Attending A Content Creator Convention

Dream 1

In this dream I went to a convention that was possibly mostly for content creators and I had a name badge / tag, and I possibly got to go because of my blog where I blog every day so I was considered a content creator.

This convention possibly took place in India because I saw a lot of people who seemed to be from India (Indian), but I could be wrong.

While I was at one of the events / programs, the host / whoever who was a woman, called out the names of some content creators who she was going to have come to the front / stage with her so that she could talk to them one-at-a-time in front of the audience as part of the event / program.

To my surprise she called my name among the names of content creators who were chosen to talk to her, I was not expecting this and I was not ready for this, fortunately I was not the first person to be called up there.

I needed to urinate so I walked off to find a bathroom, as I was leaving I heard someone mentioning diversity and they were sharing advice for content creators, I am not sure if I got to use the bathroom or not, I just remember going to take a seat and some people I knew were among the crowd like maybe my former male classmate CB.

I remember us talking when a male employee with light-color skin walked over to me asking to see my name badge / tag, and then he told me that it had not been fully set up yet so that needed to be done.

He reluctantly started the process of fixing this, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream started at a convention again, I was wearing dress clothes with a name tag and a heavy backpack, and I went to one of the programs / classes / whatever that was taking place in a room with chairs.

I sat along the left wall to the right of a somewhat older man with light-color skin, the man looked at me and moved away from me while saying something to me like he was paranoid and he even said my name because he saw my name tag, and he seemed to think that I was targeting him or something.

I moved further away from him after responding, I hoped that this would help his paranoia, but he still seemed paranoid and I ended up saying a few more things to him before I decided to leave.

I walked off and eventually I walked away from the convention until I reached a fictional MS University-like college that I had false memories of having once attended but I never finished.

There were various college students walking around, and I walked around looking around comparing my false memories of the college to how it looked now et cetera.

This college and my false memories contained some real feelings and real inspiration from MS University, and so this felt very realistic walking around looking around and thinking.

At some point I reached an area that I had never really saw much of before, it was an area where maybe the business et cetera department was where many of the rich students had many of their classes for majors that led to jobs with high salaries, and I saw students wearing dress clothes and I saw a male student with light-color skin wearing a graduation cap and gown inside one of the buildings like he was about to graduate.

This area had a nice traditional college / royal look to it, after passing this area I reached a long courtyard with plants and seating areas in the middle with some semi-indoor restaurants and other businesses on the left side and a sidewalk on the right side by the buildings that had entrance doors along them, and many people were in this area.

Some students were listening to music and hanging out as they ate and drank, some were walking to and from classes, et cetera.

This was one or at least two areas like this, this was the one that I had possibly never visited or did not visit much, and so I started walking toward it to explore it but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Paranoia Agent (Mōsō Dairinin)

What is it?

The 2004 Japanese animated (anime) psychological thriller TV show Paranoia Agent by the director Satoshi Kon.

Anime Trailer – “Paranoia Agent”

What is it about?

This is how Metacritic describes this animated (anime) television show:

When darkness overcomes the heart, Lil’ Slugger appears… An elementary school boy on Rollerblades dubbed Lil’ Slugger (Shounen Bat) is said to be responsible for a series of mysterious hit-and-run assaults in Tokyo.

The circumstances are always the same: none of the victims can recall the boy’s face and only two distinct details are left in their memories – golden Rollerblades and the weapon, a golden baseball bat bent like a dog’s leg.

Two police detectives, Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa, are assigned to the case to track down the perpetrator and put an end to his violent and random spree.

What at first may seem like a typical act of juvenile vandalism soon turns out to bear the signature of an unclear evil.

The attacks never leave their victims as they were before as each victim before the attack is overcome by stress, depression, or an emotional trauma created by their environment, their past, or their secrets.

They are so overwhelmed that they enter a state of paranoia as they fight their inner demons.

After a good smack in the head, they seem as if that their emotional trauma has been alleviated.

Starting with the first victim Tsukiko Sagi, a shy character designer who created the immensely popular pink dog Maromi, the detectives follow what little clues they have and try to apprehend the boy.

But just when they think they got it solved, things get more complicated as they reach the end of their line.

Opening Song: “Dream Island Obsessional Park” by Susumu Hirasawa

Closing Song: “White Hill – Maromi’s Theme” by Susumu Hirasawa


A Dream Character Testing Dream Powers

Dream 1

After my first dream I woke up to use the bathroom and to voice record it but I quickly forgot my dream before voice recording it, I probably could have remembered some of it if I tried harder, but I did not want to risk having a harder time trying to go back to sleep; and so I went back to sleep without trying to remember the first dream, and so I can not remember it.

Dream 2

I had a second dream and a third dream, I woke up remembering part of both but I did not voice record them, and so I ended up forgetting the second dream as well; but I will try it here if I remember it later.


Dillon The Hacker And Captain Hook?

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream, the dream was longer and more detailed but I forgot most of it, and so this dream will not make much sense without those missing parts of the dream.

All that I can remember is being inside a windowless house/building and it was probably late night, there was a man in the room who was probably one of my co-workers, and I think that we were up late working on something computer related for our job that possibly involved programming and other computer related things; and maybe we even worked for WordPress or I/we wanted to work for WordPress once I/we improved my/our programming skills enough.


Avoiding A Confrontation With My Uncle CE And My Aunt DE And My Aunt ME | An Assassin Trying To Find A Duffel Bag?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up suddenly from a dream during the night hot and sweating in my underwear and pajama pants, I got out of bed to discover that someone had turned on the heater even though it was not hot and this made the house hot, and so I forgot most of my dreams and my sleep was disturbed and I had to briefly turn on the air conditioner to cool down the bedroom enough to go back to sleep.

Amazingly I barely remember part of the end of one dream that I had before waking up, and part of the end of another dream that I had later.

Dream 1

The end of the first dream took place during maybe a gray day at my grandfather’s house and maybe some of my family and I were there and some of our family members from my mom’s side of the family were there like my uncle CE, my aunt DE, my aunt ME, et cetera; and something happened where maybe my uncle CE asked me a confrontational question and/or something like that, and I tried to stay calm and relax and answer the question/deal with the situation in a peaceful/diplomatic way.

My aunt DE and my aunt ME joined my uncle CE as they confronted me about something, I managed to keep the situation calm and I answered their questions and directed the conversation in a way that avoided verbal conflict, and then the conversation became normal/peaceful again; but I can remember what they had confronted me about, and I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

The end of the second/last dream seemed to take place in maybe another country known for wilderness activities at a wooden reddish colored multi-story cabin / motel / apartment-like building near a wilderness that had connected balconies/porches/walkways for each room, and there were various people/tourists hanging out/relaxing outside the building.

I was not in the dream but I remember seeing inside one of the rooms of the building and there was a man with whitish colored skin with short hair carrying a large duffel bag with a strap on his back with another duffel bag on the floor against the wall or door that had most of his luggage in it, and he looked afraid / paranoid like someone was after him; and he kept looking outside the window like he expected someone to come kill him.

I remember him talking out-loud to himself and/or talking to someone on a mobile phone and/or thinking to himself about the situation, the duffel bag on his back contained something very important that he was trying to protect and get to someone else, but one or more assassins/whoever were after the duffel bag and they were killing anyone in their way of getting the duffel bag; and so his life was in danger and the duffel bag was in danger.

He kept the duffel bag with him and most of his luggage packed in his other duffel bag so that he could make a quick escape if necessary, as he was looking out of the window he noticed a suspicious looking man who seemed to be an assassin/whoever who was looking for the duffel bag/him, and so he came up with a plan to escape to the balcony/porch/walkway outside of his door once the assassin entered the building to search his room.

The man started his plan by maybe leaving some items in his room to slow the assassin down by having him think that the duffel bag was hidden in the room, and this would hopefully give him time to get far enough away to escape; and after doing this the man sneaked to the balcony to escape as the assassin/whoever entered the building, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr