Getting Held Hostage Twice

I forgot all but part of one of my dreams from last night that took place on an upper floor of a windowless building it seemed, and I was there with a group of other people inside a room.

A gang and/or cartel and/or mafia and/or paramilitary and/or SWAT-like group of men burst into the room and took us hostage, they had man with them who was the leader, but I can not remember what he looked like.

Some of them had full body armor with helmets, eye protection, elbow pads, knees pads, et cetera with assault rifles.

These men seemed to be vampires in my opinion so I assume that they were faster, stronger, and maybe had some powers but I can not remember why I thought that they were vampires.

There were more of us than them but I did not think that we stood a chance against them, I have no idea what they wanted, but their hostage situation got interrupted by another man who seemed to be a vampire who entered the room.

This vampire had no weapons or armor but he easily and quickly killed the entire group holding us hostage like it was easy, he was clearly very powerful, and as we were thanking him we realized that he was now taking us hostage so now we were hostages again.

I have no idea why he was taking us hostage but it seemed that he was just doing this for fun, like a strange person who likes to take people hostage and play with them like toys making them do whatever he wants them to do, like someone playing house but with real people.

Some of the others hostages probably were considering attacking the vampire to try to defeat him so that we could escape but I felt that we did not stand a chance, I did not want anyone to die, and so I convinced them to let me try to get on his good side to hopefully get him to let us go eventually.

I focused on doing whatever he said and trying to keep him distracted as he would tell us to do various things, have us thank him a lot, have us tell him how much fun we are having, and various strange things like that.

He was pretty strange and creepy in a dangerous and relaxed kind of way, you were afraid that he could get bored or angry and kill you if you do not keep him entertained and do what he says, and so we had to keep playing nice with our hostage taker which was weird.

While doing this some of us were trying to look for opportunities to escape or ways to defeat him in case my plan failed, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Soldier Matt Damon

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that during one part of the dream my former classmate MT and I were in the dream along with probably several other people, the music artist Pharrell Williams was in the dream as well during a certain part of the dream that I can not remember, but I can not remember the details.

The last part of the dream that I can not remember was the opposite of my first dream from yesterday, instead of non-human animals/creatures/threats attacking us humans, it was them helping defend some of us humans from other humans who were attacking people; and so I was probably helping the non-human animals defend people against the attacking humans, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day outside at what was possibly a college campus with a lot of students and people around, the dream probably started out normal with me walking around, but then a group of armed and armored paramilitary/special forces/soldier-like people secretly trying to carry out an attack or mission released something that I can not remember (whatever they released it was a lot of things that were probably trying to attack people); and the things that they unleashed caused chaos with people running, screaming, et cetera.

They released whatever it was to cause chaos to help distract anyone who tried to stop them and so that they could hide and sneak through the chaos carrying out their mission/attack/whatever, I was going to try to help the people and stop the group alone, but then the actor Matt Damon who was a soldier in this dream and a small team of soldiers arrived on a mission to stop the other group of people.

I told them and showed them what was going on and we ran to try to stop the things that were released, save people, stop the chaos and organize people so that we could find the group carrying out the secret attack/mission, and then deal with the group carrying out the secret mission/attack; but the chaos covered a large area of connected courtyards or one large courtyard of grass so we would have to waste a lot of time dealing with that situation first, and so that was going to give the other group a lot of time to complete their mission and escape.

The other group was smart and knew that we would probably try to help people first before trying to go after them, so we knew that we had to work quickly, and so Matt Damon and his team ran to start helping people and stop the chaos; and I probably helped a bit, but I probably tried to watch from a distance trying to spot the other group so that maybe I could go after them while Matt Damon and his team deal with the chaos but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Have A House Moved

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I forgot most of this dream but I remember being with some of my former classmates, being on platforms in the air, running/hiding/maybe fighting some paramilitary / SWAT / whatever-like people maybe, and talking with a male former classmate who might have been TW while we were probably hiding from the paramilitary-like people.

I remember there was a house and I recommended that male former classmate/ TW should have it but it needed to be moved to his yard first, and so I left to find someone to move the house; and at some point I was in my parent’s yard during the day, even though the platform area seemed darker like night or it was indoors.

A man with long hair with a bald spot looking sloppy & a bit mean & lazy who he looked like the auto mechanic Mr. M combined with Carl Brutananadilewski from the animated TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force came to my parent’s yard, and he was the person who had been called to move the house & he had a big truck with something on the back of it that was able to hold a house & pull it on the back of the large truck.

I showed the house to the man and I explained where we wanted it moved, but he started giving me excuses like maybe the house was too big & some other unbelievable excuses; and I got a bit annoyed, and I pointed out his flawed logic/lies.

The man changed the subject & he mentioned one of my parent’s automobiles that was for sale, and he said that he might be interested in buying it; and I told him that it might cost $2,800 & this was a bit too much for him & so I mentioned $2,500 but I sensed that he would rather pay $2,000.

He changed the subject again mentioning that he smelled donuts, I said that we had some donuts inside the house, and that I would give him two donuts; and that I would eat one donut, and I told him that he could buy the automobile & get some free donuts & move the house.

I went to get the donuts while he thought about my offer, which I had taken time to explain to him in a way that would likely convince him to agree to/with my offer, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Escaping An Attack

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one of my dreams from last night but the beginning of the dream is unclear, I just remember going to a gathering/meeting during the day in a field in the country by a highway not far from a city, and a variety of people were there.

I am not sure why we were having a gathering / meeting but survival was probably one of the main topics, because a group of survivalists with guns & other survival equipment were there, but I am not sure if something had happened or was going to happen that would cause us to need to come together to prepare to survive.

It was a peaceful meeting as far as I can remember and Tyrion Lannister from the TV show Game Of Thrones might have been at the gathering/meeting but I am not sure, but I will explain why I think that he was later.

At the meeting were people of many ages and many people who did not know much about survival, so the survivalists were going to help train us in surviving and help us survive when the time came I guess if it had not already come, but then our gathering/meeting got attacked by a masked paramilitary-like group and/or gunmen.

The paramilitary-like group and/or gunmen had assault rifles / body armor / helmets / masks and they looked dangerous, and they started shooting at us killing people for some unknown reason; and so the survivalists handed out some guns to some of us, and we started shooting back & running for cover & trying to save people & escape the attack.

It was a scary situation since we were in a mostly open field, so bullets were flying near me, and there was nowhere to hide; and so I kept ducking/crawling/zigzagging/running/shooting back.

The field was surround by a fence and on one side of the fence was a forest, and so people were running that way to escape; but most did not make it since the fence was tall & there was barbed wire at the top, and people were being shot.

Some people probably ran further across the field and some people probably ran to the highway, but I decided to run to the forest after fighting long enough for some of us to escape; but the battle was obviously lost since we were out-numbered/out-gunned/out-armored/and attacked by surprise by trained gunmen.

I remember a group of young women trying to escape over the fence at the same time that I was and some senior citizens & some kids, but the senior citizens & kids did not make it & most of the young women did not make it.

There were about four tall barbed wired fences that we had to climb to reach the forest, so it was not easy, and so I remember encouraging & giving advice to the few surviving young women as they also climbed the fences; and my advice & encouragement helped save a few of them.

I climbed the four tall barbed wired fences pretty quickly since I was afraid for my life and I have had practice climbing fences in dreams before, so my fence climbing skills in dreams are very good.

I remember two or three young women making it to the forest with me and we ran for our lives, the paramilitary and/or gunmen were still busy killing people & they would not be able to climb the fences fast enough to catch us in the forest.

Eventually we reached the city at a baseball field for a school and we walked through a field house or school building where some of the male & female athletes were exercising, and we passed an office where a woman was working; and after we walked past the school there was only two young women with me.

One young woman was thinner/weaker/frailer/nice and the other young woman was thicker/stronger/rougher/mean, the weaker young woman talked more & the stronger young woman did not talk much, and we walked on a sidewalk through a city that reminded me of the 1980s or 1990s & 1970s (only slightly).

It was nice but we had no idea if we were still being hunted or not and it was a long walk, and at some point the weaker young woman needed me to carry her as we walked & so I did; and I remember the stronger young woman making negative comments about the weaker young woman, since she was so weak that she needed to be carried like a baby.

It was a nice sunny day and the lighting reminded me of those tire periods that I mentioned earlier & the look of the city, and it was nice walking in a quieter part of the city on a sidewalk.

At some point I asked the weaker young woman if she would be more comfortable riding on my back, she said yes, and so she rode on my back until she led us to a part of the city that she knew well.

She led us to a part of the city that had these silver metal subway train-like carts that were connected into a large single story structure where people could sit & hang out in the old carts, there were no wheels, it was a nice idea; and we went inside to hide/rest/think about what to do next & where to go.

This part of the dream had a nice feeling to it that seemed a bit familiar, like a memory from my past or something, and this area reminded me of those time periods that I mentioned earlier & I remember thinking of that in my dream; the weaker young woman must have grew up in the city and maybe I somehow had been to this area in the past before or something, but I am not sure.

Each cart, though connected, provided some privacy where people could talk & hang out; and the windows allowed a bit of light in to each cart & the windows were a bit foggy because I think that an air conditioner/cooling system was on.

It was nice watching people, especially teenagers, have somewhere to hangout instead of doing bad stuff because they have no where else to go really.

We walked to the center area of the cart structure and we came across Tyrion Lannister who recognized us and we recognized him, and so I think that he probably was at the gathering/meeting earlier; and had probably escaped too, but I am not sure.

He was working with a circus-like group that would perform around the world, he was actually doing a comedy routine or something in the cart structure when we came across him, and so we stopped to ask him for advice on what to do.

He told us that the circus-like group and him would be leaving soon to another city or country, and that he had connections around the world that would be willing move us from country to country if necessary.

As he was helping us come up with our escape plan and offering his connections to help us escape, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Another Planet? | The Party?

File:San Bernardino police swat team.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I barely remembered part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in D, and I remember that my family & I saw what appeared to be another planet that looked almost like Earth in the sky near the sun and/or moon (I am not sure which); we were not sure what it was exactly or where it came from, it was just high in the sky & it was about the size of the moon, and my dad turned on the TV to see if any of the news channels were talking about what it was but that is all that I can remember & I probably woke up shortly after that.

Dream 2

My next dream is also unclear in many parts and I am not sure if it was connected to the first dream or not, but I remember being in D with my family, and things/the city and/or the state and/or the country and/or the World seemed to be very controlled now by something/some group that I think my family & I called The Party; and I think that everyone had to join/pledge allegiance to The Party or they would be jailed and/or tortured and/or re-educated/brainwashed and/or killed and/or banished from the rest of society.

My family and I did not like The Party, but I think that we pretended to join them/be members/pledge allegiance to them (but we really were not on their side, and we had only done so/that/pretended to/so that we could survive/not be killed/jailed/tortured/brainwashed/et cetera), but one day something happened that caused my brother GC, my brother CC, and I to stopped pretending to be members of/pledge allegiance to The Party. (But I am not sure what happened exactly, but my guess is that members of The Party had attacked and/or arrested some people in our neighborhood.)

The Party had people who would attack and/or arrest people and they wore a lot of armor like SWAT Team members or something, and they would attack and/or arrest people paramilitary style.

I think that my brothers and I had escaped their attack (because they would come in groups, in armored vehicles & they would make it obvious that they were coming to attack and/or arrest someone), but we had to leave the city & we had to keep traveling to avoid getting caught, since we no longer pretended to be with The Party; and as we traveled around from place-to-place, a man joined us on our journey at some point.

We had to travel around isolated places and/or at night, to avoid being caught, since/because The Party was controlling almost everything it seemed; and at some point we reached a two-floor/story barn during the night, and we hid & we slept in there.

We were too tired & it was too dark for us to search the top floor to make sure that it was clear/safe first, so we just went to sleep, and I remember being afraid that something (non-human, probably alien) might be on the second floor.

I am not sure if non-humans/aliens were in this dream or is they were behind/controlling The Party or not, maybe I was reminded of a TV show like Falling Skies or something in the dream, but I am not sure; I just know that I remember being afraid since we did not search the second floor, and I was more afraid of something non-human/alien possibly being up there instead of being afraid of just a human that was with The Party.

The next morning we woke up but we heard someone coming into the barn, and so we hid; and a man was putting something in the barn, but the man who had joined us on our journey, jumped out of his hiding spot/place & he yelled to the other man that we (my brothers & I) were not with The Party.

So the man who had joined us on our journey was a spy/mole with The Party I guess and they called others in The Party to arrest us, and so we ran as they chased us; and the SWAT-like members of The Party arrived to chase us too.

My brothers and I ran & we jumped through yards, over fences, and through the wilderness until we escaped; and at some point my brother CC decided that we should sneak to my parent’s house at night, but I thought that was a bad idea, because I was afraid that The Party would search for us there first.

We arrived at my parent’s house at night and they let us in, they wanted us to hide with them, but I told them that I did not want to put them in danger & that we would only stay a few hours; but my brother CC wanted to stay, and so I had to argue with him a bit.

I then was able to see a scene in the dream where a female member of The Party was talking with the team that had failed twice to catch us, and she seemed to be in a leadership position within The Party & she was angry at their failures; she told the team that their strategy of driving around in armored vehicles in groups with lights & sirens, was stupid, and that they should try to sneak around quietly to attack or arrest us.

She then sent the team to find us, and then the scene switched back to my parent’s house; and I told my family that my brothers and I had to leave soon, because The Party was probably going to be coming to search the house soon & that they would use stealth this time.

We said good-bye and my brothers and I left, and we sneaked through the dark alley & across our neighbor’s yard & into the street & we sneaked into the woods/wilderness; but then the dream switched to the next morning to a scene.

My family had been arrested by The Party after they failed to find my brothers and I at the house, and The Party had my family outside somewhere & they were questioning them.

A man (who might have not been human) who seemed to be in a leadership position, was doing most of the questioning of my family, while the other members of The Party secured the area; and with the man was another man who had been captured by The Party earlier in the dream, during a part that I can not remember.

The man who had been captured earlier in the dream, appeared to have been re-educated/brainwashed, and he seemed to now be working for/with The Party again; and he was following the orders of the man who was questioning my family.

There was no clear evidence that my family had helped us and my family lied to protect my brothers and I, but the man who was questioning them was suspicious; but to their surprise & mine (even though I was not in the dream at this point), the other man who had been captured earlier in the dream, decided to convince the man that my family was telling the truth.

It then appeared that the re-education/brainwashing had not worked on the man, and that he was pretending to be with The Party again; and he told the man that my family should be moved to (some place that I never heard of before), and that he would personally watch over/supervise/spy on my family to make sure that they were really with The Party & not helping my brothers & I.

The man was surprised by the other man’s offer to prove his allegiance to The Party & his offer to supervise/spy on my family, and he stopped to consider the other man’s offer & decide if he could truly trust him.

I felt that the other man’s plan was to get my family & him to the place that I never heard of before, which was in a place barely controlled by The Party I think (a place of banishment/where people were banished to), so that he could help my family & my brothers & I; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂