A Superpower Competition | A Store Fight | Sexual Assault In The Military

Nap Dream

I took a brief nap during an episode of an anime on Toonami when I had this dream.

All that I can remember is being inside a multi-purpose building that was school-like, I remember walking through some hallways, and there was something about a competition to see who would win among those with superpowers.


Fighting Korey Coleman In A Virtual Reality Fighting Game

Part 1

All that I can remember of this last dream from last night is that the dream took place during the day, I remember hearing a story and being inside the story, about an older man with whitish colored skin whose wife made a challenge; and the man went to try to complete this challenge.

I can not remember what the challenge was about, I just know that the man and I were outside, and we were possibly being chased by the police or some kind of authority; and assume that this was part of the challenge.

We probably ran, walked, hid, climbed, crawled, jumped, maybe swam, et cetera as we went around the dream world in the outdoors through: neighborhoods, fields, forests, ponds, et cetera until we escaped at some point; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, I am not sure if I was in this part of the dream or not, but it involved Jae Richards from 4YallEntertainment going to a house to visit his fictional girlfriend who had brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair.

This house was in a building with a catwalk and a basement and it belonged to his girlfriend’s parent’s, her father had whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair and her mother had brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair, and Jae was invited inside the dimly lit kitchen and dinning room where the parent’s were.

Jae sat at a table as the parents talked with him, the mother was standing in the kitchen making something, and the father was probably sitting at the table with Jae; and his girlfriend joined them.

The mother offered some food and drink and something else to Jae, after Jae ate and drank, the mother revealed that she had secretly given him a special pill that would allow her to test his health in various ways once it took effect/affect.

The mother did not trust or really like Jae and she was looking for any excuse to end the relationship between him and their daughter and she said this out-loud basically, the father was not like the mother and he was nicer and more neutral, and he tried to calm her and the situation down.

The daughter was outraged and she grabbed Jae and took him to the basement where she locked the door in protest refusing to let anyone inside, the father went outside the basement door to try to calm the daughter down, eventually Jae opened the door; but the daughter still refused to let anyone in and she refused to leave, and Jae continued supporting her protest where they would both stay locked up in the basement.

Jae did not want to do this but he was supporting his girlfriend, he even told her father this, and hoped that the situation would be resolved soon; but he was also worried about what effects/affects the pill would have on him, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that I was inside a windowless building where Double Toasted was located, and I was taking part in a video game show that they had.

I went inside a room where some of the Double Toasted team was having the show, and Korey Coleman and Korey Goodwin were in this room with all the video game and filming and audio equipment.

Korey Coleman and I were going to fight each other and computer players (NPCs) and maybe other players in a virtual reality fighting game where you fight to the death, and this virtual reality technology was beyond our current technology and it seemed more like real life than current technology but you still knew that it was not real because it was only somewhat near future technology.

Korey and I entered the virtual reality fighting game where a group of players were probably put in the same room and we had to fight until only one person was left alive, and Korey and I were the last two players alive so we fought each other.

I was winning the fight easily and I had Korey’s health pretty low, I knocked him on the ground and for dramatic effect/affect I pulled out a 10mm pistol from the Fallout video games and I shot him a few times just to get his health a bit lower before finishing him, and then I put the pistol away and I let him get up and I defeated him with maybe one hit or takedown.

Korey Coleman protested my victory saying that you could not use guns to win a fight, I did not know this and I had only used it at the end for dramatic effect and it was clear that I was going to win regardless and I did not really win the fight with the gun and I had won with one hit or takedown at the end, and so I did not think that I should get disqualified; but I offered a rematch, and I let Korey Goodwin decide how this situation should be handled.

Korey Coleman knew that he could not win so he probably wanted me disqualified to avoid having to fight me again, Korey Goodwin tried to handle the situation as the neutral party to help us negotiate and resolve the situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


John Goodman & Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house, I remember being on the front porch with the cats and kittens, and then maybe I had to help my dad carry something into the house.

Once inside the house I looked down to see that several of the kittens like Arch, Pipa, Dawna, and maybe one or two of the others had sneaked into the house; and they were looking around trying to explore the house, and so I told my dad and we both laughed and wondered how did they sneak inside without us noticing and then I walked around picking them up to take them back outside.


The United States Versus Russia

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of three dreams, with the first dream taking place inside of a building, which I later found out that it looked like my grandfather’s house from the outside; even though the inside was way bigger than my grandfather’s house, and most of it did not look like the inside of my grandfather’s house, but near the exit that area was exactly like the inside of my grandfather’s house.

In the dream The United States (USA) and Russia seemed to be at war or they were very close to war, I am not sure which, and so The President Of The United States invited The President Of Russia to talk about the situation; and for some unknown reason, I was inside of the meeting place.

The building had hallways with many rooms, where American soldiers & Russian soldiers were staying during the talks, both sides were mostly on separate parts of the building; and the United States (American) military probably had the entire country on high alert, and the American & Russian military had a heavy presence outside of the building & in the city where the talks were taking place.

I remember walking around exploring the building as soldiers from both sides did various activities, and I watched the tension between both sides; the situation was very tense, but the inside of the building was a mostly weapon & armor free zone, which was nice.

The President Of The USA was waiting in a hallway with soldiers from both sides, to meet the President Of Russia who was to arrive soon, and so some chairs were set up on both sides of the hallway as the President Of The USA stood there talking with a few officers; this hallway was almost completely weapon & armor free, and I do not remember even seeing The United States Secret Service, just soldiers in combat uniforms without armor or weapons mostly except maybe their sidearms for a few of the soldiers.

This area had almost no security, it seemed that they wanted the meeting area to seem peaceful or something, but I still found it strange that the area was so insecure.

Suddenly the President Of Russia came walking in quickly looking angry with several very dangerous-looking soldiers with armor & assault rifles & light machine guns, who seemed ready to shoot anyone, and the situation became even more tense; and the two officers & a few soldiers moved in front of The President Of The USA since he had no security, but then The President Of Russia’s bodyguards pointed their weapons at the mostly unarmed & unarmored American soldiers in front of The President Of The United States.

There was a brief argument about why they had brought armor & weapons to the meeting area & why they were pointing guns at people, The President Of Russia told his bodyguards to stand down, but then one of the Russian soldiers sitting in one of the chairs got up yelling various things at the President Of The USA & he charged at the him; but a few American soldiers grabbed him, and then the President Of Russia told the soldier to stand down, and so he sat back in his chair quietly.

The situation became a bit less tense and both Presidents started to talk about the situation while still standing in the hallway, which was the meeting area, but the situation was still very tense; both sides had a heavy military presence & both sides were ready to start fighting.

I think that both sides agreed to have a joint military parade in the city later in the day or the next day, to try to show or pretend that some progress was being made to the public & both sides probably wanted to try to intimidate the other and/or show off their strength; and then I remember walking off to explore the building again.

At some point near the exit I found the area that was exactly like my grandfather’s house, and I found a woman & a man, the man was a scientist who I think that I called Einstein, but I am not sure if he was Albert Einstein or if I called him that because he reminded me of Mr. Einstein or why did I call him that.

I am not sure who the woman was or what she looked like, but I remember that she acted like she knew me and/or that she cared for me.

Einstein was doing special and/or secret research/experiments, and one or more of his labs was/were in a room or rooms on the hallway on the left side of my grandfather’s house; but I am not sure who Einstein was working for.

I remember talking with Einstein & the woman, and we walked into my grandfather’s yard, and outside the yard & in the distance in the city we could see & hear both militaries doing various activities; one of which was probably preparing for the parade.

The inside of the yard was mostly free of soldiers, they were securing the area around the yard & neighborhood & city & country, which was nice; and Einstein had another small lab in and/or outside of my grandfather’s laundry building, and he told me about one of his experiments that he was working on.

He needed someone to test this experiment on, he had three tablets or pills, but only one tablet or pill could be tested per person probably; and I was interested in being his test subject for one of the tablets or pills.

He warned me of some of the possible dangers & benefits, and how he had no idea the exact effects/affects of each pill or tablet; and so my life could be at risk.

He told me that I could choose which tablet or pill to take, and he explained some of his hypothesis of what each one might do; and I think that part of his experiment was to narrow down the effects/affects of each tablet or pill, so he could try to remove any negative effects/affects & leave the positive ones or something like that maybe.

This experiment had a lot of potential to change the world / the human species and/or something like that, and I think that the tablets or pills had something to do with plants.

I think that the tablets or pills had the potential to change a human’s biology and/or mental abilities to allow a person to get energy through photosynthesis, increase a person’s lifespan greatly, make the human body more efficient, improve the brain’s awareness & ability & other positive effects/affects on human behavior, allow a person to re-grow parts of their body, et cetera.

I agreed to be a test subject in the experiment with hopes of improving the situation on Earth, Einstein & the woman asked me was I sure, the woman was very worried about me; and I told them that I was sure.

I took one of the tablets or pills as the woman held my hand, and then I lost consciousness/my body lost consciousness; but I was floating in the air watching them from a few feet above them, but they could not see me.

The woman was in a panic as Einstein checked my vitals, he was trying to explain that it was not an easy process, and he told her to try to relax; Einstein had a calm & cold personality, like you would expect, so it did not seem that my death would bother him really but the woman cared.

As the woman held my body in her arms while crying as Einstein took notes & checked my vitals, I continued to float in the air watching & I think that I could partly feel what my body could feel, maybe; and at some point I went back into my body.

My body re-gained consciousness with me back inside of it, and I looked around as the woman held me in her arms as Einstein looked closely while asking me questions; and the world around me seemed different, my senses were different & my awareness of my environment was like nothing that I have ever experienced, it was amazing.

The inside of my body felt different, like something was still in the process of changing, Einstein kept asking me a lot of questions for his research; and the woman was happy that I was still alive, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had another dream where I was driving from L back to D, someone else was with me, but I can not remember who; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I also had another dream where several family members and/or people & I were cleaning the G house that my grandfather owns, and it looked a bit different from in real life; it had several extra doors, and most of the doors could not lock.

I remember that the house seemed that someone had recently been living in it, we could even smell cigarette smoke, smelling in dreams is probably rare for me; and so we tried to figure out how to lock all the doors, since most of them had broken door knobs or no door knobs, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂