Military Hitmen & Parachuting / Gliding & Marilyn Monroe

This was a cool & vivid dream that felt more like a lucid dream, it almost became a lucid dream, or maybe it became a semi-lucid dream.

Unfortunately I only remember closer to the end of the dream, I was with at least three people, maybe we arrived at a warehouse-like area, and we saw one or more people (we possibly knew them, but I can not remember) about to be attacked / killed by at least three semi-undercover hitmen / mercenary / special forces-like men armed with guns.


TR & Tom Cruise & Milla Jovovich? | TR | World War II Time Lapse Interviews & Videos

Dream 1

I am not sure if this was from a previous dream or a forgotten part of this dream, I just remember that my female coworker TR was there, the next thing that I remember is being at a slightly fictional version of my parents house which had an attic that you could walk in unlike our attic in real life, and we had two separate visitors arrive with Tom Cruise being one visitor & a Milla Jovovich-like woman with curly blonde hair or it was Milla Jovovich who was the second visitor.

Most of my family & I were there & these two separate visitors were a surprise to us, it did not seem that we knew them as friends or anything like that, so I am not sure why they were visiting us, they did not arrive together or seem to know each other & I do not remember them even getting to see each other during the dream, they both were in different parts of the house, and I was with the Milla Jovovich-like woman or Ms. Jovovich if that was her most of the time.


Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) Leading A Security Team

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception (2010)
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All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day at what seemed to be a fictional version of W Park in the city of D, my family seemed to be rich, and we lived in a solid walled area to the left of the public swimming pool, and I was returning home on foot.

I entered our walled yard, and we had several small castle-like structures and towers in the yard that we lived in and used it seemed, I remember feeling good and was about to enjoy our nice private and secure yard when suddenly I heard alarms, and the alarms were from our security system that protected us.


Parachuting Without Parachutes?

I only remember part of my last dream which was a bit long and confusing/unclear, my memory of this dream is fading, and so I will try to type what I remember.

I know that this dream took place in at least three different fictional and slightly fictional locations during the day.

The first location was a fictional outdoor area that was possibly not too far from a long highway/bridge like the long bridge to the city of NO that is over water/swamp(s).


The United States Military On / In Eastside Again

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dream fragments, with the first dream fragment taking place during the day somewhere that might have looked a bit like C Elementary School, and some of my mom’s side of the family, my mom, and I were there; and I remember being in a small room with tables and we were having a small family gathering or something like that, and I remember my aunt DE & aunt SE & several of my other aunts being in their party-type mood(s) but that is all that I can remember really.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment took place during the day and I was riding in an automobile with my dad’s former friend S, who was driving me back into town, and we were near the Civic Center in D; and he dropped me off near the field by the Civic Center, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The third dream fragment took place during the day near the volleyball court not far from the Civic Center and I was in a classroom with some of my former classmates like MP (BJ), MJ, MW, TC, et cetera; and we had a female teacher.

I remember our class walking near the field by the Civic Center and MP (BJ) was in an annoying/playful mood where he was playing pranks on people, and at some point we started walking back to the classroom; but I stopped to use the bathroom in a small fictional bathroom that looked like a comfortable bathroom in a house and I did not turn the lights on, in case MP decided to open the door on me while I was using the bathroom but he did not do that to my surprise, I quickly used the bathroom & followed my class back to the classroom but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

The last dream was the most realistic and clear of my dreams from last night, in fact I did not realize that I was dreaming and I even mentioned dreams in this dream, and it took place during the day on Eastside on my parent’s street near my aunt JE’s house as my mom & I were walking up the street to get back to our house.

My mom and I were talking & walking when suddenly we heard/noticed a large US Military airplane/cargo plane/whatever dropping off soldiers who were parachuting down to Eastside, there were also a few escort-like helicopters, and we could see a logo on the large airplane that said US *Something* *Something* *Something* that I can not remember that told the military branch and unit/whatever of the soldiers; but I am not sure if they were Special Forces or just normal military airborne soldiers and I do not know the military branch since I could barely read the logo from so far away.

At first I thought that maybe they were doing a practice exercise and so we kept walking but then the first group of soldiers landed not far from us so quietly that I did not notice, and they were rolling on these foldable bed/stretcher things with wheels like they were rolling from the momentum of landing from the air and/or like they had a small motor pushing them forward in a professional-like way at first; but then they folded them on their backs since their backpacks/gear was connected and they started to clear/secure our neighborhood yard-by-yard, but it felt like they were not there to protect us, to me it felt like we/the people/citizens were the targets of this exercise.

I then noticed that some soldiers had parachuted quietly from the helicopters without me noticing but most of them probably did not have the fold-able bed/stretcher things out when they landed and they were also clearing the area, the helicopters circled above with snipers, and one of the snipers in the helicopter and/or one of the snipers on the ground were pointing a read laser sight from their rifle at my head; because I kept seeing a red laser dot on me as I moved, sometimes briefly on my shoulder or neck or head which I could see due to my glasses.

I then noticed a few large military bulldozer-like vehicles along with more soldiers, used to knock down walls/fences/gates/automobile/houses/things in the way of the military, near my grandfather’s former garden; and to me it became more clear that we/the people/citizens were the target of this exercise, but I tried to walk stiffly without moving much since the sniper(s) had their sights on me as we walked.

I told my mom to try not to move much and to keep walking until we got home, hoping the military would ignore us, even though snipers were watching me; this all felt pretty realistic and I might have even felt the air/temperature/wind.

It felt so real that I told my mom that I have had dreams like this/similar to this before & that it seemed that those dreams were coming true and that usually I/we can not trust the military/police/government/et cetera in those dreams.

I remember the soldiers were doing standard clearing tactics and then they would take positions in the areas that they cleared, so they were securing zones, no one else was outside except my mom & I & of course the soldiers; and I started to feel that this might not be a practice exercise, and I wondered what was going on.

The soldiers obviously did their homework because they quickly & quietly locked down both sides of the street to prevent people from leaving or going, the escape points through/between yards to prevent people from escaping, they had helicopter/sniper support, and so basically they had control of the neighborhood that quickly & quietly catching us all by surprise/with our pants down as some would say in almost one quick joint movement; and so my/our options of getting out of/surviving this situation were limited.

Walking was very tense/uncomfortable with snipers pointing at me, as we reached our fence/gate, I heard explosions in the sky; I was too afraid to look up, thinking that the snipers might shoot me if I moved too much, and so I barely glanced my eyes up to the sky.

I barely saw what appeared to be the plane(s) and helicopters exploding in the sky and their debris falling from the sky, but I had no idea what caused them to explode; and the soldiers started to talk/yell to headquarters and they started adjusting their positions in a bit of a panic, and the snipers were checking around for threats & I was still a threat I guess because one of them started back aiming at me.

I helped my mom in the yard and I told her to get inside the house, I wondered if we should go to my grandfather’s house but it was too dangerous at this time, but as I was closing the gate I smelled a strong nasty fart smell that made me want to gag. (Someone farted in the real world twice)

It was so bad that it woke me up from the dream (they also left the light on in the room and had made a lot of noise leaving the room, which also helped wake me up), so I did not get to find out what caused those plane(s) & helicopters to explode or why was the military on/in Eastside or what was really going on.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂