The Dark Chronicles Of Narnia 2?

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Lazy Overview:

I remember some of my last dream which started at night in an apartment, and the apartment was being attacked.

This part is unclear but I think that a few of the people in the apartment and I went around the apartment fighting the threats, trying to save people, hiding, and running.

The apartment was dark, there were no windows in the hallways, there were many rooms, there were many halls, and the apartment looked like a clean lower-class apartment.

Most of the people were too afraid to help us and so only a few of us were trying to help & save people, and moving around the apartment was dangerous & a bit scary.

At some point my group got attacked and we all got divided, and we ran to different floors in the apartment; and only some of us probably survived.

I am not sure what happened exactly but I think that John Mitchell from the BBC TV show Being Human, three women, and I were the only people left in our group; and we cleared a corner on one of the apartment floors, we each picked a separate room right next to each other, we put one person on guard out in the hallway, we came up with some rules, and the dream jumped to a few days later.

I remember Mitchell and I checking the hallway while talking, and we both seemed to be in charge of our group; and Mitchell was a vampire like on the TV show, but I was Human.

There was a guard desk in the hallway with a woman on guard, and her back was against the wall so that the threats could not flank her from behind; it seemed that we each took turns on guard duty or something.

It seemed that we had rationed food & water for days, but we still tried to live our normal lives oddly; and so the other members of our group were gone to work or something, even though the apartment building still was not safe.

It seemed that our plan was to slowly defend and clear our entire floor, and then slowly do the same for the entire apartment; and we had lived in lockdown mode for days, but we still left the apartment sometimes oddly.

While checking the hallway & talking, Mitchell and I heard a noise in one of the apartment rooms, and so we went to investigate; and the room was unlocked, which was against our lockdown rules, the room belonged to one of the woman in our group.

Inside the room we found several puppies and kittens playing together in the room, which was also against lock-down rules, and I remember Mitchell saying something like: “Women! While we are following the lockdown rules & trying to survive, they are breaking the rules and hiding puppies & kittens, because they are lonely!”.

Pets were against the lockdown rules because the extra noise would attract the threats & pets would waste more food & water, and so Mitchell said that we needed to talk with the others about the situation when they got back from work or where ever they were.

As we walked back into the hallway, Mitchell sensed something & he told the guard & I to be quiet & to not move, and I saw a memory appear in his mind somehow: “Mitchell was talking with a group of vampires & one of the vampires was trying to get Mitchell to join them but Mitchell refused, and so the vampires threatened to attack his human friends in the future.”.

Mitchell said that he sensed some vampires, and he started to run & he told us to follow him; and we ran into one of the rooms to look out of the windows, and we saw some vampires outside of the apartment, climbing on the building to sneak to our floor.

Mitchell and the guard started to run to the emergency exit, and I decided to bust open a window instead & I jumped out of it; and I climbed down to the ground.

On the ground the area looked like the side of my parent’s house, and the head vampire was standing there with a few guards; and then Mitchell and the female guard arrived, surrounded by some vampires.

Mitchell begged the head vampire to spare the female guard and I, but the head vampire said that we could either join them or die; and he said that they were part of an army that was being made, and that the leader of their army would have to decide if he wanted to spare us or not.

It seemed that various beings were coming together into an army and they were killing everyone that would not join them or something, and I think that the threats that attacked the apartment earlier, were part of this army; which had humans, vampires, and many other type of beings.

On the other side of my parent’s yard a small army of soldiers in metal armor were arriving, and they were cheering for the leader of the army as he walked into the yard; and the leader looked like a mix of Poseidon & Zeus in human form, and he was wearing metal armor & he had a trident that could shoot lightning I think.

He was very over-confident and he was acting like he was a God or Demigod, and his soldiers were acting like he was immortal or something; and they seemed to be very inspired just by him being there.

I decided to go talk to the leader of the army to see if he would spare us and end his conquest, and to my surprise, his soldiers let me walk up to him; because they seemed to think that no one could kill / hurt the leader of the army or something, since he had powers.

The leader refused to end his conquest and so I was going to have to fight him to save us, and the leader of the army showed off some of his power by shooting lightning bolts in the sky & maybe something else; and his soldiers cheered.

I grabbed a broom or rake, I let all my fear fade away, and I came up with a plan: I hoped that the leader of the army was just a Human that had special powers because of the trident, I decided to start powering up, I would try to knock the trident out of the leader of the army’s hand, and I would beat him to death as quickly as possible so that he could not use his powers & to make sure that he was dead if he was a God or Demi-God.

The fight started and I continued to power up waiting for an opening to attack, as the leader of the army taunted me, and his soldiers laughed at me; the leader of the army was so overconfident that he left an opening for me to attack him and I knocked his trident out of his hand, and then I started to attack him with my broom or rake.

To his surprise & to his soldiers surprise & to my surprise, my attacks/hits stunned him and he fell to the ground, and I grabbed his trident; and I started to beat him to death with his trident and/or my broom or rake.

As I beat him to death, he got weaker and weaker, and I got stronger and stronger; I am not sure if it was because of me constantly powering up and/or if it was because I now had the trident.

I think that I beat the leader of the army until is head was smashed to pieces and his head was disconnected from his body, and his soldiers stared/watched in shock & anger; like they had never seen the leader of the army get hurt before.

By killing the leader of the army and taking his trident, I became the new leader of the army, and I commanded the small army to immediately end their conquest & I commanded that they join me in helping the people that they had attacked.

I was then told that the situation was not over, that I had only killed the leader of one army/one part of the real army, and that the full army was led by a powerful being; who in my mind I imagined being/looking like Queen Jadis / The White Witch from The Chronicles Of Narnia, a powerful / non-human female being / that was taller than a human / overconfident / mean / ruthless / had powers / liked to control things from her castle while others did most of the dirty work / and that she was a great warrior that loved to lead her main army in battle from the front lines.

I was given a horse, armor, shield, weapons, and my army & I marched to join the survivors in the last battle to defend against the army that was conquering.

We reached the field near the park in D and the main characters from The Chronicles Of Narnia came with their armies of humans and various non-human beings, and they joined us; we were the last surviving defenders of the land(s), and we prepared to face the larger army that was controlled by the powerful being (who I never did get to see, but I imagined it / her being Queen Jadis / The White Witch).

The army of the powerful being was lining up across the field from us and at the front of the army was a large empty chariot for the powerful being, but the powerful being was not there yet; unlike the leader that I killed, I felt that this powerful being would be at a deity level in power (a God or Goddess).

The army was overconfident since they had us outnumbered and because the powerful being was going to be leading them in the battle, they seemed to think that no one could defeat the powerful being in battle, and they felt that they would have an easy victory.

Peter Pevensie, some guards, and I rode our horses to talk to the officers of the other army; but the officers under the powerful being were not there yet, and so we waited by their army for them to arrive.

A parade began for the officers of the other army and the officers guards rode by our armies to create a defensive wall, as their officers rode by, and to my surprise, the officers were a fake British Royal Family; and they had come to watch the battle on the battlefield, because they were so overconfident.

The Royal Family had no weapons or armor and they were just there to watch the powerful being lead the army, it seemed that the powerful being let The Royal Family & other leaders do most of the dirty work if they pledged allegiance & followed orders, and so The Royal Family & other leaders got to keep their armies & some of their power; but the powerful being would be the one that is really in control, but the powerful being seemed to like to control things quietly from the background, except for major battles.

Peter, the guards, and I went to talk to the Royal Family, but then the dream started to change oddly; inside the Royal Family’s cart / carriage were some of my former classmates playing the Royal Family, and this was all a play at this point.

I started to talk with them and I noticed that there were stadium seats across the road, and people were watching the parade for the other army; and some the cast members playing the Royal Family and I took a break, and we went sat in the stadium seats to talk. 😀

One of the cast members kept asking me questions about various people in the crowd and I would answer her questions, then the stadium seats were across the street from my parent’s yard at some point, and then the stadium seats were in Walmart later in the dream. 😀

At this point I could no longer see the parade for the other army and I could not see our armies, and I was only focused on talking & looking at the crowd; and at some point a fight started in the crowd between my cousin ME and his cousin B, but some of their friends broke up the fight, and they both were moved to somewhere else in Walmart.

So I went walking around Walmart to see if my cousin ME was okay, as I waited for the other army to be finished with their parade, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Protecting Prince William’s And Princess Kate’s (Catherine’s) Wedding And The British Royal Family

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Lazy Overview:

I had these two dream fragments about a month ago, and I am not sure if I typed the first dream down or not yet.

Dream 1

It took place in the day in The United Kingdom Of Great Britain (The UK), and I was at the beginning of the parade route for the royal wedding for Prince William & Princess Kate.

It seemed that I was one of the undercover security guards or something and I was checking the security for the parade route, a few hours before the wedding; and I also saw some secret agent looking men in suits wearing shades, and they were checking the parade route or something but I thought that they looked a bit suspicious & I wondered if they were The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

We were in a small town square and there were some people already there early, waiting for the parade to start, and in front of me were some men in white suits that looked like members of the music group The Hives or something; and a group of women came running & screaming to meet them.

We continued walking along the parade route and I was looking for possible security threats & weaknesses in the security like: snipers, bombs, suspicious looking people, lack of barricades, lack of proper spacing of the barricades, etc.

I noticed that the security was very weak (no security guards were in place yet, no anti-snipers, etc.) and there were no barricades at the beginning of the parade route, which I saw as a problem, and I wanted to finish checking the parade route so that I could report those weaknesses and have them fixed.

After passing through the town square, the parade route then went through a nice open field, and there were/was a few crowds of people already there; but I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream fragment is a bit unclear, but I remember being in a pub with Prince William, Prince Harry, and Princess Kate; and small television crew seemed to be filming them or something I think.

Prince William and Princess Kate were supposed to be on their honeymoon in a secret place, which was in some small unknown city, and Prince Harry had come to visit them; and so they were relaxing in a pub and having fun.

At some point Queen Elizabeth came to visit them, without any security guards, and her driver leaves; and so I guess I was supposed to drive them back to their hotel or wherever.

But something happened but I can not remember what happened exactly, and I just know that it was a security threat of some kind; and so we had to run out of the pub, we ran down the sidewalk, we climbed a ladder that led to a hollow metal thing on the side of a building, and we hid in the metal thing.

I had no weapon, I had no armor, our automobile was in the back of the pub & we could not reach it yet, we had no help, we had no mobile phones, and so we were trapped.

At some point when things seemed to be clear Prince William decided to go back into the pub to get help, even though I told him not too; I would have done it, but I did not want to leave them alone, since we did not know where the threat was.

Prince William went into the pub anyway and I stayed with the others, even though I wanted to go help protect Prince William, but I could not risk leaving the others alone.

At some point Prince William came back with two young men that looked somewhat like him and Prince Harry, and he had a plan to use them as decoys, so that we could reach our automobile at the back of the pub & escape.

Prince William was standing down on the sidewalk talking with his decoy, the Prince Harry decoy was standing near them, and the rest of us were still hiding in the metal thing, well I was on the ladder guarding it.

At some point the Prince Harry decoy climbed up the ladder and I noticed that he was only a teenager, and he was acting strange; he did not talk, he just smiled in a scary way, I noticed that he had a backpack on, and then as he was on the ladder in front of us he pulled out a detonator for a bomb.

I yelled to the others that he had a bomb in his backpack and I told Prince William and his decoy to run, but Prince William was standing on the sidewalk in shock; I decided to push the Prince Harry decoy off the ladder so that the explosion would hopefully not kill us, and I once again yelled to Prince William telling him to run.

I pushed the Prince Harry decoy off the ladder and he was falling toward a shocked Prince William, and then the Prince William decoy pushed Prince William out-of-the-way; and the bomb exploded killing the Prince William decoy and the Prince Harry decoy, but Prince William was still alive.

I decided to run to the back of the pub, I got the automobile, I drove it next to the ladder, I got the Royal Family into the automobile, and I drove off.

The dream jumped to a few hours later and the next part of the dream is very unclear, but I remember that a small group of Royal Family Bodyguards or something and I went to attack a warehouse; and in the warehouse were/was the group that was responsible for attacking the Royal Family earlier in the dream or something.

It was dark in the warehouse and a group of strange men & women, that seemed to be a gang or something, attacked us; and they had us out-numbered.

At some point either the dream went lucid or I somehow gained some dream powers, either way, the fight became crazy.

I remember shooting, people shooting fireballs, people teleporting, people moving super fast, people dying, mêlée fighting, hand-to-hand combat, and other crazy stuff.

I seemed to be unstoppable/invincible at this point, my team was losing at first, but with my help we defeated the strange group; and we kept some of them alive so that the police could arrest them for questioning or something, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Trouble In Little D-Town

Last night I only remembered parts of my last dream, which took place in the city of D.

I think it started with me driving to a big parade that was taking place in town, I remember driving to the CS Bank parking lot, so I could watch the parade from there.

Most of D seemed to be there for the parade and I think the fair was going to start after the parade, I had not seen that many people at a parade in town since I was a kid.

It was a slightly gray day outside but the sunlight was reflecting off of the clouds, and I saw & heard a few airplanes flying around like for an air show or something.

Things seemed normal until I noticed a pregnant woman with black hair and medium brown colored skin, and she seemed to be in pain.

There was a group of suspicious looking men that looked like some stereotypical members of a Latin gang, and they were in a car watching the pregnant woman; like they were looking for an opportunity to kidnap her or something.

So I walked over to see if the woman was alright and three other people walked over there with me.

All three of them worked with a news company, one of them was a man who looked like Richard Gere, and the other two were women; but I can not remember what they looked like.

As we were talking with the pregnant woman, I saw an older style airplane flying high over the area were K-Mart used to be, and I saw & heard it drop something that looked like a bomb.

Then I heard a loud explosion and I saw 2 or 3 tall apartment buildings blow up, and people started screaming & running.

I was shocked that a plane had just dropped a bomb in D of all places and during a parade, and during all the noise; the group of suspicious men in the car got out like they were going to run to kidnap the pregnant woman but then a woman who looked like Mandy Moore jumped off of the roof of the CS Bank like she had come to protect the pregnant woman, and she may have hidden up there the whole time watching the men.

The group of men pulled out guns, but the woman who looked like Mandy Moore stood there with no fear & had no weapons.

Suddenly a car with another group of men drove up, and they started shooting at the group of men that looked like members of a Latin gang.

The three news workers got the pregnant woman into a van to take her to the hospital and they told me to get in, so I did and we drove off.

The woman who looked like Mandy Moore then ran toward the two groups of men to join the fight, but she still did not have any weapons, but she did not seem to care.

Inside the van the pregnant woman was sweating and she looked like she was still in pain, the news workers did not know where the hospital was, so I told them were it was.

My apartment was not far from the hospital so they dropped me off at my apartment, and they continued to the hospital.

My apartment was a tall building like the ones that had gotten blown up by the plane, and all the apartment entrances were inside the building, so I walked inside to get to my apartment.

I felt that the woman who looked like Mandy Moore was going to come looking for me and the pregnant woman, and so I took a moment to think about the situation.

I had the feeling that the woman who looked like Mandy Moore was probably a vampire, the group of men that looked like Latin gang members were probably a rival vampire clan or something, the other group of men that attacked them were probably human vampire hunters, and the pregnant woman had a baby that probably was half human & half vampire; but she probably did not know it yet.

As I was thinking about all of this in my apartment I started seeing things from the point of view of a camera person, and I could see a red truck parked outside of my apartment building.

The woman who looked like Mandy Moore got out of the truck and ran into my apartment building, she jumped around on the ceiling and ran on the walls until she reached my apartment room,  and she knocked my door open.

I knew I did not stand a chance in a fight against her, so I did not even try to fight her, she began to yell at me asking me questions.

She asked me:

If I was Human?

Was I a hunter?

Did I know what she was?

Did I know anything about the pregnant woman?

And a few other questions.

I answered her questions and she stopped to think about what to do with me, it seemed that she was trying to decide to whether to let me go, kill me, or maybe even turn me into a vampire or whatever she was.

She then used my telephone to call someone to tell him the situation, he told her that she had to decide what to do with me, and she said okay & hung up the phone.

She asked me where was the pregnant woman so I told her that the three news workers had taken her to the hospital, she got even angrier and she told me to come with her to the hospital, and that I better hope that the doctors had not found anything suspicious about the baby or she would kill me.

I then followed her out of the apartment, but then the dream jumped back to the CS Bank, it was like I had gone back in time or something.

I think it jumped back to the part after the plane had bombed the apartment buildings, and people were running & screaming.

The pregnant woman was there, but the three news workers were not there this time.

I ran to the pregnant woman to see if she needed help and then the car with the group of men that looked like members of a Latin gang drove up, and a woman jumped off of the roof of the CS Bank; except it was not a woman who looked like Mandy Moore, this time.

This time the woman had black hair and medium brown colored skin, and looked kind of like the pregnant woman.

The woman told me and the pregnant woman to get into a red truck, which looked the same as the one that the woman who looked like Mandy Moore, had used to get to my apartment building; and the woman told me to drive.

I started driving and the group of men in the car chased us, but since this was D & I knew the area, and I easily was able to escape from them.

We then drove to my apartment to hide for a little while, and once at the apartment the woman started asking me questions; just like the woman who looked like Mandy Moore had done.

The pregnant woman was sweating and in pain again, so the woman used my telephone to call the man who the women that looked like Mandy Moore had called, to tell him the situation.

The woman told him that we were going to have to take the pregnant woman to the hospital but the man did not like the idea, and he told the woman that it was her decision & so the woman hung up the phone.

The woman then said that if the baby was born at the hospital, that we would have to sneak both of them out before the doctors or nurses could do any tests that could show that the baby was not completely human.

And if any of the doctors or nurses did notice anything odd about the baby, she said that she would kill them.

I told her that I hoped that would not happen, and then the dream switched to the view of a camera person again.

I could see the three news workers at their news company, their boss was talking with them.

He told them that the other news companies were beating them in ratings and that he wanted them to work harder, or he would fire them.

The three workers said that they were working as hard as they could, but the boss would not listen.

The three workers got angry and I think all three of them quit, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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