become mental/emotionally unstable like those memories were triggering some negative childhood memories that he did not want to remember, he said that he did not remember, and he started to act strange and make strange facial expressions and he started saying things and acting like he was going to become aggressive if we did not distract him and it felt very strange; and even the construction workers started to stare at him wondering why he was acting crazy/strange.

I started trying to distract him as his mind tried to target people to become aggressive toward them and he was smiling strangely and talking to himself, it was clear that he had not been taking his medicine or going to his mental health appointments, but fortunately we were able to distract him long enough for us to walk across the highway to Eastside hoping that leaving the narrow park would help him start becoming stable again.

I really wanted to spend more time at the narrow park thinking about my positive memories of the place but helping my cousin DE was more important to me, and we reached Eastside and it was now night again strangely but I did not notice the change again.

Standing in the street were lines of people at a party and all of them looked like they were from maybe India (Indian) and/or Pakistan (Pakistani) and/or somewhere like that and they were wearing traditional clothing, and we had to struggle to get through the crowd of people.

At some point we had to stop and I knelt down briefly and then I stood up realizing that I was taller than most of the people, and then I used this to my advantage as I squeezed my way through the crowd; and eventually we got through.

As we turned on my uncle WC’s street we crossed into the inside of a whitish/grayish colored maybe carpeted or hard floor hallway of a building somehow, and another party was going on and that same instrumental song was playing again.

I saw several lines of attractive women with brownish colored skin wearing tight clothing with big butts with some of them probably being from Eastside, some from India and/or Pakistan, and some were from Brazil (Brazilian) and/or other parts of South America (South American) and some possibly from Mexico, and they seemed to be in line for maybe a competition at the party maybe but I have no idea.

I woke up as we were trying to walk through this crowd to reach the other side of the street I guess, even though we were indoors now somehow, but I did not notice this strangeness.

The end,

-John Jr


A Medical Clinic / House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had a variety of dreams that I had remembered from last night but I forgot those due to being awakened by someone being annoying and I had to wait for them to leave before I could go back to sleep, and then I had a dream; and I remember part of that dream, but I forgot all the other dreams before it after the annoyance earlier.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional area and I went to what looked like a one floor house, and the inside was like a house that was being used as a medical clinic; but I am not sure why I went there.

There were at least three doctors and a variety of mostly/if not only female nurses.

One doctor was my doctor Dr. SW, another doctor was named something like Dr. Wong who wore glasses and he was from somewhere in Asia (Asian), and the third doctor was probably from India (Indian) or Pakistan (Pakistani) with brownish colored skin with short shiny black colored hair.

Dr. Wong seemed to be the head doctor with Dr. SW second in charge, and the third doctor did not seem to even have a rank or matter much & he seemed less professional but he seemed to be nice & a bit goofy / fun.

I was in a living room area that was a bit like a waiting room as Dr. Wong was going over medical stuff and/or finishing up a patient, Dr. SW was reading a medical journal, the third doctor was goofing around with a Science magazine trying to make a paper airplane, and the nurses were doing various things.

I remember the third doctor started talking to me about an article in the Science magazine that gave directions on how to build a paper airplane that could fly for a very long time, and he was trying to make it and explain how it works to me at the same time; and he was very focused/interested in making it and explaining it to me, and Dr. SW walked over to watch & give his opinion.

But then the doors to the house/medical clinic burst open and a group of people who looked like they were from Dr. Wong’s country & they spoke his language & they knew him & they asked for him to help, came in helping an attractive woman with yellowish/whitish colored skin with long shiny black colored hair, and she was having a medical emergency; my guess was that she was having a baby, but I was not sure.

All three doctors and most of the nurses loaded the woman on a stretcher and they took her to the operating room/main medical room, and they closed the doors; and her family waited in the waiting room still in a bit of shock/panic, some crying, some speaking in another language, and some trying to comfort the others.

A few of the nurses decided to help calm the family and everyone in the waiting room by inviting us all to the kitchen/dining room, and they started to serve food & drinks for everyone; and my former classmate BF and some of his family came, and they started to get some food & drinks too.

I remember talking to BF a bit about what we both have done in the many years since we both graduated from high school since I had not seen him since then, but he was not smiling and it seemed that he was not feeling good and/or he was a bit depressed or something like that; and so I only talked with him briefly.

The mood started to improve a bit and some of the nurses probably gave the woman’s family regular updates on how the woman was doing, and maybe Dr. Wong himself talked with them briefly; and they seemed to know Dr. Wong very well, they might have even been some of his family members.

I never did find out what was wrong with the woman, my guess in the dream was that she was having a baby, but I woke up before ever getting to find out.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂