Our Teacher & Substitute Teacher | The B House | A Dream Within A Dream?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being inside a mostly dark classroom in a fictional one-story school with other students and I do not remember our teacher being there, our teacher once again reminded me of my ACT Prep teacher and/or my Kindergarten teacher, and she was a more traditional and organized/structured/strict teacher who kept the curtains closed in the classroom which I do not like.

This classroom had more windows than probably any classroom that I have had but dark-blueish colored curtains blocked most of the natural light and view, because there was no teacher for class everyone was relaxing and having fun, and someone was playing a fictional episode of the television show True Blood on a television near the left side of the chalk/marker board; and there was the usual nudity, sex, et cetera so it was definitely not something that was allowed to be watched at school.