Tourists Bicycling Through The City Of D

I think that I remember hearing the song Ne Rien Faire by Pauline Croze at some point in this dream.

At some point in this dream I was riding a bicycle along the highway that leads to the city of LC, I was returning to a slightly fictional nicer version of the city of D, and as I was entering the city I noticed a group of tourists (several adults with light and medium-color skin, and several little girls with light-color skin) from different countries riding bicycles along the highway behind me.


Pauline Croze – Ne Rien Faire

Pauline Croze - Ne Rien Faire (clip officiel)
Source: YouTube

What is it?

The French musician Pauline Croze snuck / sneaked out a new album called Ne Rien Faire, a new music video called Ne Rien Faire, and yet another new YouTube channel (again?) called Pauline Croze last month, and I just found out about it yesterday by accident.

Music Video