A World War With Humans Then One With Aliens | A Planetary Object Moving Toward Earth?

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Dream 1

I only remember part of my last two dreams from last night and all that I can remember of the first dream is that it seemed to be inspired by a past dream or false memory but things were changed a bit this time with inspiration from the video game Destiny, the film Edge Of Tomorrow, and maybe a few other things.

The early parts of the dream were pretty normal with me being in another fictional country possibly somewhere in Europe like I was on vacation, I was at an area where a lot of tourists were like an airport/train station/tourist area, and there were locals there as well; and I remember talking to various people.

One of the people I talked to was a smart man who maybe worked as a teacher or scientist or something like that, he could speak French after studying it for several years which I thought was pretty amazing, but he had to leave at some point; and then I remember talking to a woman with whitish colored skin who spoke French and who probably lived in this country, and I remember us speaking in a bit of French.

I asked her if she knew how the smart man had learned French because I was hoping to learn some easy and effective methods to hopefully help me learn French one day, and the woman explained to me that the smart man did not do anything special to learn French except hard work/time/effort using traditional methods; and so he had taken a French class, studied French courses on his own time, talked with people who knew French, watched/read/listened to things in French, et cetera.

At some point in the dream things became strange and a World War among humans was taking place with mostly Western countries fighting together as Allies against some other countries as Axis, I probably did not support this Word War, but I got caught in it probably and so maybe I briefly fought in self-defense probably helping the Allies because I was in an Ally country at the time.

I remember a last battle in this human World War that took place during the day mostly in a field and some areas near train tracks and some buildings not far from the tourist area, I remember being asked to join the battle by a soldier with dark brownish colored skin who was probably from The United States but I probably declined, and so the Allies and Axis had their last battle; and the Allies won, but then Earth got attacked by aliens I think (maybe they had some robots (like The Vex) maybe, and maybe there were several species of aliens or they just had more variation among their own species than humans do).

The aliens reminded me of The Fallen and The Hive from the video game Destiny and maybe humans and maybe a few other species with some of the aliens having several arms like some of The Fallen, some looking more human, some looking a bit like The Hive, et cetera; and a World War against the aliens started immediately after the human World War.

The aliens were after something special on Earth that I can not remember, maybe a special relic or something that could make you immortal or something, and the humans wanted it as well; and so both sides were fighting each other for it, and it was located somewhere near the tourist area where the last human World War had taken place.

Once again I was caught in another World War that was happening in this same area where I was trapped so I probably had to fight, run, hide, et cetera as humans and aliens and maybe robots fought; and during this I possibly was able to restart the dream/time various times thanks to advice/help from maybe a woman/soldier like the character Sergeant Rita Vrataski from the film Edge Of Tomorrow or the woman who knew French or a female entity or maybe I just figured it out on my own, either way I used this ability to help myself find the relic/whatever that the humans and aliens were fighting over, and at some point almost all the humans and aliens killed each other on the battle field.

I was possibly the last human on the battle field and there was an alien with several arms fighting me and trying to reach the relic/whatever that was hidden in a building near the train tracks, I eventually defeated the alien, but then I discovered that another alien was alive and it attacked me as well as I entered the building where the relic/whatever was.

Everyone fighting wanted this relic/whatever so badly that it was crazy, they all killed each other trying to get it, and even in the dream I was not exactly sure what it was or what it could do exactly but I knew that it had to be powerful for all of these entities to kill each other over; and I remember entering a building near the train tracks, probably several buildings that looked old, and there was a swimming pool in one of the buildings.

I found the relic/whatever but I can not remember what it looked like and I reached it before the alien did, something started to happen to me, the relic/whatever probably changed me et cetera but I can not remember anything except maybe seeing light, wonder, beautiful, amazement, a hidden ancient area, maybe becoming immortal, et cetera; and the alien stopped trying to attack me because it was pointless now and I had found it first, there was more that happened, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second last dream took place late in the night or early in the morning when it was dark and I was tired, I was at my parents house talking with my brother GC in the living room, and then I decided to walk outside the back door to walk around outside briefly before going back inside to go to sleep.

In the sky I noticed what looked like a planet with maybe a somewhat orangeish color to it along with a few other colors very close to Earth like it was right next to it or moving toward it like it was going to possibly crash into Earth, I think that I could hear a slight strange noise of possibly the planet moving toward Earth, and it was possibly a quieter version of that scary noise that has been in a few of my past dreams when large objects in space are moving close to Earth (almost like a deep fighter jet-like noise maybe).

Behind the planet/whatever was a smaller brighter planetary object or UFO (unidentified flying object) or moon that looked like it was possibly Earth’s moon or another moon or something else but I am not sure, I called my brother GC outside and I asked him if he could see both objects because I was so tired that it was possibly that they were just hallucinations or something like that, and my brother GC walked outside but I do not think that he could see them; but I woke up before I could find out if he could see them exactly.

The end,

-John Jr