The Horrible Truth About Physics | Three Body Problem Series

The Horrible Truth About Physics | Three Body Problem Series

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Horrible Truth About Physics | Three Body Problem Series by the YouTube channel Quinn’s Ideas.

Here is the description for this video:

Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth’s past series has become one of my top science fiction series since I read it last year.

Keep in mind, this video will have some spoilers for the series.

There are many haunting philosophical questions brought up in the Three-Body Problem series, but there is one that stuck with me more than the others.

One of the themes that weave its way throughout all of Cixin Liu’s books revolves around whether or not we can actually trust that our understanding of the universe actually reflects its true nature.




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A Skin Irritation

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty good last night but went to bed late, and so I forgot most of my dreams.

I had one dream where I had a skin irritation on my side and I showed it to my mom, it was a worse version of a temporary skin irritation that I had in real life that went away in a few minutes when I put some soap & water on it, sometimes if certain things touch my skin I will get a brief irritation in that area.

My mom suggested something to help with the irritation, but I can not remember what she suggested; and I woke up.

I had another dream that was more detailed than this one, but it was a bit confusing & my memory it too unclear about it; but I know that it took place in a building with no windows and there was a semi-upper floor area in the room.

An unknown man and I were in the room and there was something that was not working properly for the man, and so he kept experimenting/trying to troubleshoot the problem; and I tried to offer my advice.

When the man would do certain things the outcomes of those things he would do were different than they normally were, so maybe physics/natural laws were not working properly in this dream or something, but I can not remember what those things were exactly.

He kept doing those things over and over, so I knew what he was doing, but they were a bit confusing; and my mind forgot them after waking up & I hit my hurt foot on some weights that someone left on the floor, and so parts of my memory of the dream got lost.

The end,

-John Jr