An Anime & Parking Garage | Strange Children | SS’s Mom Goes Missing

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and part of the dream involved me watching a fictional old 1980s-looking anime movie with good animation that took place on another planet in the future during the day.

In the anime there was a giant ship / vehicle / building on tank treads driving through a mostly barren wilderness, and in this area was the main character who was a man with light-color skin who possibly had a hover bike or motorcycle.


Mercy Graves | A New House &Waking Up

Source: Fandom

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved Mercy Graves from the television show Titans (Season 2).

Dream 2

This dream involved my family and I moving into a new house that was a strange house that seemed to at least be partly connected to an underground parking garage or just a normal parking garage-like place, and so there were several different ways to get inside the house.


Biting A Zombie

File:Multi-storey car park in Liberec.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Once again I did not voice record my dreams last night before going back to sleep so I forgot those dreams, and to make things worse I did not voice record my dreams later or think about them so now I barely remember part of one dream that was all over the place and somewhat detailed.

I can not remember most of the dream now but it covered various topics/themes/situations/things/et cetera in detail, some of these topics were featured (repeated or shown) several times, and so those topics were some of the main topics of the dream.

Some of those main topics involved family, with more of a focus on the negatives of family relationships, except for probably part of the dream that involved my brothers TD and KD.

That part of the dream focused on them playing American Football at L University, I remember my mom talking about them during one part of the dream, and my brothers TD and KD and their college football team were mentioned at various times.

Some negatives were possibly mentioned as well, but I assume that this part of the dream was more positive.

Several parts of the dream involved the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and some fictional siblings (maybe brothers) of his, and during these parts of the dream the news media kept reporting on stories about some of the terrible things that his siblings would do.

One of his siblings was caught murdering people and was probably arrested, one of his siblings liked to attack people and was probably arrested, and maybe another sibling or the second or first sibling was possibly mentally unstable and liked to torture and eat people and was probably arrested.

None of this had anything to do with Mr. DiCaprio, other than these people being his siblings, but the news media kept mentioning Mr. DiCaprio and making it seem almost like he was involved or was supposed to do something about how his siblings were behaving which I did not think was fair.

At some point I think that Mr. DiCaprio, some other people, and I ended up in maybe a multi-story parking garage (maybe on an underground-like floor).

We got attacked by some zombies, I remember one of the zombies trying to crawl from under a van, and I ended up biting the zombie for some reason that I can not remember and it left a nasty chemical-like taste in my mouth.

I was going to spit but I must have partly awakened earlier and went back to sleep into the dream and/or I felt or knew that my body was in bed so I was afraid that if I were to spit in the dream that I would spit in the real world on my pillow(s), and so I did not spit out the nasty taste in my mouth so I had to hold it there instead or I slowly let it drip out eventually.

Oddly the dream did not feel lucid or go lucid really, even though I somewhat knew that I was dreaming, but I did not think about it or try to control the dream at all so the dream stayed normal.

We probably dealt with the zombies, but I can not remember what we did before I woke up.

There was a lot more to this dream and this dream jumped all over the place making it even harder to remember, not voice recording my dreams and going a few hours without thinking about it did not help either, and that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

The end,

-John Jr


Henry Cavill And John Cena

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place outside during the day near a multi-story parking garage, some of my family, many people, and I were walking outside when something happened where there were various threats; but I can not remember the details.

I remember several people and I trying to move everyone to safety in the multi-story parking garage and I remember patrolling inside of it, on top of it, and around the building in the parking lot area around it trying to secure it; and I remember the entertainment wrestler John Cena being one of the people working with me to try to protect everyone from the threat(s).