Corrie Side + A Multi-Purpose Building + An Angry Patron = ?

This is either one transitioning dream or several transitioning dreams that I had when I kept waking up and going back to sleep because my body / mind did not seem to want to keep sleeping even though I did not go to bed early, and so I will type it as one dream since I am not sure.

This dream or dreams were partly inspired by two YouTube videos by Corrie Side that I watched before going to sleep called Fall Glasses Haul – Cheap Frames from Zenni Optical | CORRIE SIDE and Sleepwear Set & Kimono – Sewn by Me | CORRIE SIDE:


Hide And Seek

Last night I only remember part of my last dream and a bit of a recurring dreamlette (or semi-dream-like thoughts) that I kept having.

I am sick now, so that probably played a role in the recurring thoughts I kept having, my mind kept replaying something over and over and over.

It did not stop until my brothers woke up, I can not remember exactly what it was my mind kept replaying; but I think it was something that was almost maze-like.

It kept rewinding and fast forwarding through something, and going over the patterns and/or steps over and over.

After waking up and going back to sleep, I was finally able to have a normal dream.

I only remember being in a field near the C Elementary School, except this area was like a fictional version of the junior high school.

I was there with some people from the neighborhood that I grew up in, and we were near a row of seats like you would find at a cinema; except they were outside against a fence.

I can not remember exactly what happened, but I remember hiding under the seats, and for some reason the group of people from my neighborhood were trying to find me.

Under the seats there were bags and random junk, so it was a pretty good hiding spot.

They were looking under some of the seats, but the row of seats were pretty long, so they did not make it to my side.

As they were still looking I left from my hiding spot and pretended to help them look for me, and for some strange reason they did not notice me.

They seemed so distracted with looking for me that they did not realize that I was standing right next to them, which was very odd and funny.

I pretended to look around and suggested that they look somewhere else, but I woke up before I was able to see their response.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂