People Getting Shrunk? | A Michael Cera Trading Card And My Former Classmate JB Is On The Cover Of A Magazine?

Last night I went to bed after 3:00 AM feeling sick to my stomach, so I drunk some apple cider vinegar and I went to sleep, I woke up and I got awakened several times during the night, and I had to use the bathroom several times during the night.

I woke up several times remembering my dreams, but my mind/brain kept erasing/forgetting them as I tried to record them which was annoying/strange; and later I got somewhat stuck in a quicksand-like sleeping mode where I could not get out of bed, and I kept forgetting most of my dreams even as I thought about them and so I only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

I woke up remembering this dream but as I was briefly cleaning up the house and trying to voice record this dream my mind/brain went blank and erased most of it even as I was thinking about it strangely, and so all that I think that I remember is that people were getting shrunk in the dream; but unfortunately that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

Dream 2

The second/last dream is very unclear as well now after I somewhat got stuck in a quicksand-like sleeping mode and my brain/mind kept deleting/forgetting parts of the dream even as I tried to record/remember it/them, but I think that the dream involved my mom and I going out-of-town in her automobile on a trip during the day to maybe a fictional city that was somewhat like the city of LC maybe.

Once we reached this fictional city  at some point I think that I remember coming across a pile of trading cards, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, pictures, et cetera with various images of people on them; and I think that I saw a trading card with the actor Michael Cera on it, I also think that I saw a magazine with my former classmate JB on the cover, and I saw one or more images of some celebrities and people I knew on some of the other materials in the pile.

There might have been some other people there looking through the pile of materials as well and I probably read some of the materials but I can not remember (maybe a woman talked with us about the Michael Cera trading card, and some of the other materials but I am not sure), and at some point my mom and I went to a building with other people inside eating/drinking/talking/et cetera; and a class of students and teachers who were on a class trip walked inside the building, and I saw several of my former classmates among them like my former classmate JB.

I stopped to talk with my former classmates and I told my former classmate JB that I had seen him on the cover of a magazine, maybe I had the magazine with me and maybe I gave it to him, and I told him that he should frame the magazine and keep it for memories; and I explained to him how it was important to save certain things to help you remember old memories/moments in time as you get older, and how these things can help save and bring back those memories/emotions sometimes when you look at them again.

I probably told him how I regretted not saving many things from my lifetime and that many of my memories have been lost because of that, and I did not want him to make that same mistake; and at some  point I said goodbye to my former classmate JB and my other former classmates, and I left with my mom but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Two People Two Pictures / Images On Wikimedia Commons?

I got in bed late last night, I had to get up early to do something, and my computer hard drive has bad sectors on it and so I am running the HDD Regenerator program hoping that it is able to fix the bad sectors on my hard drive so I do not have to buy a new hard drive.

I had one or more short / partial dreams last night, but I can not remember any of them except for barely part of one dream that probably continued / repeated several times after waking up several times.

I kept waking up sometimes during the night to look at my alarm clock to see if it was time for me to get up yet or not, and so this interrupted my sleep/dreams a lot.

The dream involved at least two people, a woman and a man, and both of them / each of them had two different pictures / images but I can not remember what the pictures/images looked like; but I think that the images / pictures were available on Wikimedia Commons or a website that looked like it.

The man and woman wanted to show their images / pictures to someone, maybe me but I can not remember, and so they kept waiting or trying to contact that person so that they could view their images / pictures; but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr


A Surprise Call From My Cousin ME

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I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them due to sleeping pretty well and getting awakened by people being annoying as usual, and so I only remember part of one dream.

I think that it took place at my parent’s house but I could be wrong, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream; I just remember being dressed up in my interview outfit/semi-dress outfit and standing with a couple while practicing poses to take photographs with them in the living room, and there were other people there like the couple was getting married soon or had recently gotten married maybe, but I am not sure.


An Unknown Family | Job 2.0

File:Chinese-american couple in their home in Flatbush b.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remember two of my dreams, the first dream took place on a street by my parent’s house.

Me and one of my brothers saw a little restaurant that looked like the O Wok, so we decided to go get some food there.

Also on the street there was a Martial Arts Dojo, it looked like a Karate Dojo, but I could be wrong.

We went inside the restaurant and we were surprised that it looked pretty good inside, compared to the outside.

There were about two or three younger workers and a middle-aged man, who looked like the main chef,  and the workers looked like they probably worked at the Martial Arts Dojo too; because it looked like they had Karate uniforms on under their work uniforms.

There was a sign that had pictures of all the meals they had, but I saw no prices, so I asked to see a menu; and on the menu there were only four meals.

As my brother and I looked at the menu, the workers said that one of the meals was not good, and they recommended some chicken dish with peanuts; so we ordered that.

Their was a small buffet on the counter, and they let us sample some of the food on there.

Then my brother and I sat down at a table, and there were a lot of people in line waiting to order food.

I can not remember if we ate or not, all I can remember is walking across the street to a house.

In the house was an old woman and a family of about nine people, and the house was small; but I think that it had about four or five bedrooms.

There was a small room when you first walked into the house that had a washing machine and dryer, then there was a living room with two bed rooms connected to it, after that there was a kitchen+dining room+family room+a couple of bedrooms, and the house was like a shotgun style house.

As I was in the living room, the old woman showed me some pictures on the wall of her family, and next to the pictures of her family were some pictures of people from my family; and some blank picture frames.

I remember that there were only a few pictures of people from my family and there was a picture of my uncle JF, my dad, and me.

The woman did not speak much English, so I did not get many answers to my questions, but I think she said that my family was part of her family.

She said that they nobody in my family had talked to them in years, and that those few pictures they had were mailed to them years ago.

The woman and her family looked like the stereotypical Korean or Japanese or Chinese Americans (as in the ethnic group / nationality), but as far as I know, none of my ancestors came from those countries; but it possible since my family is a bit more diverse than the average family.

She seemed to be sad that my family had ignored them for so long, and so I felt bad and wanted to give her some new pictures of my family; so she could put them on her wall.

Also I wanted to find out if her family was really part of my family, so I could re-unite the family.

I felt a connection with their family and I wanted to learn more about them, but it was about dinner time; so everyone was eating and talking.

The family seemed to work together very well; they worked together, cleaned together, ate together, and talked together.

Family members of different ages talked together, and their family system seemed very efficient.

Some of the family was in the living room and the others were in the family room eating and talking.

I think the owners of the restaurant and the Martial Arts Dojo lived at this house too, then I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream was about my job, except everything looked different.

This is the third or fourth time that my job has looked like a library a bit, and in my dream, my job had an all carpet floor; and things seemed like a library for some reason.

All the workers were younger, mostly high school and college students, and they were having a lot fun; but they were not working much.

I worked as a scanner in the dream, but I did not see the scanner that I was supposed to use; and we were supposed to scan some old books.

In my group there were three men, and they were talking and pretending to work; and I just ignored them, and I tried to work.

Everything looked better and more comfortable than in real life, but people were not getting much work done, and I saw none of the people who I really work with in real life.

I remember talking to a few people, and I tried to find the scanning machines.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂