Trying To Have A House Moved

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I forgot most of this dream but I remember being with some of my former classmates, being on platforms in the air, running/hiding/maybe fighting some paramilitary / SWAT / whatever-like people maybe, and talking with a male former classmate who might have been TW while we were probably hiding from the paramilitary-like people.

I remember there was a house and I recommended that male former classmate/ TW should have it but it needed to be moved to his yard first, and so I left to find someone to move the house; and at some point I was in my parent’s yard during the day, even though the platform area seemed darker like night or it was indoors.

A man with long hair with a bald spot looking sloppy & a bit mean & lazy who he looked like the auto mechanic Mr. M combined with Carl Brutananadilewski from the animated TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force came to my parent’s yard, and he was the person who had been called to move the house & he had a big truck with something on the back of it that was able to hold a house & pull it on the back of the large truck.

I showed the house to the man and I explained where we wanted it moved, but he started giving me excuses like maybe the house was too big & some other unbelievable excuses; and I got a bit annoyed, and I pointed out his flawed logic/lies.

The man changed the subject & he mentioned one of my parent’s automobiles that was for sale, and he said that he might be interested in buying it; and I told him that it might cost $2,800 & this was a bit too much for him & so I mentioned $2,500 but I sensed that he would rather pay $2,000.

He changed the subject again mentioning that he smelled donuts, I said that we had some donuts inside the house, and that I would give him two donuts; and that I would eat one donut, and I told him that he could buy the automobile & get some free donuts & move the house.

I went to get the donuts while he thought about my offer, which I had taken time to explain to him in a way that would likely convince him to agree to/with my offer, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


In The Middle Of Nowhere

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Last night I remember part of a very strange dream that felt/looked very strange (it was one of those dreams that my words can not properly describe, but I will try my best, it was one of those dreams where you would have to have been there to understand what it felt like & what it was like), which took place in the middle of nowhere, a small world / space / room / dimension / whatever that did not make much sense; and it was like being trapped in a limbo-like place or something.

It was almost like being trapped in a room that had its own environment or something, and that room felt like it was in space or nowhere; it is hard to describe.

There were other people there, a few of whom were former classmates of mine and my mom was there, but I can not remember who else was there.

It was not a room in the normal sense but an enclosed area with its own strange semi-outdoor/semi-space-like feeling to it, instead of a ceiling there probably was a sky-like area without the normal sky look, maybe more like a barrier or nothingness maybe; and instead of walls there was maybe a barrier or nothingness.

I remember feeling trapped, we all felt trapped, and we had no idea how to escape or where we were.

I think that there were small floating platforms/land areas that were not connected to each other, and that is what we lived on; and you would have to jump to another platform/land area to reach it and/or I think that there were a few strange moving floating vehicle-like platforms that you could also use to reach other platforms.

Most of the platforms were rectangular shaped and some had land, water, snow, ice, et cetera; while other platforms were just platforms where you could sleep, talk, walk, et cetera on.

One platform had large ice structures with snow on the ground, frozen water, and maybe an unfrozen lake for drinking water; and it was probably the largest platform, and at some point several people and I were on this platform when some of the ice structures started to melt.

Behind one of the melting ice structures, which looked like natural ice structures, a bear came out and attacked us; and several people were killed, and there was a panic but I am not sure if we killed the bear or not, I think that we did.

After the attack with several people dying, things started to get worse, there was already a problem with boredom/loss of hope of escaping/et cetera for some people; so some people either killed themselves and/or they died for various reasons and/or some of them disappeared/were magically gone when we would wake up for the next day.

This dream took place over an unknown number of days or weeks or months or years, it seemed like a long time, like we would be trapped forever; and slowly people went missing, and we had no idea what happened to them.

I remember talking with the other people, including my mom, and I started trying to investigate how people kept going missing and how could we escape this place; and I remember exploring some of the platforms where people went missing, and I remember using one of the moveable floating platforms that were vehicle-like.

This place had a strange feeling(s) to it that is very hard to describe, I remember thinking/investigating/and examining my feelings; and I felt mostly hopeless about escaping or solving the mystery of how people kept going missing.

I felt trapped and limited, among other feelings, and it seemed that even if we found a way out of this place, that we would be in the middle of nowhere in space or in nothingness or in another dimension or something.

It was like we were not supposed to leave, like something wanted us trapped, and that we were all going to die and/or go missing eventually; but I tried to have some hope, and I continued my investigation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂