My Grandfather CE Watching A New England Patriots’s Game

I only recorded part of the end of one of the dreams that I remembered, and so the other remembered dreams are forgotten now.

In the dream I had some false memories that seemed to show me and maybe some of my family spending the night outside and inside The E House, and I seemed to be spending those nights mostly outside in the back of a truck bed or a mostly open small truck camper or a mostly open small camper trailer / travel trailer that was in front of the boat port / boat garage.

I had a bed set up out there but I can not remember if I had anything to keep the bugs out or if it was completely open to the outside, and I had a plastic portable urinal.

I can not remember any of the details of those false memories or what was going on or why, I just know that my mom and my brother GC and I returned there during the night like I or we were going to spend the night again, and the lights were on next door at The W House like they were probably inside and still awake.

While outside I started questioning and wondering how had I slept outside like that and why, I started wondering about the portable urinal because I could go inside the house to use the bathroom so why did I have that, I wondered about bugs bothering me while sleeping outside, I wondered about the security risks of sleeping outside like that, and more.

My mom went inside The E House and she went into the kitchen doing something, and I went inside as well while my brother GC was still outside.

The house was still abandoned and looked rough but not as bad as in real life, I remember seeing a dead cockroach (roach) or two, and my grandfather CE was sitting in the living room in a chair to the left of the stairs closer to the hallway entrance watching a New England Patriots NFL football game on television that seemed to be a game at the start of a new season but I could not see who they were playing but I heard the announcers talking and I saw zoomed in video of the players on the field and on the sidelines.

I greeted my grandfather CE and he probably smiled and he nodded, and he looked content and relaxed as he sat there watching the American football game.

I sat there a little while watching the football game too and I said a few things to my grandfather CE who did not talk much at all, the dream had an interesting relaxed / comfortable feeling to it like when my grandmother DE is usually in my dreams and like her my grandfather CE was not talking much, and he seemed to be at peace and just enjoying the moment of being back in the house and being near family.

I did not realize that my grandfather CE was supposed to be dead at this point.

At some point I went into the kitchen to talk to my mom, out the window I saw my brother GC unloading some frozen raw meat and other supplies, and two women and a young woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair who looked like sisters were with him helping him.

At some point the oldest of them walked into the kitchen with some of the stuff asking where to put it, so my mom told her where to put it, and this woman wore more makeup than the others and she somewhat reminded me of Georgina Leahy; and she seemed like the type of person who is very relaxed and open when it comes to sex / sexuality / et cetera.

The woman possibly had a slight British / English accent of some kind but I can not remember, I just know that suddenly she asked my mom if I was single but my mom did not respond, and so she asked me.

I was surprised by this question but I responded that I was single, and then she surprised me even more by asking me if I was interested in her and if I wanted to date her or something like that.

I stalled a little trying to figure out how to answer this question, and then I gave a diplomatic answer that gave me some breathing room; and then maybe my mom started talking to her about getting the rest of the stuff outside that my brother GC had so I took this chance to leave back to the living room with my grandfather CE.

I started to think about this and the assumed plans to spend the night here and other things, I started to be embarrassed about the visitors seeing The E House in this condition, and I wanted to take them to my parent’s house instead to visit after they finish helping my brother GC.

While I thought about all of these things I watched the football game with my grandfather CE was who still smiling and seemed content, I then felt like I had not seen my grandfather CE in a long time, and I wondered why was he not in my false memories of spending the night here and outside the last few nights.

I started to feel a bit bad that I possibly had not visited my grandfather CE in a while, this did not make sense, I doubted that I would not visit him like that so I started to question things.

I noticed how peaceful he looked and how peaceful things felt and how good it was to see him again like I had not seen him in a while, I wondered why did I feel this way, and then I started to realize that something was not right.

I said a few things to my grandfather CE about the football game and maybe something else, but he only barely said a few things and made a few sounds (some that he used to make in real life).

I am not sure if this happened right before waking up or as I was waking up, but it suddenly hit me and I remembered that my grandfather CE was supposed to be dead and that is why things did not make sense and why I felt like I had not seen him in a while.

This realization swept over me like something in the movie Inception, it all made sense now and this brought a completely new meaning to this, and I wished that I would have realized this sooner so that I could have spent more time with my grandfather CE.

It was so good seeing him again and seeing him happy and just sitting there watching a football game with him, there was much that I wanted to ask him, but I woke up almost immediately when or as the realization hit me.

This dream felt more like a visitation-like dream where a dead person you knew shows up in your dream, and I woke up with a positive feeling that stayed with me throughout the day.

The end,

-John Jr


A Truck Causes A Tunnel Collapse? | A Living Doll | Strange Weather?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house in the living room, and I heard a loud sound outside and so I looked out of the window.

I saw a tan extended cab full-sized pickup truck driving backward toward the back of the semi-abandoned house, and it hit the house causing part of the skirting(?) around the bottom of the house to break and then it started driving straight back toward our yard and then it went underground to my confusion.

The truck then drove up from underground in our back yard like there was a secret illegal tunnel going from the semi-abandoned house to our yard, the dirt and grass pushed up when it drove from underground, and I watched in shock and confusion as it drove to the middle of our backyard and then made a right turn and started driving toward the field.

The truck then went underground so that it could get past our fence, and it drove up from underground in the field heading toward the street by MZ Church.

The ground possibly started to shake like an earthquake or something, and then the ground that the truck had driven under started to collapse like a sinkhole like the assumed illegal tunnels had collapsed.

My brother GC walked toward the living room and I told him what happened and what was going on, but then I noticed that the ground in the middle of our back yard started to tear apart in a straight like all the way to the semi-abandoned house along the straight path of the assumed illegal tunnel.

The split spread wider and there was shaking and rumbling like an earthquake or something and I felt the house moving toward the hole where the split was spreading, and I saw us moving closer to it so I warned my brother GC that we needed to get out of the house now.

We had no time to grab anything and we ran as the house started to tilt as it started to fall in the hole, and we barely managed to jumped through the window screen in my brothers TDC’s and KDC’s room before the entire house fell in the hole sideways.

No one else was in the house I assume, we stood there in shock as the house sat vertically in the hole or split, and there was water in it and I remember finding my desktop computer in the water so I took it out and I tried to drain the water out.

Our dad entered the yard through the main gates and we started telling him what happened, but he was acting like things were normal and he would not look in the direction where the house was now.

I kept telling him to look for himself, and I turned to look and I possibly briefly saw what he saw which was everything looked normal but I can not remember.

I was confused and maybe I looked back and it was back in the hole, and I wondered what was going on.

My brother GC and I both saw it so I doubted that it was a hallucination, was the house really in the hole or was everything normal, I tried to think about this and maybe when I went to look again I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was probably not in the dream, but I was somehow seeing things.

The dream took place during the day at a two-story house, something strange happened there that I can not remember, and what ever happened possibly led to a doll coming to life.

I can not remember if the doll was male or female, I think that it possibly had light-color skin with medium-to-long hair, and maybe it had a male voice once it came to life but I am not sure.

There were some adults in the house but I am not sure if the doll attacked them or not or where they went, I just remember the doll going to the second floor, and it went inside the bedroom of a girl with light-color skin with maybe long yellow hair.

The doll started talking to the girl, the doll was evil and up to no good, but I can not remember what the doll was telling the girl other than that it was negative and it was telling her how things were going to be now and it was basically trying to order her around and scare her and probably warning her not to tell anyone.

The doll was overconfident and it turned its back to her as it talked to her as it looked out of an open window that had no screen, the girl was afraid and shocked and confused, but she knew that she had to stop the doll so she decided to push it out of the window as it talked to her with its back facing her as it stood in front of the window.

The girl pushed the doll out of the window, but when she looked out of the window the doll was not on the ground like it fell and ran away somewhere (probably back inside the house).

The girl feared the worst, and she knew that she had to find the doll and destroy it before it kills her and other people.

I think that what the girl did was smart and brave, but she made the mistake of pushing a doll out of the window that was made of softer plastic that could survive a fall like that so she was going to have to burn it or destroy it some other way and I wanted to help her.

I am not sure if I tried to enter the dream or if it worked or not if I did try, but I do know that I was going to congratulate the girl but tell her what she did wrong and let her know that I would help her destroy the doll and how.

The doll reminded me think of Chucky, who I have a dream rivalry with (I used to be afraid of him and he used to haunt my dreams until I finally stood up to him and killed him in a dream, and since then I usually try to kill him when he appears in my dreams), and so I really wanted to destroy this evil doll just like I try to destroy Chucky in my dreams when I get a chance.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

Dream 3

This dream possibly involved a strange weather situation, but I can not remember.

Something strange involving the weather possibly happened or was happening or was going to happen, and at the end of the dream I remember it looking dark outside maybe during a time that it should not be dark.

There was something else strange about how things looked, and I remember going to work at The BP Library.

Something was going on outside the library and possibly even partly in our employee parking lot, possibly connected to the storm (disaster relief or something) and / or an event of some kind (possibly a holiday event), but I can not remember.

I remember seeing some of my coworkers when I arrived outside like my coworker Mrs. PH and several others, I greeted them, and I think that my parent’s went to whatever was going on near the library.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more.

The end,

-John Jr


Loading Up A Truck & A Fight In A Parking Lot

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that my female coworker K was in it.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place late in the afternoon, and I was driving a white full-sized extended cab truck into the parking lot of the shopping center near where the VA Video Rental Store used to be in the city of D.


Small Trucks In The Road

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dream fragments, with the first dream fragment involving an apartment or something like that, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream fragment took place in D during the day and I was driving my automobile & my cousin DE was in my automobile as well, and we were driving past the Post Office.

DE noticed SS’s dad getting into his small truck to leave the Post Office, and I looked & saw SS’s dad’s truck but I could not see his dad since his seat was blocking my visibility.

We commented about how SS’s dad is often at the Post Office, and I mentioned how I did not know that SS’s dad was back in town until one day that I saw him at the Post Office; and we were confused about whether he was living in town or just coming into town to get the mail every-so-often, since he was supposed to be in T, while SS & MS were in K.

In the road near the Post Office exit were three small trucks blocking the road, three older men were in the trucks talking, but fortunately one of them moved their truck out of our way; and I continued driving.

At the train tracks was another small truck blocking our side of the road, and so I slowly drove around it; but we noticed some sick or dead looking people in the back of the truck & inside the truck except for the driver.

I asked the driver if they needed some help, he said no, that the others were sick after eating something; I asked him if he was sure that they did not need help, he said yes, and so I continued driving.

Downtown an early Christmas sale was beginning I think, so many people were walking around shopping, and so I parked my automobile; and I told DE that we should go look around to find some early gifts/gift ideas/stuff while the prices were low.

We started looking around some of the shops, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂