Helping Kim Kardashian Make & Fix / Sew Something | My First Date With A Woman Named Ashlyn & The Hunger Games?

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of the first dream which was an unusual and surprising dream in some ways, I think that near the end of the dream I was inside a house watching TV maybe, and I think that there was a TV show showing rich female socialites/celebrities like Paris HiltonKim Kardashian / et cetera.

At some point I think that I was talking on a telephone with a fictional female friend about that TV show and other things who then started a three-way call with her female friend, who was Kim Kardashian to my surprise, and Mrs. Kardashian mentioned that she needed help making something and her/my friend suggested that I could probably help; and she hung up the telephone leaving only Mrs. Kardashian and I on the telephone to try to force me to help her.