A Large Snake?

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream but I forgot my other dreams and most of this dream, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of this dream.

This dream took place during the day in the city of D, I remember being at the end of my uncle WC’s street, my brother GC was somewhere in the area as well, and I remember looking for something in the deep ditch area across the street by Mr. BS’s mother’s house.


Reverend F’s Water Pipes

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so I only remember part of the end of this dream.

This dream took place during the day, and my family connected some piping / plumbing to the water pipes behind Reverend F’s house that burned down Saturday without asking Reverend F and his family for some unknown reason.


John Malkovich The Vampire

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered most of the end of my last dream, I remember being in a fictional D-like area near the DQ by Walmart.

This D-like city was a bit bigger than the real D and had some places that do not exist in real life.

I do not remember the beginning or middle of this dream, I just remember being with some unknown people looking for something to eat, I think. (I know there is more to this dream and I think I had several dreams inspired by the TV show Moonlight, which I had watched before I went to bed.)

I think I was at DQ with an unknown woman and man, who both looked somewhat like Mick St. John and Beth from Moonlight, and we were talking; I do not remember what happening inside DQ, but I do remember walking outside with them.

Outside was a group of men wearing typical Hip Hop style clothing with long necklaces and they were walking across the street toward us, but suddenly we heard a gunshot; I am not sure exactly what happened but I think either one of the men got shot or the unknown man with us saved one of the men from getting shot by knocking him to the ground (I think this is what really happened).

I saw a man in a window with a rifle across the street in an apartment building, which was across the street behind the group of men, and the sniper then moved away from the window.

I told the group of men where the sniper was, and told them to call the police; I felt that the sniper was probably hiding and waiting to make sure that his target was dead, then if the target was dead he would clean up & leave.

The group of men were scared at first, but two of them said that they used to be in the military and that they were going to go after the sniper themselves, instead of calling the police.

The two men gave a quick inspiring speech, and while this was going on I felt that the sniper now realized that his target was still alive, so he probably was not going to leave yet; then the group of men pulled out pistols and ran across the street to attack the sniper, and the unknown man & I joined them but the unknown woman did not.

Before the sniper could prepare to aim for another shot, the group of men started shooting at his window, and then the sniper started shooting back; which made the group of men spread out and take cover.

The sniper appeared to be using an old M1 Garand rifle or something, so he seemed to just be shooting to make the group spread out, instead of actually trying to shoot anyone.

I had the feeling that the sniper was now going to leave the apartment to fight on the ground, now that the group was spread out, because he knew that the group wanted to trap him in the room; so the sniper then left the apartment and came into the parking lot with a Colt 45 caliber M1911 pistol.

It appeared that the sniper had only brought one clip for his M1 Garand and one magazine for his M1911, since he did not expect a situation like this, so I felt that it was no way he was going to defeat the entire group by himself; also the sniper looked just like the actor John Malkovich and he was showing no fear as he came outside with only a pistol against a group of about 10 or more people spread around the parking lot.

The unknown man and I were in the parking lot as well and had no guns, so we tried to sneak around the apartment to attack the sniper from behind once he ran out of bullets.

The sniper walked out in the open & started shooting at the group of men that were spread out, and the sniper somehow was fighting all the men by himself without getting shot, he seemed to be a professional killer or something.

Soon the sniper ran out of bullets and tried to run at the men to fight them hand-to-hand but they started shooting him, but the bullets did not seem to affect him that much.

The men started to panic and so I yelled for some of them to start using mêlée weapons while the others continue to use guns.

The unknown man and I were close enough to now attack the sniper from his left flank, but one of the men tried to attack him with a metal pipe or something first; the weapon did not seem to hurt him and so the sniper knocked the man about 6ft. in the air with one hit.

His great strength, the bullets not affecting him much, and the metal pipe not hurting him much; lead me to believe that he was not human and was probably a vampire. (Like I said before, I think the parts of the dream I can not remember probably had something to do with vampires)

I told everyone to keep moving and attacking, but do not let the sniper get close enough to hit you; I hoped that all the movement would keep him distracted.

I found a block of wood and I started to attack the sniper with it and I kept moving so that he could not hit me, but it was not working, so I kept a distance as he prepared to attack me; suddenly the unknown man who was with me earlier jumped from high in the air and attacked the sniper.

The unknown man jumped unnaturally high, so I know felt that he was a vampire too, but I did not think he could defeat another vampire that was a professional hitman or whatever.

Like I expected the sniper quickly knocked the unknown man across the parking lot, but then he ran into a house, now that he knew there was a vampire helping us.

The unknown man and the man who had the metal pipe earlier got up and the unknown man told us to follow him, so we followed him as he chased after the sniper.

The rest of the group did not follow us, so the three of us entered the house alone, and it looked just like my grandfather’s house inside.

The unknown man had no weapon, the other man had a steel pipe, and I had a block of wood or 2×4 (two-by-four) or whatever.

We walked into a bedroom in the middle of the house and the sniper was standing there waiting on us, and was smiling; I felt that we had fallen right into his trap, I think his plan was to try to get the unknown man away from the rest of the group so that he could kill him (since he was a vampire too and the only real threat to his plan) and then go back to fighting the group so that he could kill his target.

The bedroom was not very big, so my move-around technique would not work as well, and so my new plan was to keep at least one person attacking him at all times to prevent him from having enough time to kill any of us hopefully; and eventually I hoped that we could distract & wear him down enough to defeat him.

The unknown man tried to attack the sniper first and they both started fighting hand-to-hand, and the unknown man was losing as expected and got knocked into the wall; according to plan the man with the metal pipe started attacking the sniper but also got knocked into the wall.

Then I hit the sniper in the head with the block of wood & it broke, and he laughed & looked at me like I was stupid; he looked at me as though he was trying to say, didn’t you already try that before & it did not work, try something else stupid.

The sniper was over-confident and seemed to be just playing around with us, he could have quickly killed me & the man with the steel pipe.

I noticed that a piece of the broken block of wood on the floor could now be used as a stake, which could be used to paralyze the sniper since he was a vampire; so I tried to pick it up but the sniper knocked me into the wall.

Then the unknown man started to fight the sniper again, but this time the sniper was ready to kill him, and the unknown man was once again losing.

The unknown man got knocked to his knees and the sniper was about to break his neck or something, but I grabbed the metal pipe and started to choke the sniper; I told the man who used to have the metal pipe to use that piece of wood to stab the sniper in the heart.

I fell to the ground and tried to continue choking the sniper, but it was not working, the sniper just smiled and started to get up even though I was still choking him.

The sniper then pushed me away and the man tried to stab the sniper in the back with the piece of wood, but it did not go far enough in to reach his heart.

Then I grabbed the sniper by the arms and tried to trap him in a body lock but he was too strong, so I told the other man to grab him from the other side, and then the unknown man stabbed the sniper in the heart as we held him.

The sniper then screamed, but the scream did not sound like a human scream, it was a weird un-human scream.

The sniper’s face started to turn blue and his skin started to look reptilian / human & his teeth started to look like vampire teeth; then he fell to the ground.

We continued to hold him and I started to feel that this was a movie or not real, so I told the unknown man to push the piece of wood further in his heart to fully paralyze him, and I started to elbow & punch the sniper since he was trying to get up.

I thought that if this was a movie, that would make the scene more dramatic, but if it was real it would help make sure that the sniper really did get paralyzed.

The unknown man then started to push the piece of wood further into his heart and more of his body started to turn blue and the skin on his arms started to look reptilian/human too, and more of his body started to paralyze; soon he was fully paralyzed and we then decided to burn his body to kill him.

I still felt that this was a movie, so I was hoping that the fire would not really hurt the sniper, but if it was real I hoped that it would kill him.

We found some lighter fluid, leaves, and bed sheets; and then we set him on fire, but the fire was not very big.

We then stood outside of the room and I thought to myself that if this was a movie, that was an amazing scene, but I was not sure if it was real or not so I went to ask one of the men if this was a movie; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂