Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember some of my last dream.

I remember being at my parent’s house and the phone rang, and my brother CC answered it.

I heard a woman’s voice, and what sounded like the French language.

My brother CC said: “That someone is speaking in French I think, and I guess they are calling for you.”.

I picked up the phone and it was a woman speaking in French, and she was talking pretty fast so I could not understand her really.

I was wondering if it was the woman from the Alliance Française calling me, since she did not respond to my e-mail the second time.

The woman was talking and talking, she did not give me a chance to respond, and so I guess she had not asked any questions yet.

It was like she was telling me about something, maybe a language program / school or something.

I wanted to tell her that I did not understand her, but I decided to just listen until I had the chance to talk.

This dream has the new record for the largest amount of the French language spoken, in any of my dreams yet.

I can not remember if I had a moment to tell her that I did not understand or not, all I remember is that the call ended, and I think I had written something that she had told me.

Next, I remember me and my family going to some place to sign me up for something, and it was either a language school where we were going to leave to another city, state, or country, or it was for the military (But I did not see any soldiers).

The people in line were about my age and it was almost like signing up for college for the first time, but we were in a gym-like area.

I only remember finally being in the front of the line and a man gave me a paper, and he said that it will begin in October.

I thought to myself that it will be October in about 3 months.

I felt a little nervous not knowing what to expect, and then we went back home.

At home my dad had a computer that needed fixing and so I started fixing it, and I think I had a nice looking laptop in this dream.

I remember there being three baseball bats in the house and my mom said that they were going to take them back somewhere, and she wanted me to put them in my dad’s truck.

I put two of them in there but I forgot the third one, and so I started back fixing the computer.

My family left to take the bats back, then I remembered that the one bat was missing, but it was too late.

They were already gone when I went outside, as I was going back into the house, one of my old friend’s and three other people who looked familiar, but I did not know who they were, came to the front door of our house.

My old friend EW said hello, and the other two guys said hello also.

They seemed to be in a good mood, I did not feel like having them come over since I wanted to fix the computer, and I wanted to think about the school situation or military situation.

I decided to let them in and I told them that I was trying to fix a computer, and then I started to talk with them.

As we were talking, I reminded myself that in 3 months that I had to go to the school or the military, and I reminded myself not to forget; since I had signed the paperwork already.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr