Mariah Dillard (Mariah Stokes) Lets Us Take Shelter

I got in bed late but I still had some dreams, I kept waking up and going back to sleep without recording them though, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

Dream 1

The forgotten parts of the dream took place during the day and I remember being outside, but that is all that I can remember of those parts of the dream for now but I will type anything that I remember here later if I do remember something.

The end of the dream involved people taking shelter like maybe a disaster or emergency of some kind was taking place, and I guess I was among the people but I am not sure.

The building was owned by Mariah Dillard (Mariah Stokes) from the television show Luke Cage, and she was letting us take shelter there.

Ms. Dillard was there along with her personal assistant Alex Wesley and maybe some bodyguards, and I remember her talking with us.

Ms. Dillard was using this situation to help her image for political reasons et cetera, she felt that the disaster or emergency would not last more than a day, and so she was willing to use her building as a shelter for such a short time only.

The building that we were taking shelter in was possibly Harlem’s Paradise, but I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

While doing professional development at work today one of the topics was reducing anxiety, and then suddenly a memory came to my mind that possibly was a dream fragment from last night.

My memory was a quick unclear flashback of an unknown woman, whose appearance I could not make out, talking with me about what seemed to be anxiety et cetera.

She was disappointed in the way that I was handling that, and she was giving me some advice that also matched up with part of today’s professional development which is probably why this memory came back to me.

She told me to not worry or care about what other people think and about things that I can not control and / or something like that.

I acknowledged some of the wisdom in her words but I replied that it was easier said than done, I started to explain why I think that I struggle with this, and I probably asked for advice but that is all that came to me in this sudden flash of a memory.

The end,

-John Jr


Whispers Among Wolves | Drama Short Film | Omeleto

What is it?

The short film Whispers Among Wolves by Soda Honey Films.

Here is this short film on YouTube on the YouTube channel Omeleto, and the video is called Whispers Among Wolves | Drama Short Film | Omeleto:

An alcoholic CEO and her assistant reveal secrets and open old wounds. | Whispers Among Wolves

My Cousin TE Wants Me To Interpret Her Dreams

I stayed up late last night watching Japanese anime on the Toonami lineup and I went to sleep on the couch, I woke up at some point and then I got in bed, and during this time I had a variety of dreams and I woke up several times without voice recording my dreams so now I can only barely remember part of three dreams from last night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that some of my family and maybe a few other people and I were in a fictional city going around to some stores, gas stations, and restaurants when we somehow accidentally got caught up in some situation between criminal organizations (mafias and / or gangs et cetera).

I do not remember what happened, I just know that at least one of these mafias / gangs / whatever started trying to kill us I assume, and so we were on the run from them.

We kept moving around the city trying to avoid them, at some point I remember us being inside a building that had a room with a long bar with a male employee with light-color skin wearing a white apron and a white food service-type cap / hat standing behind the bar who probably made the food and took the orders and worked at the cash register, and I remember him agreeing to help us avoid the criminal organization(s) who were after us.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a house or building where there were many distractions going on like: people and electronics making noise, and I had a lot on my mind involving me possibly trying to remember some earlier dreams while thinking about some stuff that happened in this dream (maybe the criminal organization(s) situation).

At some point my female cousin TE was there and she asked me for my opinion on and for my interpretation of one or more dreams that she had, I was very distracted with my thoughts and by the noise in the environment, but I agreed to listen to her dream(s) and I warned her that I do not really know much about or do dream interpretations but I would try to give an opinion and maybe even my interpretation of her dream(s).

My cousin TE started to tell me about her dream(s), most of them seemed to involve the theme of avoidance, with one dream involving something about avoiding something involving her job.

I know that one or more dreams involved her literally physically avoiding and / or hiding and / or running away from something / someone, but I can not remember any other details from these dreams or the other dreams that she told me.

I was too distracted to really pay close attention to the dreams that she was telling me about, and so that is partly why I can not remember most of the details.

I remember getting the feeling that these dreams of hers possibly represented her fears of getting married to someone who she was not sure if she should be marrying or not, I have no idea why I thought this because none of the dreams probably involved marriage, but I assumed that maybe she was considering marrying someone but had doubts so she has tried to avoid the topic and situation.

I was very distracted so I was going to ask my cousin TE if she could tell me her dreams later when I am not so distracted and / or if she could repeat them again while I try to focus on what she says this time because I wanted to at least try to give my opinion and interpretation of her dreams.

Because I noticed that avoidance seemed to be the main theme, I was interested in trying to figure this out to help her, but I woke up before she could tell me her dreams again later when I was not distracted.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a presidential transition involving a certain room that the previous president had used, they were in the process of moving his stuff out, and the new president was in the process of having his stuff moved in.

A female assistant of the new president who had light-color skin with maybe dark-color hair was over this transition, and she was communicating with the assistant of the former president and the new president who she works for and some other people.

This female assistant was very good at her job and she was very dedicated, she was in the room managing the entire transition trying to make sure that everything went smoothly, and she was documenting things and she was staying in communication with different people by mobile phone and she was giving orders to the people moving the objects in and out of the room.

There was more to this dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Cat With Fabric Bat Wings And A Manny Pacquiao Answering Machine And Playing Tennis At Night

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only barely remember part of my last dream, I remember seeing a blackish colored cat that had blackish colored fabric bat wings attached to it, and later in the dream I remember being inside a dimly lit windowless house/business cave-like building that looked like E Manor inside.

I remember being in the family room, in the bedroom connected to the family room, and in the hall by the family room mostly along with some men and some women and/or young women; and I remember the men having a Manny Pacquiao answering machine phone/telephone in the hall that had a special voice recording and maybe ringer sound, and they were trying to figure out how to set it up.

I remember trying to help them with this sometimes while at other times I talked with the men and women and/or young women, I remember the men wanting to each have their own personal assistant and so they were trying to decide which women and/or young women to choose as their personal assistants.

The answering machine phone had an option to do a custom voice recording, they assumed that you needed to do a custom voice recording to get the special Manny Pacquiao recording and sounds to work, and they also believed that if the women and/or young women did the custom voice recording that this would make them their personal assistants like maybe it would mind control them into accepting and obeying and/or something weird like that.

I remember one or two of the women and/or young women doing a custom voice recording and then agreeing to be personal assistants, I was not sure if they did this willingly or if the answering machine phone really did have mind control abilities or not, and I remember telling the men that they should just ask the women and/or young women instead trying to use mind control; and I told them that this was wrong if what they were saying was true, but they did not care.

I told them that most of the women and/or young women were already willing to accept personal assistant jobs on their own, I did not really think that the mind control stuff was real or true but I tried to keep an open mind, and I hoped that it was not true because I did not agree with it; and before I heard about this I had thought about which woman I would have wanted as a personal assistant, and I remember a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish or light orangish colored hair catching my attention.

I did not ask her or anyone if they would be my personal assistant, I do remember hoping that no one would ask her and I probably asked the other men not to ask her, and maybe I told the women about the possible mind control if they left a custom voice recording on that answering machine phone to be safe in case it really was true.

I remember changing the special Manny Pacquiao answering machine phone back to its default ringer and default voice recording message and then the next thing I remember is being outside in my parent’s yard near the back door late in the evening or early in the night, and my former classmate DH was there as well.

I remember my former classmate DH and I playing tennis in the yard, he was standing between the area between two of the dogs by the fence, and I was standing on the wooden boards near the back door; and we played tennis while talking even though we had no net, not much space, and this area is mostly dirt with stuff in the way.

At some point I realized that my former classmate DH and I should switch places after two of the tennis balls fell close to the dogs, I was afraid that they might bite him, but as we were about to switch I realized that it was now too dark for us to see very well; and so we decided to stop playing tennis, and then I remember seeing the blackish colored cat with blackish colored fabric bat wings again by the back steps.

I started petting the cat and getting a closer look at the fabric bat wings, it looked like someone had sewn them on the cat which I thought was weird and not a good idea, and then my brother GC walked over to examine/look at the cat like it was him who had attached the fabric bat winds on the cat; and so I asked him if it was him who did it, he said yeah, and I asked him if he had sewn them on.

Instead of telling a quick lie like I expected, he just replied: “I used a special technique…”, and he left it at that; and then I told him that he should remove the fabric bat wings, and I told him that putting those on the cat like that was not a good idea but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr