Providing Security For Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton During A Tour

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during late in the afternoon or on a somewhat darker day, I remember walking out of my parent’s yard across the street outside of the yard of our neighbor’s who live at The B House, and I had some pea coats laying on something outside their yard.

I guess that I had forgotten them there and was going back to get them, hoping to not be noticed, and I remember one of the pea coats being a size medium in the color navy; and the other pea coat was in size large in a yellowish tan or khaki color with fluffy lapels or a fluffy collar that was a yellowish off-white color.

I remember trying on the medium pea coat and then when I was trying on the large pea coat our female neighbor at The B House stepped out on her front porch, I greeted her and we had a brief conversation, and I remember picking up her newspaper that was on the ground and I gave it to her.

At some point I said goodbye and I started walking back to my parent’s yard with my pea coats, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that most of my family (my parent’s and my brothers) except for my brother CC and his family and I seemed to be on vacation, we were inside a nice small hotel room on an upper floor of a tall hotel, and it seemed that we were just waking up in the morning and about to checkout to leave the hotel.

My family left to go somewhere before checking out and the next thing that I can remember is being in what seemed to be the past during the day, during The United States Presidential Campaign Of 2008, and I was following Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as a somewhat out-of-shape local man with dark-brownish or blackish colored skin with short blackish colored hair wearing a light-colored long sleeve button dress shirt with dark-colored dress pants was giving them a tour around a concrete tunnel that was often used by people who were homeless.

I am not sure why I was there but I seemed to be volunteer security or a volunteer bodyguard for Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama (who was not the president yet), it was just the four of us walking with no one else around, and Mr. Obama was wearing a light-colored long sleeve button dress shirt with a tie with a dark-colored belt with dark-colored dress pants with dark-colored dress shoes; and Mrs. Clinton was wearing maybe a navy colored suit jacket and suit pants, and she was using her smiling campaign face (facial expression) and probably nodding a lot as she listened to the man giving them the tour.

The only light for the tunnel came from the entrances and exits so it was pretty dark, there were some bathrooms and maybe some other rooms along the tunnel, and I remember us passing a few people who were homeless and maybe we greeted them.

Past this area I saw some shadows of some people in the darkness looking suspicious, I was worried that they were possibly security threats so I started to worry and to move in front of the others, but when I reached the shadows I saw that it was just some kids playing; and their parent’s were watching them in the distance, and so I smiled and I laughed and I greeted the kids and I waved at the parents.

Past this dark area with the kids was a shopping mall where their parent’s were watching them from, the tunnel connected to this shopping mall, and so I walked with Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama into the mall but the tour guide did not follow us here.

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama talked a bit as we walked through the mall, I possibly talked with them a bit but I was more focused on staying alert for security threats, and people were noticing them as we walked so they were smiling and waving at people as we walked around the mall.

At some point Mrs. Clinton wanted to stop to walk inside a store to talk to people, to campaign, and so Mr. Obama and I stood outside of the store briefly waiting for her to finish; and I remember seeing Mrs. Clinton greeting people and shaking hands and smiling and talking, and one of the people she was talking to looked like my former coworker Mrs. S.

Mr. Obama wanted to keep walking and go somewhere else, I wanted him and Mrs. Clinton to stay together so that I could try to keep both of them safe because I could not be in two places at once to handle their security, but Mrs. Clinton was not ready to leave; and so Mr. Obama kept walking, and so I followed him hoping that Mrs. Clinton would caught up with us soon.

We probably went inside a different store and at some point we started walking back to the store where Mrs. Clinton was but it seemed that the mall was about to close because almost everyone was gone or leaving, and we did not see Mrs. Clinton in the store where she was earlier; and so we started to look for her, but we could not find her.

I started to be somewhat worried, Mr. Obama wanted to split up to look for her which I did not think was a good idea but he walked away anyway to look for her on his own, and so I walked around to look for her alone as well.

At some point I ended up on the upper floor of a building and I walked into a small room where I saw one of my parent’s tan-colored suitcases, I wondered why it was there, and so I picked it up to take it with me; but then I saw more of their luggage in the room, and then I realized that this was the hotel room that we stayed in earlier in the dream.

It seemed that my family had not checkout yet, it actually seemed that maybe they were going to stay another night and just had not called me to tell me yet, and so I went took out my mobile phone to call them about this; but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the end of the dream took place during the day in a video game-like dream world that was like a The Elder Scrolls video game combined with the video game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (which I have never played), and I was walking along a wilderness trail near some multi-story ruins that looked a bit like Dwemer ruins.

At the ruins were a group of male and female Dunmer (Dark Elves) who started to attack me with throwing spears, bows and arrows, spears, other mêlée weapons, and maybe one of them was using magic; and so I defended myself, and I remember having a spear but I am not sure how I got it.

I remember blocking, dodging, and stabbing to death several of the Dunmer who charged me one-at-time and they moved a bit awkwardly and they fought a bit stupidly like they do in The Elder Scrolls video games; and then I ran toward the ruins to reach the Dunmer who were shooting arrows, throwing spears, and maybe shooting magic at me.

I remember fighting a male Dunmer who had throwing spears, a female Dunmer with a bow was shooting arrows at me but I moved behind a pillar where she could not see me as I fought the male Dunmer, and this was my longest fight.

After I dodged and blocked several of his throwing spears I charged him, we fought spear to spear dodging and blocking, and eventually I stabbed him to death; and then I started trying to see where the last two Dunmer were who were shooting arrows and maybe magic at me, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping Mal Cobb Escape The Country

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started inside of what looked like The E House combined with a school, I remember walking to the bathroom that is near the kitchen, and when I opened the door to the bathroom one of my former junior high school teacher’s Mrs. F was just leaving the bathroom; and I apologized, and I greeted her.

We briefly talked then she left, I used the bathroom and washed my hands, and then I walked past students in this dimly lit area until I reached another part of the building that looked like my parent’s house until I reached the living room; and I could see out of the windows, and it was daytime.

I walked out of the back door to walk outside near the back door, and I saw an unknown young woman or a woman with brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing a pinkish colored coat standing by one of the dog areas where we now had a fictional puppy (it looked like a small breed of dog) at the dog house were my brother GC’s dog Cloud should be; and her back was facing me so I could not see her face, and I kept hearing her repeating something out-loud to herself and it seemed that she was looking down at maybe her mobile phone or something like that.

I thought that this was strange so eventually I said something to her after she still did not seem to notice me yet, she said something in response that I can not remember, and then she started walking toward where the basketball goals used to be; and then I noticed that she had one or two kids with dark-brownish colored skin who were also wearing coats, and one of the kids was a boy wearing a knit cap with a ball of fabric at the top of it.

The boy walked behind the dog house and he laid on the ground like he was hiding, the puppy found him and the puppy started biting and shaking the ball of fabric on his knit cap, and so I ran over to stop this; and fortunately no one got hurt, I apologized to the boy and the mother even though it was not really the puppy’s fault because the puppy was tied up at its dog house and the boy should not have been over there like that, and I gave them the knit cap back but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day inside a school where I was in a class inside a classroom with other students, this class was like if The Daily Post had its own physical class and classroom, because all of our assignments seemed to be picking something from a small reddish colored fabric-covered hardcover book full of song lyrics and stories and poems and dialogue from various forms of media and more (that each student had) to use as inspiration to complete assignments that were basically challenges that were like Daily Prompts except that we had to physically write our responses and turn them in to the teacher or teachers; and this was a fun class that I enjoyed.

I remember doing several assignments during class and turning them in, I remember using some Fiona Apple song lyrics that were in the small reddish colored book as inspiration to complete one of these assignments, and at some point class was over and it was time to leave school; and we were given a homework assignment like the other assignments where we were to pick something from the small reddish colored book as inspiration, and write our response and turn it in during class the next day.

I remember walking home and at some point I remember walking through a fictional alley where the BP School Board Computer Department should be, there were two women with whitish colored skin there was well and one of them had maybe orangish or reddish colored hair, and there were maybe a few other people there as well; and something happened that I can not remember, and the women called the police.

The police arrived and the police officers were all young athletic men with whitish colored skin who were violent, rude, unempathetic, and they had many other bad qualities; and they were making the situation worse, to make things even worse they were not even doing their job, and they implied that they wanted the women to do sexual favors for them and then they would do their job; and so the woman with maybe reddish or orangish colored hair gave one of the police officers her phone number implying that she would do some sexual favors for them later, and then the police officers finally did their job and then they left.

This bothered me and I remember wondering how many other police officers and soldiers were like this, I thought of my brother CC who is in the military and I wondered how many other soldiers he knew who might be like this, and this did not make me feel so great about the future of the police force and military and the world; I knew that not every soldier or police officer was like this, but I felt that a larger number of them were like this than there should be.

I probably talked to the women about the situation and then I continued walking home as I looked in the small reddish colored book and started trying to write my homework assignment as I walked, when I reached the street near my uncle WC’s back yard I saw a large whitish colored truck parked partly in the street on the left side of the street, and it looked like my dad’s friend’s truck Mr. TL (Brother TL); and there was another automobile partly parked in the street on the right side of the street.

I walked down my parent’s street until I reached the field by my parent’s yard, I saw Mr. TL in the field so I greeted him, and he started asking me about the small reddish colored book that I was using; and so I explained it to him, and as we were talking the weather started to look bad and we suddenly noticed part of an old tree trunk in my parent’s yard that looked like the wind had somehow blew almost half a tree into the yard near where the basketball goals used to be.

My dad was in the yard walking over to look at it and so we walked in the yard to look at it as well, but I woke up as we were looking at it and talking about it and about how the weather was starting to get bad.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was my favorite dream of the night but it is also the most unclear and confusing, and my memory of it is very flawed; and so expect errors, missing details, and for things to be somewhat out-of-order.

This dream seemed to be inspired by the film Inception where Mal Cobb (Mallorie Cobb) had started to confuse the real world and the dream world, and my dream focused on fictional events that would have taken place before the events in the film Inception; but in my dream things were much different than the film and the dream seemed to take place in maybe the 1960s, and I never saw Mal’s husband or children in the dream like they were either dead or gone or did not exist or something like that.

In the dream Mal lived alone in a one-story apartment house where The G House should be, it looked like an improved version of The G House where it was at least three apartment houses that were connected to each other or it was one house split into three separate apartment houses and partly sharing their porches or their one porch, and I remember some of her neighbors and some other people and maybe some detectives telling me her story.

I remember a man with whitish colored skin wearing a tan-colored fedora and trench coat warning me to stay away from Mal because they said that she was crazy and probably dangerous and that she was probably still under investigation (maybe that is why I never saw her husband or children, and maybe the investigation had something to do with what happened to them but I am not sure), and her neighbors and some of the other people said some of the same things about Mal that the detective had told me; and all the people in her neighborhood seemed to avoid her, and they mentioned some idea or plan or goal or something like that which Mal seemed to be obsessed with following or achieving or something like that.

They said that she had lost touch with reality and that she could no longer tell the difference between the real world and the dream world, I did not follow their advice and I decided to talk to Mal to hear her side of the story, and so I went to her house; and she let me inside her dimly lit probably  1960s style and furnished and decorated apartment house.

I remember her talking to me and explaining her idea or plan or goal or whatever it was and I remember her doing a lot of cooking in the kitchen as she talked with me (her appliances were probably all 1960s style), I can not remember what she told me but she really believed in it and she was obsessed with it (it possibly involved dreams and reality, and maybe she hoped to return to her husband and children somehow; and maybe she believe that this was the only way that she would ever see her husband and children again), and she wanted to reach it but she was probably still under investigation so she could not leave; but she decided that she was going to sneak out of the country anyway, and so she got one of her friend’s to help her plan her escape from the country.

It was possible that the other people were correct about Mal but she seemed so convinced and so convincing and stable enough (she did seem a bit unstable, but possibly stable enough to me) that I wanted to follow her to see if any of this really was true, I was not a believer but I was just very curious and trying to be open-minded and I felt bad for her and I wanted to see her reach her goal if it was possible, and I was actually probably hoping that it was true.

I was probably very interested because it probably involved dreams, but I was worried that there was a chance that she possibly had killed her husband and children thinking that they were dreaming and needed to wake up and maybe she thought that they were still trapped in a dream so she needed to get back to this dream to be with them or to wake them up.

Mal’s friend was a woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair in a somewhat wild natural hairstyle who was probably the New Age-type and more open and free, she believed Mal and she contacted Mal’s mother and some other people to help plan Mal’s escape from the country, and we somehow ended up in The United Kingdom to meet with Mal’s mother who lived there and the other people who were trying to help Mal achieve her goal.

It was a cold gray day in The United Kingdom so we were wearing coats, I had my heather gray Old Navy pea coat with a knit hat and gloves, and there was a man with whitish colored skin with us who was wearing a grayish colored pea coat that was better-looking and higher quality than my pea coat and I remember complimenting him about his pea coat; but I have no idea how we reached The United Kingdom.

We walked through a quiet courtyard to avoid crowds until we reached an upper area outside of a maybe train station-like place and a shopping mall-like building that had some office areas in one part of the mall where there was a small travel business, we met Mal’s mother in this upper area outside, and Mal’s mother somewhat reminded me of a nicer version of Mother from the television series Being Human (North America).

Once Mal’s mother learned of Mal’s plan, she politely refused to help any further except for directing us to a friend of hers who could help us sneak to maybe Switzerland or some country like that, and Mal’s mother told her that she loved her; and she revealed to Mal that she was not her true biological mother, and she told Mal who her real biological mother was (I can not remember if she said if she was still alive or not) and she apologized for not telling her the truth all of these years.

They both hugged and said goodbye, we then met with the friend of Mal’s step-mother, and this friend was a woman with dark-medium brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair who knew how to talk to people to get what she wanted and she somewhat reminded me of the actress Angela Bassett; and she took us inside the mall to a small travel business that was in the quiet office area of the mall, and there was an open office or stand where there were two female workers.

One of the female workers was a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair and the other was a woman with dark-brownish colored skin who had long blackish colored hair, they were happy to get customers, and they asked us what we needed; and the friend of the step-mother did all the talking.

The workers wanted to help us but it was not legal for them to help without filling out legal paperwork first for what we were asking, the friend of the step-mother knew what to say to get them to risk their business and to risk going to jail to help us, and amazingly she convinced them to help us without paperwork; and so she gave them the money, and they started preparing things to get us to Switzerland or wherever to avoid the authorities.

The friend of the step-mother probably warned us that this was as far as she would take us, after this we were on our own, and so hopefully that was the place we needed to be to complete Mal’s goal; but I woke up as we were waiting on the workers to finish preparing everything for our trip.

The end,

-John Jr


A Rich Man And Pea Coats | A Woman In A Bar / Restaurant / Apartment | Construction Work

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is an old rich man with whitish colored skin with whitish colored hair and maybe some of his friends being brought pea coats and other types of clothing to look at/try on inside a building, outside in the city/wherever an outbreak/attack/something like that started that was possibly related to the television show The Strain, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is going inside what possibly was a bar/restaurant/apartment/house/building where I lived in one of the rooms across from the bar that was like my brother GC’s room, my memory is unclear but I remember seeing a tall somewhat overweight woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair who had nice long somewhat athletic legs and she was showing a lot of legs and maybe she had a t-shirt and/or small dress with an open very short whitish colored fur coat/whatever covering the top of her shoulders and she had somewhat heavy eye liner/eye lash makeup/whatever and she somewhat reminded me of an American version of the female character from the television show The Strain named Dutch Velders (played by the actress Ruta Gedmintas), and I had a strong desire/need for some physical and emotional contact and I found her attractive so I asked her if she would eat/drink/talk/watch television with me in my room/bedroom and she said yes.

I walked her to my room/bedroom and then I went back to the restaurant/bar area to get our food/drinks on trays to take to her, at the bar was a man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and maybe facial hair who kept looking around like he was expecting someone and wondering where they went, and I returned with our food/drinks to my room/bedroom.

I wanted us to sit on my bed next to each other eating, drinking, talking, and watching television; and after that I hoped to at least cuddle while talking and watching television, if more than that happened that was okay with me, if that was all that happened I was perfectly fine with that.

I just seriously wanted basic physical and emotional contact and cuddling while talking and/or watching television and/or sleeping was exactly what I wanted and hoped for, and so I was a bit in a rush for this to happen so I wasted no time in sitting on the bed as closely as I could to her as we talked/ate/drank/watched television.

This did not last long and she asked for a bit of space so I sat in a chair next to my bed, after we finished eating/drinking I tried to sit on my bed again with her as we talked and watched television and I started trying to cuddle with her which was a bit awkward because she was tall and taller than me and my bed was a twin sized bed but she kept complaining about/rejecting various cuddling positions so that stopped, since cuddling did not work out I started trying to make out with her instead but that was eventually rejected as well and she laid down and she asked for some space so I sat on the end of my bed while she laid on my bed as we watched television, she then said that she was tired so I probably turned the television off and she started to complain that she was too tall/long for my bed so I asked her to lay straight and properly on the bed so that I could see if she could fit and she barely could if she slightly bent her knees so she did this, and she asked for some space so I sat in the chair again.

It was clear that she was not interested in me or with cuddling with me or anything, it seemed that she just used me and was going to use my bed/room/bedroom and eventually ask me to leave my own room/bedroom so I would have to sleep on a couch in the bar/restaurant/somewhere else, and so I started collecting our dishes so that I could go wash them (I remember finding her fork but not her tray and other dishes, and so I had to ask her where she put them); and then I noticed the man at the bar again, I then assumed that he had been waiting on the woman, and so I told the woman about him hoping that she would leave and it worked (I think that she was originally with the man, he probably walked off to get her something, and then we met and she left with me after forgetting about him).

At some point she or they left and I got approached by several men in suits who either I worked for or they offered me a job, they probably worked for an intelligence agency or the government somehow, and they told me that they have been probably investigating the woman who uses people for various purposes (food, drink, money, information, shelter, et cetera) probably because she was suspected of stealing and selling classified information that she got from an intelligence agent/government worker/politician/whoever she used; and they wanted me to hang out with her again, but I can not remember why or what my mission was exactly (maybe they wanted to catch her in the act of doing something illegal, and so maybe I was to be used as bait/a trap as they watch/record everything).

I told them that the woman was gone but they told me that she would be back shortly, they said that she does not usually take long when using people and so she would be back soon after using the man who she probably left with to return to find someone else to use, and so I waited and they were correct; and I remember talking and playing pool with the woman in the bar/restaurant, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third/last dream is that it took place during a nice day in my parent’s yard and I had my automobile parked by the back door with the back door of my automobile open, and I was laying in the back of my automobile laying down relaxing and enjoying the moment and the nice day/view.

I somewhat went to sleep and then I woke up hearing construction noises and machinery/equipment/vehicles in the distance, some in my parent’s yard, and some across the street where the abandoned mobile home is; and I saw some construction workers in all three locations with two of them in my parent’s yard using an old wooden box to hold an object that they were sawing or something like that.

The two construction workers noticed me laying there in the back of my automobile and they probably thought that I was dead and/or they wanted to ask me for permission to use the old wooden box to saw objects on/whatever, I tried to pretend that I was sleep as I saw them getting closer because I did not feel like being seen/bothered, but when they got closer I stopped pretending and I sat up to see what they wanted but I can not remember what they wanted.

After they walked off I noticed that a new house was being built where the abandoned mobile home should be and it already had a frame and most of its roof, the side of the fence separating it from The B House was removed, and the new house was probably going to be connected to The B House to form one long rectangular house; and so it seemed that our neighbors at The B House now owned both properties, but I woke up.

After waking up I found out that construction work really was taking place at the abandoned mobile home, they seem to be working on the roof, and so maybe my mind heard the sounds of this as I slept and dreamed of it.

The end,

-John Jr


A Superhero Headquarters Gets Attacked By Goddesses?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I kept waking up a lot last night knowing that I was just dreaming but not being able to remember what I dreamed about because my mind seemed to be waking me up constantly so that I can see if I had a lucid dream or not and it was accidentally blocking me from remembering my dreams (I could have remembered some of them probably if I had tried hard enough probably, but that would have interrupted my sleep even more; and so each time I kept reminding my mind what I wanted and then I would go back to sleep each time but my mind kept making the same mistake), it was like when you remind yourself that you need to wake up early in the morning and so sometimes your mind will keep waking you up to look at the clock so that you will be up in time, it was like that.

Many times when I would go back to sleep there would be a male dream character who was not me but maybe I was either him and/or he represented me/my conscious mind and/or I was just able to somewhat feel/experience things from his view, one or more other dream characters who possibly represented my subconscious mind would keep asking him what to do next, and it was like my subconscious mind was trying to communicate with my conscious mind/me not realizing that I did not realize that I was dreaming.

They/It kept asking the man/me what now, the man/I had no idea what they/it was taking about, and so he/I would assume that they/it wanted to know how to continue a story/book/film/television show/play/et cetera (it varied in each of these short dream fragments); and so he/I would mention something, and his/my idea would start being used in whatever story/book/film/television show/play/et cetera.

These short dreams would probably happen each time that I went back to sleep throughout the night after being awakened by my mind, they were very short, and then another dream would probably start; but I can not remember most of these dream fragments of the man/me/my conscious and they/it/my subconscious, but I do barely remember part of one which I will type below along with a few other dream fragments from last night but expect errors because my memory is super flawed because I barely was able to remember these after waking up permanently for the day.

Dream Fragment 1

The man/I was in the living room of E Manor during the day and sitting across from me was they/it/my subconscious (but I have no idea what they/it looked like oddly, it is like I was too busy looking somewhere else while trying to think and figure out what they/it/ was talking about/wanted, and maybe I could not see they/it because I only remember a bit of light and a blur like that part of my memory is damaged or censored/blocked).

They/It asked him/me the usual question of what now/so now what/et cetera, he/I was confused as usual and he/I probably asked questions while trying to make sense of what they/it wanted (he/I mostly had to just figure it out on our own because he/I probably did not get many if any answers because they/it said that he/I was to decide that), and eventually he/I started with some ideas based on a small dog who was a pet dog (it looked a bit like whitish/grayish colored Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu) of the man/me.

The dog was outside in the parking lot of the shopping center near W Park in the city of D in the corner area near the traffic light on the street by W Park, I remember the scene being adjusted as I came up with new ideas while asking they/it what they/it thought but I probably would not get a response, and so I remember the dog being in a water puddle; but then I decided to remove the water puddle because it looked fake, and I probably felt that was good enough but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 2

The second dream fragment took place during the day and all that I can remember is probably looking at pea coats and other clothing again, maybe something about professional female tennis players (maybe several famous female tennis players were in the dream), and I remember talking to my former coworker at the BP School Board Mr. CG; and I remember having somewhat negative feelings toward him and/or our conversation, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 3

The third/last dream fragment took place inside a dimly lit windowless building, I remember being in a buffet restaurant area eating/drinking/talking with superheros (Iron Man was one of them, and there were other known superheros there as well who I can not remember), and further in the building was our headquarters it seemed.

At some point several of the superheros and I walked back to our headquarters to a room that had one or more swimming pools to relax, and we had one or more attractive women with us; and the woman or women transformed into one or more large powerful creatures or large forms of themselves, and maybe she/they were possibly a goddess or goddesses.

They tricked us into letting them in our headquarters and they were going to kill us and the other superheros as they slowly returned, maybe they had some other plans, and so a fight started and maybe the dream went semi-lucid because I remember jumping very high to escape to warn the others; and then I started to power-up, and then I probably went back to fight them but I was too powerful probably so I decided to let the others fight them.

I remember Iron Man (Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark) complaining and hoping that his research lab was not destroyed and/or something like that, I remember him joking and being his usual self, and more things happened that I can not remember; and maybe they won, but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr


Pea Coats And A Test And A Murder And A Robbery

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed very late last night, I felt a bit sore during the night around my knees/legs, I felt a bit itchy like maybe something bit me or there was a skin irritation from not taking a bath after jogging until very late last night or at the beginning of this morning before going to sleep, I woke up at least once to use the bathroom without voice recording my dreams, later I had to use the bathroom again but I did not feel like getting out of bed so I stayed in bed which disturbed my sleep and dreams and dream recall, and so all of these things combined caused me to forget all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I think that I was physically going around to various stores looking for/at pea coats and other clothing; but I can not remember if I was alone or not.

During the dream I remember hearing about (through commercials and from people talking about it) a method that people could use to get better scores on a test, like the SAT or ACT test for getting into colleges/college admissions, it seemed a bit like cheating to me so I did not recommend it but I do not think that it was officially cheating or illegal yet; and you could probably pay to learn this method (through a short course of maybe videos, audio, pictures, text), and my brothers KD and TD paid to learn this method so that they could try to get better scores on this test.

My brothers took the test and they scored three points higher than the last time that they took it so the course/method worked for them, it was guaranteed that you would get a better score on the test, and the course/method probably taught you various secrets/tips focused on scoring higher on the test instead of actually learning of the material.

At some point in the dream I remember walking outside to/by/from Burger King or where Burger King should be, a male police officer with whitish colored skin with short dark yellowish colored hair stopped his police car in the highway near where I was walking, and he asked me if I had ever heard of someone taking that test and doing three points better than last time suddenly and maybe he mentioned my brothers KD and TD specifically.

He seemed to be considering investigating why people were doing better on that test suddenly or maybe he was already investigating it and I was afraid that my brothers KD and TD and the others would get in trouble, even though the course/method was probably not illegal yet, and so I thought for a moment and I gave him an honest answer.

I told him that I have heard of one or more people scoring that many points higher than the last time they took it suddenly, this was true and it was done without the course/method, and I did not mention the course/method hoping that he would forget this and not investigate it or continue his investigation; and he paused for a moment, it seemed that he believed me and that he was no longer interested in investigating this, and he thanked me and he drove away and I told my brothers KD and TD about this when I returned home.

The last part of the dream took place during an older possibly fictional time period before the police had DNA testing but old style solid eye contacts existed and this part of the dream involved an old poor blind woman and her family (she had an adult son, but I am not sure if there were more family members in the house or not; there probably was at least one other family member who stayed with her) who owned an object that was valuable/important to them, but I can not remember what the object was.

One night when the adult son had left after checking on his mom a man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair and a mustache wearing a tan-colored trench coat and fedora sneaked into the house to steal the object, but the old blind woman was awake in the kitchen to his surprise; and so he tried to sneak past her because she was blind.

The old woman heard and sensed that someone had entered the kitchen/house so she grabbed an old black-colored cast iron pot that had a handle, as the man was slowly sneaking past her the old woman hit him with the cast iron pot to his surprise knocking him to the ground, and old woman fell with him accidentally scratching one of his eye balls which removed maybe an old style solid (glass?) contact lens from his eye that he used to fake his eye color (I think that it was a blueish-colored eye contact).

The man shot the old woman with maybe a revolver that he pulled from his trench coat, she died, and he quickly stole the object and he ran away; and maybe the next morning the police were there along with the adult son at the crime scene, and the adult son found the eye contact still on her finger nail.

He wondered why would someone want to rob and kill his poor old blind mother, they were poor so it made no sense to him, he mentioned the object that was valuable/important to his family, and they looked for it but it was stolen; and he still did not know why someone would want to steal it because his family did not think that it was worth much to others but it was valuable/important to them for some reason.

It seemed that the object was worth a lot more money than they realized, maybe it was an important relic/artifact/whatever, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr