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Dream 1

This dream is confusing because I am not sure if I was myself the entire dream or not, the main character of this dream seemed to be a woman, but it also seemed that I was somehow partly this woman at times and/or I was seeing things from her point of view until the end of it; but I am not sure so I will assume that the woman and I were somehow combined/one person until the end.

The end of this dream took place during the day, a woman with light-color skin who seemed to be a special undercover agent/spy/mole/whatever entered a building that seemed a bit like a warehouse-like area that was possibly connected to and/or was where maybe the Walmart in the city of D should be, and an armed mafia-like group seemed to be there.

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American Horror Story: Coven Inspired Dream Fragments

Image Credit: http://americanhorrorstory.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Coven_%28story%29/Media
Source: YouTube

I got in bed late again last night and I got awakened during the night because I got diarrhea from something I ate yesterday I guess, and so I forgot most of my dreams except for several dream fragments that were probably inspired by the TV show American Horror Story: Coven after watching the most recent episode before going to bed.

I probably had some dreams that were not inspired by the TV show American Horror Story: Coven, but I can not remember those dreams at this time unfortunately; but if I remember them later I will try to remember to add them to this post.

The dream fragments were probably all very short and daydream like, with my mind/brain going over various details/possibilities/et cetera, but I can only barely remember part of the last dream fragment.

The last dream fragment involved my brain/mind imagining that I was a security guard / bodyguard for The Supreme Witch of the Coven and of the Coven itself, the Supreme was a man, and my brain/mind was testing various strategies for protecting the Supreme and the Coven during an attack on the Coven during the night.

I remember trying to decide how many panic rooms there should be, where should the panic rooms be located, what should the panic rooms be made of, how we should get to the panic rooms, what weapons/armors/strategies I should use when defending the Coven and the Supreme on the way to the panic rooms and after, what skills/routines/et cetera should I teach to the others and how should I teach them, et cetera.

One scenario involved me talking to the Supreme before going to bed but I sensed a presence in the house, suddenly a fast-moving shadow entity burst open the door and it did a powerful attack trying to kill the Supreme, but I moved the Supreme out-of-the-way and we dodged the attack; and I shot and killed the shadow entity with a gun.

I then pressed a panic button that set off an alarm in the Coven to let everyone know that the Coven was under attack and that it was time for everyone to put on some armor and grab some weapons and move to the panic rooms, so the Supreme and I got our weapons (automatic compact rifles/carbines and/or submachine guns and/or personal defense weapons) / armor / shields, and we slowly started moving to the panic rooms shooting a few shadow entities along the way; but I stopped the scenario in mind/brain trying to make adjustments that would improve our survival chances, but I woke up as I was thinking.

The end,

-John Jr