Black Adam Trailer #1 (2022) | Movieclips Trailers

Black Adam Trailer #1 (2022) | Movieclips Trailers

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The YouTube video Black Adam Trailer #1 (2022) | Movieclips Trailers by the YouTube channel Movieclips Trailers:

Check out the official Black Adam Trailer starring Dwayne Johnson! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 21, 2022
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Sarah Shahi, Quintessa Swindell, and Pierce Brosnan
Directed By: Jaume Collet-Serra
Synopsis: A spin-off from ‘Shazam!’ centering on the film’s anti-hero, Black Adam.

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An Interview With An Actress And A Strange Ancient African Dance / Ritual Hunt?

File:MiaHamm Stl 1998.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This was possibly all one dream from last night with at least three transitions, but I will separate them into three different dreams because I am not sure.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I was inside my parent’s house in the living room playing some video games and maybe watching television.

My brothers KD and TD were in their room and maybe one of my brothers was in the living room too, and at some point some kids I recognized from the neighborhood by MZ Baptist Church and some fictional kids walked into our house without knocking and without permission.

The kids sat on the couches with us and they started playing video games, watching television, and having fun like they knew us or something as I watched in somewhat confusion that these kids would just walk into our house and start using our stuff like they were invited or something when they were not.

My male cousin ME arrived as well and he became annoyed with the kids, I then realized that they were playing video games and watching things that were not appropriate for their ages, and so I told them this.

I asked the kids how old were they but they did not say.

The kids continued to ignore my question and they started to whine and complain because they wanted to keep playing these video games and watching television but I would not let them, eventually all of them left except for one boy with light-brown color skin, and he kept whining and complaining annoyingly.

The boy probably left eventually, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in a fictional one-story house where some of my family and I lived, and I remember being in a large rectangular room with one window in the back that was probably the bathroom but it was so big that there was a living room or family room in the front and the room was possibly larger than my parent’s real house.

The toilets and sink(s) et cetera were at the back of the room near the window, and this was one open room with no privacy.

I was in this room with some of my family in the living room/family room-like part in the front talking and watching television, there was a television and chairs and couches in this area, and at some point a fictional man with whitish-color skin arrived to visit.

I am not sure who this man was but he seemed familiar like someone I knew who I had not seen in a while, and so we started talking.

At some point after talking about ourselves we talked about films and video games and television shows, I remember asking him if he had seen the film Bastille Day, and he asked if Pierce Brosnan was in the film and he described seeing a film with him in it that took place in maybe Berlin, Germany.

I told him that was not the film Bastille Day, and that I have not seen the film that he was talking about.

At some point I needed to urinate so I walked to one of the toilets to urinate, but for some reason no urine was coming out so I stood there trying to urinate.

The man then walked over to urinate in one of the other toilets, and so we talked as I tried to urinate while he was urinating.

I never could urinate so I gave up and washed my hands before he washed his hands, and then we continued talking as I walked to the only window in the room to maybe show him something.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started near where Mr. CC’s house should be on my parent’s street, and a woman with whitish-color skin with long brown hair who looked like a somewhat emaciated but athletic version of a combination of the actress Louise Brealey and the soccer player Mia Hamm was being interviewed by a man with whitish-color skin and I was there too.

The woman was an actress and the man was asking her about some of the films and things that she has starred in, he probably asked her about her favorite role, and she said that her favorite role so far was her role where she played a soccer player.

She said that she got in shape for the role which helped her to feel better and it helped her in various ways (physical, mental, emotional, economically, socially), and that she still exercises and stays in shape thanks to that role and she admitted that she probably lost a bit too much weight from over-exercising.

She hinted that there was some drama during the making of that soccer film, she hinted at a negative situation between her and maybe a high-level man over the production of the film, and she hinted that they went to court over it but she could not say anything about it so we assumed that there was a settlement and that she was not allowed to talk about it.

Suddenly people started to show up, other people wanting to do interviews et cetera, and Hal Rudnick from Screen Junkies was one of these people.

Hal Rudnick was being annoying and kept interrupting so at some point we did a bit of a comedy skit/prank where I was pretending to be the actresses bodyguard, I walked up behind Hal and I stood over him because I am taller than him, and I stood in a way where my shadow made me look huge and intimidating.

Hal was standing among a circle of people around the actress as she was being interviewed, he was being annoying and interrupting, and then when he saw my intimidating shadow he turned around slowly in fear.

I then picked him up in the air and I held him over my head with my arms in an overhead press-like position, like I was lifting him like a weight, and I probably started to walk around lifting him in the air until a man with whitish-color skin decided to push me for fun to make us fall.

I did a controlled fall so that we fell safely and I had Hal in a bench press position, and he was able to safely stand up on his own.

I stood up and then I noticed that there were mostly women and a few men with whitish-color skin in the distance playing soccer in a fictional field, and then I noticed more people walking over to our group.

Many of them had brownish-color skin and the actor David Oyelowo was with them, and then David started to lead everyone in a strange almost interpretive dance/ancient human (African) dance/ritual/whatever-like thing where they started moving oddly (possibly an ancient style of dancing (maybe African) and moving like ancient humanoids and non-human animals hunting prey or something.

The people playing soccer were their prey it seemed, and so they started running and sneaking toward them.

I was confused by this, it was so ridiculous to me even in the dream, but I decided to join in for fun because it looked like good exercise.

The people playing soccer did not see us yet and then they started moving to another part of the field, still unaware, and we ran/crawled/walked on all fours/danced/sneaked toward them.

There were some sunken areas that we used for cover, we crawled and walked on all fours in this area, and we slowly moved up from the sunken areas stalking our prey.

This was actually good exercise and fun and good practice (stealth, hunting), it was goofy and absolutely ridiculous, but I assumed that there was a purpose to this.

I assumed that maybe they were doing this for exercise, art / expression, to honor their ancestors, practice, et cetera.

I waited to see what they would do next, I was just following what they were doing, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


John Goodman & Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house, I remember being on the front porch with the cats and kittens, and then maybe I had to help my dad carry something into the house.

Once inside the house I looked down to see that several of the kittens like Arch, Pipa, Dawna, and maybe one or two of the others had sneaked into the house; and they were looking around trying to explore the house, and so I told my dad and we both laughed and wondered how did they sneak inside without us noticing and then I walked around picking them up to take them back outside.


Showing My Grandfather How To Use A MP3 Player | A Familiar Dream With A Spaceship Underwater

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of two dreams from last night that were slightly inspired by the 2013 film Oblivion, with the first dream taking place in a fictional city during the evening, and I went to either visit my grandfather and/or he had called me; and he was in an outdoor/indoor area on a large bed next to a fictional family member or worker who looked like the actor Pierce Brosnan next to a tall hospital/nursing home-like building.

It was a large bed and they were at opposite sides of the bed, Mr. Brosnan seemed to be there to help my grandfather, and they were about to go to sleep; but first I asked my grandfather what he needed, he mention something that I can not remember, and I ended up showing him my Sansa Clip MP3 player & he asked to listen to some music.

I started showing him how to use it and he started listening to music, he was enjoying the music to my surprise, and he laid down in the bed enjoying the music; and he started going to sleep, but as this was going on something confusing was going on in the dream.

Two men wearing ski-masks and/or maybe Master Chief-like helmets arrived outside of the tall hospital/nursing home-like building to hack into the buildings control system which was run/controlled by an AI (artificial intelligence) or being that sounded like Sally from the 2013 film Oblivion and was run/controlled by a group of people who might have been Humans known as Administrators, and the two hackers wanted to take control of the building.

Somehow I saw what was going on even though I was with my grandfather outside, it was like daydreaming, and I saw the Administrators trying to deal with the hacking situation & they all seemed lacking in empathy like the AI or being Sally; and one of the two hackers seemed to have a good level of empathy but the other hacker did not & he was like the Administrators & the AI or being Sally, and at some point the hacker with a good level of empathy hacked his way into controlling the building.

Sally seemed to handle more of the tasks that did not need many Human-like decisions and the Administrators seemed to handle the rest of the tasks, so Sally & the Administrators worked together, but now the hacker who had a good level of empathy replaced the Administrators position through hacking into the system; but Sally was still in control as well, oddly I think that the hacker was no physically in the system or control room somehow.

Somehow I think that I did something to help the hacker by locking out the Administrators and I locked out the hacker’s partner since he lacked empathy, I am not sure how I did this or if I did this exactly, but I think that I did somehow; and so now the hacker with a good level of empathy and Sally were the controllers of the building.

The hacker decided that he would help teach Sally and help her develop empathy, and he would try to help run/control the building/system with Sally in a more empathic way; and so this was a better outcome in my opinion, the Administrators and the hacker’s partner kept trying to unlock the system but they could not, and the dream faded back to me being with my grandfather.

My grandfather seemed to be sleep or mostly sleep still listening to the music, I told Mr. Brosnan that if my grandfather needs help figuring out how to use the MP3 player that he could call me, and I would help them over the phone and/or come back to show them how to use it; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is too unclear in the beginning but the dream was a familiar dream that I had before but a dream that I might have never recorded before, in the dream I recognized that I had dreamed this before/experienced this before, and I knew what was going to happen since things were happening as expected mostly but I did not realize that I was dreaming as far as I know or I did not try to control the dream other than using my memory of what was going to happen to my advantage.

I am guessing that part of the dream took place in a building and something happened, and I escaped by jumping into a sea/ocean/body of water near the building during the night; and I knew that there was a spaceship on the bottom of the sea/ocean/whatever, and the spaceship reminded me of the Normandy from the Mass Effect video game series.

I knew that I had to escape and swim to the bottom of the ocean/sea/wherever fast to reach the spaceship before a group of aliens/military-like people got there, so that is what I did; but as I was trying to close & lock the entrance hatch on the spaceship the aliens/military-like people were trying to get in already to my surprise, and so I tried to run further into the spaceship to reach the control room but it was too late.

The aliens/military-like people burst open the hatch pointing their weapons at me, I surrendered, and I tried to do what I could to convince them to keep me alive; and most of the aliens/military-like people were women as expected from a past dream of this, there were a few men with one of the men being the leading officer, and I think that they looked mostly Human but I do not think that they were Human.

They took me hostage and I tried to convince them to take me to the control room, hoping to lock them out and control the ship, and I convinced the female soldiers to trust me using my knowledge of the past dream of this & they convinced the male officer in charge to let them take me toward the control room.

This group of aliens seemed to have a military-like culture that had more women than men, they somewhat reminded me of The Peacekeepers from Farscape, but maybe they were a military unit & that is why they seemed this way but I am not sure; I wish that I remembered what they looked like, I know that they looked very Human, but maybe they had pointed elf-like ears with light bluish/teal/silver-colored skin & maybe they had cat-like eyes or their eyes were slightly different from normal Humans.

The females were nicer toward me than the few males, the males seemed to want to kill me, but the females out-numbered them & they seemed to have more power socially in their culture than males; and so the males did not bother me, but they did not look happy about me being left alive.

At some point a female officer and two other female soldiers were taking me toward the control room, but something happened; and I ended up getting locked in the control room like I wanted, but someone else had reached it first.

In the control room was a man who appeared to be Human, he might have been a dream character from the past dream of this, and maybe he remembered the spaceship & traveled to it shortly before I did; and so he was trying to control the ship.

He locked the doors to the control room with the both of us locked in it, he locked down the rest of the spaceship, and I think that he started opening the vents to eject the aliens into the ocean/sea/whatever to drown them and/or for them to escape back to the surface to remove them from the spaceship; but I did not want them killed, and I told him to find a better option.

He seemed to want the aliens on the spaceship killed and he was trying to find a defense system on the spaceship to kill all the aliens, and he found out that the spaceship had an AI who once again who sounded like Sally from the film Oblivion; and I argued with him about not harming the aliens, and we probably talked to Sally about our options of dealing with the situation.

Sally seemed to control a lot of the essential tasks/functions on the ship but there were limits to control her/it, but those limits could be removed temporarily to allow her to take complete control of the spaceship; and so the man & I talked to her to decide if we could trust her or not.

I wanted to make sure that Sally would handle the aliens in a way that they would not be harmed and in a way where we could drop them off on the surface peacefully, and then we could fly away in the spaceship; and so I told her some of my ideas and I tried to see/test if she had enough empathy to handle the situation the way that I wanted.

We had time to do this since the spaceship was on lock down, the aliens were trying to cut down the defensive doors or find a way through them but it would take them a while, but I woke up I think or I forgot the rest of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr


8-7-2011 | Dream Journal | The Brothers Good And Bad

Brosnan Pierce at Cannes in 2002.
Image Credit: Wikipedia

The last two days (now three days) in a row I did not feel like typing or thinking about my dreams, and so last night before I got in bed, I Very Briefly reminded myself to try to remember some of my dreams; and I woke up this morning still not feeling like typing or thinking about my dreams, but the feeling was not as strong as before.

I decided to try to resistance this feeling and so I closed my eyes, and I started trying to remember some of my dreams; and to my surprise I was able to remember parts of my last dream, and I once again felt like typing & thinking about my dreams again. 🙂

I remember being inside a private area of a station-like place of some kind and I seemed to be following a husband, wife, and their many kids; and they seemed to be the main characters of the dream at this point, not me.