Talking To Boyd Crowder

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I was with some of my family (like my mom) at a store, and at some point I remember being outside in an automobile waiting for the rest of my family.

Something was going on in the parking lot that I can not remember and I remember talking to a man who was parked in his automobile next to me, we probably started talking with our windows down, and then we walked outside our automobile to talk.

This man was probably the character Boyd Crowder from the television series Justified and not the actor who plays him which is Walton Goggins, but I could be wrong.

Boyd probably talked about what was going on in the parking lot, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I remember a one-story station-like building where many people were sitting down with luggage waiting, and maybe a van drove into the parking lot and parked with a man and woman with white skin inside it and the woman possibly had yellow hair.

They carried at least two large bags of luggage into the station-like building, I think that they had an illegal plant (drug) inside the bags which was probably marijuana, and then they realized that the police were on their way because there was a security situation going on in this building somewhere.

They heard the police sirens getting closer so they were afraid that the police and/or their police dogs would figure out that they had an illegal plant (drug) in their bags, and so they started trying to leave and/or hide their bags and/or they tried to figure out what to do before it was too late; but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day, maybe a gray day, and I remember walking across a large parking lot toward some deep maybe dark blue water and tiny islands (just big enough for a few people to stand on) in one part of the parking lot which makes no sense but that is what was there.

There were people near this area, on my way to the water and tiny islands I probably saw Boyd Crowder again in his automobile and/or about to get into his automobile and he probably said something to me because he probably recognized me from the first dream, and we probably briefly talked again before I continued walking and he probably drove away and/or he walked toward the people near the water and islands.

I possibly briefly talked with the people before walking on the islands by the water, there were some kittens on one of these islands but I can not remember if there were any adult cats or not, and as I was moving to another island I turned to see some of the kittens fall in the water and they immediately started sinking to my surprise like they would probably drown.

The water was deep and probably dark blue so you probably could not see them once they sank past a certain point so I would not be able to see them to save them, one or more of them possibly resurfaced and safely got back on the island but I am not sure, and maybe not all of them resurfaced safely but I am not sure.

There was more to this dream involving the islands, water, kittens, the people, and more but I can not remember these details.

The end,

-John Jr

Walking & A College & Julius Mendez & Sport And Computers

I seriously do not feel like typing the only dream that I can remember part of from last night because of various things in my life including an increase of difficulty with my problems with social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, joblessness, et cetera; and so it took me most of the day to finally force/get myself to type this.

All that I can remember of this long and detailed dream is walking during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D past W Park and going through the various shopping center parking lots, I probably talked with some people who I knew before/during/after this part of the dream, and maybe I did some shopping; but I can not remember.

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Street Racing? | A Hotel And A Dock And The G-Man And Sharks And Syringes

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the night in a fictional location and I remember streets, parking lots for stores/businesses, people hanging out by automobile, maybe people street racing around the quiet streets away from but near neighborhoods, et cetera; and I was in the dream with an automobile and I drove around during some parts of the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I only remember part of the end of my second/last dream which took place at a fictional hotel that had a dock near water over a period of several days, I was there with my family vacationing I guess, and you could sleep on/at the docks if you wanted to; and so I would sometimes sleep in an area at the docks, I still had a room with my family inside the hotel, but I would spend a lot of time at the docks.

I remember swimming, watching people fish, maybe watching people use boats and maybe riding a boat as well, walking around, talking with people, enjoying the outdoors, et cetera; and things were nice until two strange men showed up who were a father and adult son who had whitish colored skin with short dark-colored (probably brownish colored) hair.

The father dressed and looked and acted like the character The G-Man from the Half-Life video games wearing a suit, they both looked human, but they did not act or move or speak or seem to be human; and they acted more like robots and/or aliens, and they were after something or several things that I had but they probably did not know that I had it at first.

They were walking around asking people questions and looking for something (they asked me some questions as well, but I can not remember what they asked me) and when they left I knew that they would be back once they figured out it was me who had whatever it is that they wanted, it was not their’s but they wanted it anyway, and so I decided that I would stop sleeping at the docks so I started trying to move my stuff.

Some sharks and/or something like that started attacking the docks and things in the water so I had to cautiously sneak across the docks to safety with my stuff, once I got inside the hotel to the room where my family was my mom wanted me to do something for her, and she wanted me to inject my brothers and dad and maybe all of us with large clear/whitish colored plastic almost toy-like syringes with long sharp needles filled with a somewhat thick colorful liquid.

Each syringe had a liquid with a different bright colors like green, red, yellow, orange, et cetera; and my mom wanted me to inject them without telling them, when they were sleep if possible, because maybe they/we all ate and/or drank something that was dangerous supposedly and the liquid in the syringes would make us vomit/defecate it from our bodies.

I did not like the idea of injecting them/us with syringes especially filled with an unknown liquid and doing it without warning everyone first, I told my mom this and we talked about it, and eventually she convinced me to do it but I decided to let everyone know at least after I injected them or before depending if they were sleep or not at the time; and I probably injected myself and my mom first, but I am not sure.

I think that I got everyone injected, some while they were sleep and some while they were awake but not paying attention, and I told them afterward what it was for and why and that my mom wanted me to do it; and then I probably told my family about the strange father and son who were after something that I had, and about the sharks.

We probably were going to be leaving the hotel in a day or the next morning so I was probably going to hide whatever it was that the strange father and son wanted, and try to avoid them; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr