A Long Lucid Dream With Flying And An Invasion?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library, and my female coworker JB left work at 1:00 PM which I somehow knew what time it was when she left.

I wondered why did JB leave work so early, eventually I left work for the day not long after that and it was still day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I remember driving my brother GC to a fictional apartment and dropping him off.


A House & A JobbyTheHong Skit & Sexual Assault | Snoop Dogg & Zelda Rubinstein

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I had moved to a fictional house/building that seemed to be in an area that reminded me of the shopping center by W Park in the city of D, it was day, but it seemed that we had been living in this house/building for days/weeks/maybe months.

The house was possibly connected to the shopping center, at least the outer walkway, and I remember being inside the house talking with my parents.


A Strange Test At An African Immigration Office?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I was outside near a park when several other people and I found a lake.

We started fishing, and at some point some children with light-color skin from the countryside approached me.

The children told me that some people they did not recognize were fishing in a pond across the street on private (posted) property.

I wondered if this lake was private property too, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was maybe evening, and I went inside The E House.

In the hallway by the kitchen my male cousin ME was there with a woman, it seemed that they were finishing having sex, but I could be wrong.

We briefly talked, then they left, and as I was about to leave my male cousin DE entered the house acting unstable and talking about cleaning the house.

DE would not leave, and so I walked to my parents house and I told my mom; and then my mom called someone.

I then walked back to The E House to see if I could lock DE out of the house, but when I opened the door he was still inside messing up the place by putting things by the door and he had taken the door of its hinges.

DE was talking to himself and was definitely unstable, then he went outside, and I did not see him; and so I climbed on the roof to hide, and look around for him.

At some point I realized that maybe the police or someone else would be coming soon because my mom had called someone, and so I needed to quickly clean up the house and lock it to avoid getting partly blamed for DE getting inside in the first place.

I went to jump down but it was higher than I thought, and so I used a combination of climbing and jumping and I reached the ground but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day, I went inside a building, and there was a man and woman with light-color skin working there who were working for the state government.

They started to perform a graduation ceremony for me, I am not sure for what though, and at some point they paused the ceremony because they had to ask me a question.

The question was whether I wanted to pay into a state health insurance plan or not, I knew nothing about this plan, and so I tried to learn more about it before making a decision; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


After work I took a nap on the living room couch, I had several dreams, but I only recorded part of the end of my last dream.

This dream lacks context, and so it is pretty unclear; but it was possibly inspired by me watching this YouTube video called Steve Harvey Discovers The Truth About Africa While Searching For A Home by the YouTube channel African Diaspora News Channel before going to sleep:

In the dream it was evening or night I think, I seemed to be somewhere in Africa standing outside among two long lines of mostly or only men and boys with medium-to-dark color skin, and we were by a courtyard outside a one-story building.

The courtyard had some benches and a few other things, we were possibly outside of an immigration building or something, but that is my wild guess because I can not remember the rest of the dream that led up to this.

At some point an African woman with dark-color skin with short black hair walked out of the building, maybe she was some kind of immigration officer/employee or something, but that is a wild guess.

The woman was mean and she ordered me inside the building and she probably pushed and pulled me inside while being mean to me, and she seemed to be throwing around her authority and like she liked to dominate people.

Inside the building there was a lobby with some female employees working behind glass, and there was an open window with no screen or glass that had stutters that could be closed to keep it closed.

The woman started ordering me around very meanly, she told me to take off my clothes, and some other commands.

I was not going to do this at first, I responded to her commands verbally but that failed, she seemed to have the power to determine whether you were allowed into the country or not or whatever this was about, and so I decided to try to play a long a bit.

The woman possibly started trying to take off my clothes, I was going to resist, but then I felt determined to see if I could survive her attempts at dominating and embarrassing and torturing me without letting it bother me much.

I am not sure if she took off my clothes or if I did or if it was a combination, either way I was naked at some point in the lobby, and she started ordering me around trying to embarrass and demean me after maybe briefly examining me; and I remember joking about it was nice that I was getting a free physical (which was me showing that I was going to resist letting this bother me).

She had me move around in the lobby maybe doing a few exercises, then climb out the window to the courtyard where the others could see me, and the entire time she was taunting me and demeaning me.

I stayed strong, I remember her trying to joke about my penis and I partly joked about it being cold and that it was partly still shriveled up after only recently taking my clothes off (which was true), and I said that it would return to normal size once I move around a bit and heat up a bit (which it did); and so that attempt by her failed.

Then a woman with light-color skin and a woman with dark-color skin sat on the bench in the courtyard, they did not see us, and the woman ordered me to move over to the bench behind them as she continued trying to embarrass and demean me.

Her attempts at demeaning, embarrassing, dominating, et cetera started to become a bit sexual in how she was approaching this as I continued to resist/survive to her surprise and delight; but those were my thoughts because she seemed to enjoy dominating someone who was naked and vulnerable.

I moved to the bench behind the two women, their backs were facing us so they did not notice that I was naked, and the woman ordering me around sat next to me.

We had a verbal exchange, she then made me do some jumping jacks or something, and at some point I started to laugh once I no longer felt worried about being naked.

I then started to have fun, and she started to have fun.

The woman then revealed that I had passed, this was a test or something, and it seemed that she was trying to help me overcome some fears of being vulnerable, naked, judged, et cetera.

She told me that she had been trying to help free me of those things et cetera and/or something like that, and I did indeed feel free now.

She was happy about me freeing myself of this and she stopped treating me badly, it even seemed that maybe she kind of liked me, and then I thanked her because I actually felt better now.

At this point it felt like this dream character was possibly my subconscious or just a dream character whose job had been to try to help me through this rough tough love kind of approach.

We walked back to the building, I saw some boys standing in line who had what looked like loincloths on, and I asked the woman about the loincloths because I felt like maybe wearing one a bit to test out my newfound comfort level of walking around mostly naked.

She started to explain what they were called, the various parts, and the history behind them in this unknown African country.

But I woke up as she explained this as I stood there still naked.

The end,

-John Jr


Amanda Nunes? | Getting Frustrated | A Business Fire & Running Home Barefoot?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this possible dream is that Amanda Nunes was possibly in the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


What Happened To My Clothes?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not record my dreams except for recording barely part of one dream that I had, but I did not record part of it until after going back to sleep and waking up several times so most of it is forgotten now.

The dream took place at maybe a college in one or more windowless college buildings that possibly had some non-college areas too, and I was possibly a teacher there.

At the end of the dream after doing something that I can not remember, maybe after teaching or something, I walked down a hallway until I reached a room on the right side of the hallway where I saw a barely clothed man with light-color skin who looked like an athletic version of my former male schoolmate BB and he was talking to my former male classmate MB and several other people.

This area seemed to be a multi-purpose area with maybe a sauna, hangout area, relaxation area, maybe some fitness areas, maybe locker rooms, and more.

I am not sure why I was there or what I did besides walk around briefly, then talk to BB and MB, and then I left back down the hallway.

As I was walking down the hallway a woman with light-color skin with short black hair was walking on the left side of the hallway in the direction that I had just come from while I was on the right side, and she stopped and she gasped while staring at me so I stopped to see what was wrong.

The woman seemed to be looking at my groin and smiling, I looked down to see that I was naked now oddly and so she was looking at my penis which I also saw when I looked down, and so I covered myself and I apologized to her telling her that I had no idea what happened to my clothes and that I just had them on a moment ago.

I was confused and I wondered what happened to my clothes, how long had they been missing, and I could not remember taking them off and I remembered having them on when I was in the previous room at some point.

The woman was still smiling and looking at me and she told me that I did not need to cover anything, and she gave me a compliment about my penis that I can not remember.

I thanked the woman while feeling awkward and embarrassed, but I also felt a bit better about the situation thanks to her positive reaction and I apologized again as I turned around to return to the room to find my clothes while still covering myself feeling stupid and embarrassed and confused and wondering what to do if I could not find my clothes.

In the room I walked around the different areas but I did not see my clothes, I possibly asked around but I still did not find them, and an older male employee with dark-color skin with maybe graying hair wearing an African style robe or a very long Dashiki with unique African style designs walked over to help me.

I told him about my situation, we looked around but we did not find my clothes, and so he offered to let me wear an African style robe or long Dashiki like he was wearing.

He walked me over to an area where he had several of them in different sizes, and then he said that he would try to find one in my size and he walked to find one and I thanked him.

I wanted to offer to buy it from him for his kindness, and I did not think that he would want it back after a random naked man had worn it but I had to wait for him to return first.

While waiting a student walked over to me and started talking to me, I remembered what we talked about, but I did not record this so now I have forgotten it after going back to sleep without recording that part of the dream.

I still was confused about where my clothes went and how, did someone steal them, and how did they get off my body to begin with without me noticing or remembering?

There were a few more things that happened, but that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream now.

The end,

-John Jr