Andrew Garfield And A Bright Flash (Explosion)?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a real-time strategy games and an annual event involving a certain real-time strategy game, my voice recording is unclear but it sounded like I said that somehow this real-time strategy game was choking me at some point in the dream, which makes no sense but maybe I misunderstood what I said in the voice recording.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night outside, I remember there being many people outside in various areas, and I walked around different areas talking to people and more; and at some point a group of armed and dangerous people started threatening me, and I remember walking away from them.

I had pepper spray in my pocket and as I was walking to another area to get away from them I was approached suspiciously by my male cousin ME and two large muscular men, I did not trust them, and my cousin ME wanted me to come with them; but I felt threatened so I did not move to follow them, and they started trying to surround me like they were going to force me to come with them.

I mentioned how I felt and I had my pepper spray hidden in my hand ready to use it if necessary, my cousin ME told me that they were not going to harm me, and they got closer to me; and I came close to pepper spraying them and running away, but I decided to follow them.

The two large muscular men walked on both sides of me to make sure that I did not run, I remember joking about how big and muscular they were, and I even held on to their shoulders holding myself in the air as they continued walking; and a woman who saw this and heard my joke started laughing, and then I started walking on my own again after finishing my joke.

I still did not trust them but I was curious about what my cousin ME wanted, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I did not voice record this dream so all that I can remember of it is that the dream took place during the day and an event was taking place in a city, at first I was in or near a college, and I remember sitting in a car that was parked along the sidewalk; and some college women with whitish colored skin got in the car as well to hang out, but I did not know them and they paid no attention to me.

At some point the actor Andrew Garfield was outside the car and the college women asked him to get inside the car, they were excited to see him and they were attracted to him, and I remember them goofing around having fun; and Mr. Garfield talked to me a bit, and at some point I left to another area.

I went to an area with a lot of people in a field where an event was taking place during the day, something happened that I can not remember, and I remember everyone being moved to another area like maybe there was a threat; but as we were moving there was a bright blinding whitish colored flash that briefly blinded us like maybe a nuclear bomb or something like that exploded not that far away, but it was quiet oddly.

There was even more panic and people got separated after the blinding flash so we did not know where some people were, some people were closer to where the flash was so we were not sure if they were alive or not, and so the rest of us were moved to a building where we waited for the others and waited to find out what was going on.

We were not sure if we would live or die from radiation or something like that or if there would be more explosions or whatever that was, people were talking and trying to figure out what was going on, and most of us expected the worst; but most of us stayed calm waiting for the city (local government) to handle the situation, and tell us what to do next but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Searching A Dead Uncle’s House At A Graveyard | A Traveling Casino Show

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place out-of-town with my family during a trip, and we went to a hotel; but I can not remember why we went out-of-town or where we were, but it seemed like we were taking a short vacation but I can not remember most of the details of the dream.

At some point we left the hotel to go somewhere outside near the woods to do something/explore, I just remember it starting to get dark outside, and maybe we felt that something might be stalking us; and so we probably got a bit worried/afraid as we tried to find our back to our automobile.

At some point we found our way back to the automobile and on our way back to the hotel my dad got a call on his mobile phone from one of his family members, who that said that one of our uncle’s or great-uncle’s on my dad’s side of the family had died recently; and that someone reported/said that they think that they saw someone/something moving in/around his house during the night, which was located at a graveyard in D.

My dad said that he/we would check his house when we got back to D, and I remember imagining what the house looked like at night in the graveyard; and I felt a bit afraid when thinking about it.

I though up strategies for us searching the house during the night like: each of us having a blunt weapon (instead of bladed weapons), each of us using shield (trashcan top, pot top, et cetera), one or more of us having a taser and/or pepper spray, each of us having flashlights, two of us being look-outs to make sure no one leaves or arrives at the house (my brother D&D would be the look-outs), and the rest of us would go inside quietly in formation covering all of our flanks & using hand-signals to communicate.

I imagined the house having a lot of junk and hiding places, so I predicted that it would be a place where we could easily be attacked since we would probably be moving through a lot of junk in tight places with many hiding spots, and we would not have much time to react; especially in the dark.

At some point we returned to D and we went to the house during the night following my plan, but to our surprise the neighbors & their kids were outside; and so we stopped to talk to them about the situation, and this made me feel more comfortable.

They either told us that they had not seen anyone or anything around the house at night or that they were not sure, and then we searched the house & probably found only evidence that maybe a family member had done some cleaning/organizing/whatever at the house probably; but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day and I was at an old plantation style house that had just been sold for a very low price or was given to someone who inherited the house, the person who now owned the house looked somewhat like the actor James Franco, and several people in the neighborhood were there as well; and he was letting us tour the house and/or we were going to help him move in/clean it and/or he was going to let us stay there too.

The house was several stories tall and was old but in good enough condition to live in, the man who now owned it seemed to be from a wealthy family and he had recently probably finished college, and he was the relaxed type who wanted to enjoy life/himself; and so he was going to be having parties/celebrating his new house for the next few days or the entire week.

Many people came to party/celebrate slowly and an old man arrived telling us about his traveling casino show or whatever it was called that he was going to set up in town soon, and he wanted us to tell other people about it; and this old man kept coming back each day, and he seemed to realize that spreading the word about his traveling casino show at this house was a good idea.

He even brought several boxes of pizza to the house, maybe Pizza Hut pizza (I am not sure, the boxes were a brownish color with words/logos on the top in other colors), but I did not find out that the pizza was for everyone until later that night when most of it was gone.

Slowly the man seemed to have started using the house as the location of his traveling casino show, since so many people were coming to the house, and the owner did not seem to mind him staying there so far; and so he probably slowly put all of his casino equipment in parts of the house.

At some point the old man wanted to calibrate his casino machines and so he asked me to help, he said that if I won money that he would give me the money as long as it was not that much, and so I tried a few games on some of the casino machines and won $1,000; but that was too much so the old man gave me $100, and thanked me for helping him calibrate his casino machines.

I think that I was probably waiting until the celebration week was over before moving my stuff into the house, anyway there were parties for several days, and one day I went to my parent’s yard which was in the neighborhood; but things looked different and there were small ponds in my parent’s yard.

Several young men followed me to the yard as we walked past the ponds toward the back steps, but I noticed a snake in the water with horizontal stripes with several colors like red/black/white who could flatten its entire body & make it wider; and then I started seeing other snakes in the water & on land slowly (snakes slowly appearing is a somewhat common dream theme I have sometimes for some unknown reason, the snakes usually do not attack me), and the young men seen them too.

I went inside to tell my family to be careful of the snakes outside, and then we sneaked past the snakes back to the house & I think that the old man was going to start his casino show later that day or the next day; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Chased By A Black Bear

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember part of one dream which took place at a fictional version of my parent’s house in the day, and a man was at our house trying to sell something.

The man was talking with my brothers D&D mostly, and I was in another room of the house.

At some point I went into the room to see what the man was talking about, and I remember the man & my brothers D&D making fun of me; but they were only joking, and I think that they were making fun of some of the music that I listen to or something.

I stopped to talk with them but I can not remember what we talked about, and I just remember the man leaving at some point; and my brothers D&D told me that they had seen a black bear in our neighborhood, which did not make sense to me, since I never seen a black bear around the area my whole life.

Next, I remember walking outside near my aunt JE’s house for some reason, and as I was walking toward my grandfather’s house, I saw a medium-sized black bear sleeping.

I was shocked and I tried to sneak past it, but the bear woke up and it saw me, and so I was about to run; but I decided to grab two sticks instead, and I was going to face it.

I stood there with a stick in both hands trying to act brave and I tried to make myself look bigger than I really was, and I tried to make sounds to scare the bear.

The bear growled / roared and it walked toward me, so my plan was not working, and then it tried to attack me; and so I started to hit it with my two sticks, but one of the sticks broke.

My plan was not working, but the bear was a bit stunned at first; and then it growled/roared at me.

I then got afraid again, I threw the sticks to the ground, and then I started to run to my grandfather’s yards as the bear chased me.

I closed my grandfather’s gate right before the bear almost got me, which made the bear stopped & he growled/roared, and then I ran into my grandfather’s house and I closed the door.

My grandfather was sitting on his coach and I asked him where was his old shotgun, and he then asked me what was wrong.

I told him that a black bear was chasing me and I told him what had happened, but then my grandfather started to laugh like he thought that the situation was funny; I was surprised at first, but then I started to laugh too, because the situation was a bit funny when I stopped to think about it.

The part where I threw down the sticks and I ran, was pretty funny. 😀

I then got serious again, and I asked my grandfather did he still have his old shotgun and/or did he have any pepper spray?

But then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂