Playing Basketball | My Aunt ME’s House / Apartment

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Dream 1

This dream involved me playing probably professional basketball inside an indoor basketball gym, and I was possibly playing on a National Basketball Association (NBA) team (maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers).

I am not sure who we were playing against or if we won or not, I just remember playing basketball, and talking with my team and our coach.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city, and me and my brother GC were driving around in my automobile.

I remember us seeing a recreation (rec) center or something (at least partly for children) and we planned to go there, but then we noticed a playground so we decided to go to the playground briefly for fun even though it would be weird for two adults to be at a playground.

We briefly got on some playground equipment, which was fun and funny and weird, and we even said this but then our mom called me on my mobile phone and told us to stop by a house or apartment that was nearby so we drove to the house or apartment and we went inside.

We assumed that our parents were renting it or something, I told my brother GC that we should secure the house first, and so we split up to search it for any threats and lock the windows et cetera.

I walked into a small room, no one was in it and so I locked the window, but then I heard someone entering the house so me and my brother GC went to see who it was.

To our surprise it was our aunt ME, our male cousin JE, and a fictional boy (maybe a fictional cousin or someone) with maybe light-color skin with maybe medium-to-dark color hair.

We greeted them and we told them that our mom had told us to stop by here, and we told them that we were just securing the house and locking the windows et cetera.

We found out that this was our aunt ME’s house or apartment, we told her that our mom did not mention this, and that we had assumed that our parents were renting it or something so we apologized.

I told our aunt ME that we were about to go to the rec center or whatever and I asked her if it was okay for our cousin JE and maybe the other boy to go with us, but she said that they could not go because they were going to be busy (maybe doing chores and maybe homework).

I then asked her if there was anything that we could do to help them before we leave, I wanted to help them and briefly talk to them before leaving, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Disney-Like Play Area From My Childhood?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams last night, but now I can only barely remember part of my last two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place at a college-like place and maybe I went to one or more classes, and at some point someone was acting mentally unstable and they possibly had a weapon.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me being inside a building with other people including my male cousin DE and my mom, and I remember us walking to an indoor play area with a Disney-like theme.

I had fictional memories of this place from my childhood, and in one or more of those memories my cousin DE was there with me because my mom took us there to play when we were kids.

There was a snow cone machine, maybe a popcorn machine, and maybe several other machines that you could use to get or make food and drinks from.

There was playground equipment and other things that you could play with, on, in, et cetera; and some were of different characters and non-human animals and other kid inspired themes and things.

We started looking around and this area was familiar to me and some fictional memories from my childhood came back as I compared those memories with how things looked now.

I asked my cousin DE and my mom if they remembered this place too as I walked over to the snow cone machine and any other machines that were possibly there, but that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr


Dreams At A College Campus While Needing To Urinate

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I forgot almost all of my dreams from last night because during the night I kept trying to sleep even as my body kept warning me that I needed to urinate as I dreamed so this effected/affected my dreams, my sleep, and my dream recall; and so all that I can remember is either part of one dream or part of several connected dreams, I can not remember if it was one or several dreams, so I will separate them as separate dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream possibly involved me playing the video game Far Cry 3 again and/or being inside the video game, and I probably dreamed of some more things but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that my memory of it is so flawed/unclear that I will not be able to properly describe the dream, and so expect errors as I try to make sense of it/guess what happened based on my flawed memory of the dream.

The dream took place during the day at what seemed to be a college campus and I was probably a student, there was a man with me, and one and/or both of us had a mother and/or mentor and/or trainer and/or teacher who I think was referred to as a witch who could use magic/special abilities/powers/et cetera; and I think that the witch had an even older woman who was her mother and/or mentor and/or trainer and/or teacher.

At some point at the end of the dream I remember being inside a windowless building with them at the college that was possibly restricted or we were not supposed to be there after a certain time but I am not sure, and maybe the witch killed her mother/mentor/teacher/trainer for her power and/or to become the new leader and/or for some other reasons.

The witch then probably tried to get us to join her and probably use our magic/powers/special abilities for things that I/we thought were negative/wrong, there was an argument/debate/conversation, and then maybe we fought and/or got attacked by police/security; and maybe the witch was defeated/killed, but I can not remember.

I just know that this dream was more interesting and detailed than I can remember, and so what I typed is probably a poor and incorrect representation of that dream.

Dream 3

The third dream took place during the day at the same college probably and I was with some of my former male classmates like KW and SB hanging out, I remember needing to urinate but we had to leave one of the buildings because it was restricted or closed, and so we went outside to a college field/courtyard that I went to several times in forgotten parts of one or more dreams from last night; and I started urinating against the pole of a covered area where you could sit and/or hangout because there was no bathroom available.

As I was urinating suddenly people were around us/the area even though there was no one else around at first, there were students studying and talking et cetera, and parents watching their kids play on playground equipment; and so someone probably saw me urinating so I stopped, I already felt bad enough urinating outside, and so I still did not finish urinating and we left in case someone called the police/security and I felt embarrassed and because kids/people were around but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

The fourth/last dream involved my former male classmate JC and I driving back from probably the same college in the other dreams to the city of D during the evening or night, I still needed to urinate, and so we stopped at maybe Walgreens once we reached the city of D; but the store was very crowded and a long line of people were waiting to use the bathroom, and so I still was not able to urinate.

We decided to leave and continue our journey until I could find a bathroom to urinate, but I woke up needing to urinate in real life; and I finally got up to use the bathroom.

There are a lot more details to these dreams that I can not remember unfortunately, but maybe I will remember more details later.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate DH Staying In A Mall-Like Building | My Former Classmate WG Hates Hulk Hogan

File:Hulk Hogan.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place inside a somewhat dimly lit shopping mall-like building with no windows and I think that the mall-like building had businesses, recreational areas, and living areas inside of it; and I probably lived inside of the building, but I am not sure.

I probably walked around exploring the building as I saw other people shopping, eating, drinking, talking, playing, et cetera but I only remember part of the end of the dream where I came across my former classmate DH; and my former classmate DH was in the military and he was living and training inside of the mall-like building alone.

My former classmate DH seemed distant/quiet/cold/serious/focused/et cetera like he was troubled/hiding something/training for something/avoiding something/et cetera, he acted almost like I was a stranger or negative/neutral toward me, and I knew/felt that something was not right with him.

He led me to a quiet corner alley-like area in the mall-like building where parent’s used to be able to take their kids to play on playground-like equipment to avoid disturbing other people at the mall, there were two clear entrances to this alley-like area on both ends of the alley-like area but DH had them both hooked/locked with something, and he was staying in the alley-like area instead of staying in the living areas oddly.

He said that the owners of the mall-like building let him stay in the alley-like area, probably because he was a soldier and the alley-like area was a good training area, and he used a small semi-private corner area as his bathroom; and he showed me around the alley-like area that had various playground-like equipment that he trained on and there was enough room for him to jog, and there was bouncing equipment that he used to jump around on.

He started exercising while I talked to him like he was mostly ignoring me and at some point I jokingly/seriously told him that I thought that it was wrong/messed up that he had left town for months and then returned briefly without telling his family/friends/me, but I am not sure if he responded or not (probably not); and then I changed the subject to something more positive, and I probably asked him to play catch with a ball or something that I found.

We started playing catch near one of the locked clear entrances where you could see into the rest of the mall-like area, a group of people were standing outside of this area talking, and a man in that group saw us playing catch; and he tried to open the first entrance but it was locked/tied, and so he walked to the other entrance that my former classmate DH had accidentally left unlocked.

Both clear entrances were located around corners where people on the outside could not see most of the alley-like area, so most people did not know that anyone was living in there, and they only knew that the entrances were locked and that you were not supposed to go in there; and so the man thought that we were not supposed to be in there, and he came into the alley-like area through the unlocked entrance.

He told us that we were not supposed to be in there and my former classmate DH explained to him that he had permission to stay there from the owners of the building, but the man did not believe him; and so I said a few things but the man still did not believe us, and he walked away to get security.

Security guards came and my former classmate talked with them, I knew that he had the situation under control, and so I walked off to continue exploring the building; and I came across a several story open indoor/outdoor room with a small mountain/hill with a waterfall that went into a small pond, and on top of the small hill/mountain was a group of kids taking part in something while their parent’s watched.

Hiding at the bottom of the waterfall area and spying on what was happening on the hill/mountain area I saw a short somewhat old married couple (husband and wife) who seemed to be from somewhere in Asia (Asian) (maybe China, but I have no idea), and I greeted them and I asked them why were they spying on the hill/mountain area; and the husband said that his wife had been attacked by a man who was up on the hill/mountain watching the kids with the other parent’s, and that they wanted revenge and/or for him to admit it.

The wife told me the story of how the man had attacked her and how he lied about the attack later, and so I decided to help them; and so we waited for the kids to finish doing whatever they were doing, and I was going to approach the man to try to get him to tell the truth about the alleged attack on the wife.

I was not sure what I/we would do after that, probably turn him in to the police and/or beat him up, but I woke up as I approached the man.

The second dream was unclear and confusing with parts of the dream world changing a bit without me noticing it in the dream, the dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D near where HD Head Start and the BP Alternative School should be, and I was inside maybe a mall-like building at first again; and I walked through several auditorium-like rooms where people were watching films, watching concerts, watching sporting events, and hanging out.

I stopped in the auditorium-like room where people were hanging out and I came across my former classmate WG, and so I started talking with him near the upper seating area that had some tables looking out to an opening to the outside where you could see a lake with a dock area with living areas in the distance; and at some point I saw the entertainment wrestler Hulk Hogan walk past me to sit at a table near the opening to the outside.

He was walking slowly like he might have been slightly drunk and was trying to avoid stumbling while enjoying the buzz, and he noticed that I recognized him which seemed to make him feel proud/better about himself; and I greeted him, and he greeted me back saying a few things but I am not sure if he called me Brother or not.

I felt that Hulk Hogan was being paid to hangout and have fun at the building to promote the building/business and that his family was staying at the living area at the dock area by the lake for free and/or that he was a co-owner of the building, it seemed that normally you had to pay to enter the building and pay for stuff inside the building and that the living area at the dock area was very expensive, but it seemed that Hulk Hogan and his family did not have to worry about that.

Hulk Hogan sat at the table looking like he had enjoyed himself too much and he seemed to also enjoy being recognized by people, he sat at the table briefly, and I think that his kids and/or wife were riding a boat in the lake back to the living area outside; and so he got up from his table to walk outside to walk to the living area to be with his family.

After he walked away my former classmate WG made a face of hatred/disgust and he called Hulk Hogan: “A good for nothing drunk!” to my surprise, and I thought that was mean.

He said it like he personally knew Hulk Hogan and he said it with so much hatred that I decided not ask him about why he felt that way because I did not want him to get angrier, and so I did not say anything but I wondered why he hated Hulk Hogan so much and I wondered if he had evidence for his claim.

At some point I started noticing a few people (all men oddly) who looked like they were security guards and/or paid to be there to make the building seem more popular than it really was, and then I went outside to leave the building; and outside the fence I saw more of the security guard/paid to be there people, and they were blocking the entrance to the gate.

Oddly many of them looked like clones of my former classmate JC wearing fake-like police riot gear, they were doing part security and part pretending to be hanging out, and so they seemed weird and out-of-place; and some people were complaining because they would not let them in the gates without paying and/or without a pass.

At some point the dream world changed a bit without me noticing where the building was now in the sky/air several stories, and you had to walk up and/or climb up a giant beanstalk or tree that was at almost a forty-five degree angle; and something happened that I can not remember where I went up to the courtyard of the building with several people, and there were some sunken areas and steps that led up to the building.

A group of men who seemed like they just got out of jail came, it almost seemed like we were there for job tryout or something, but a fight started; and someone probably had a gun and started shooting, and maybe the dream went semi-lucid where I realized that I probably had dream powers and I started to fly to avoid getting shot.

The dream then slightly changed again without me noticing where the building/business was having a parade to promote their business on the street in front of the building, a group of rappers were not invited to be in the parade, and so they were angry; and they decided to crash the parade/jump in the parade without permission.

There were three rappers and the first rapper jumped into the parade with guns, music, automobiles, women, et cetera drawing all the attention to himself; and then the second rapper did the same, and then the third rapper.

They had a good time crashing the parade and the parade kept going with them in it, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


November 14, 2012 | Dream Fragments | An Older Brother Trying To Hide A Conspiracy

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The night before last or last night, I remember part of a dream where I drove back to D from somewhere unknown, and I stopped to get some gasoline/gas.

I remembered that I had gotten gasoline recently (a day or two ago), but I decided to put in $5 – $10 of gasoline in my automobile anyway; and so I got the gasoline, paid at the window, and I left but that is all that I can remember.

Last night I remember part of one dream, that had several connected parts, but I only remember part of the first part; and the dream was probably inspired by the TV show Homeland, but it was not about the TV show and I was not a main character in this dream & I am not sure if I was even in the dream at first or not.

The main character of the dream was a man who I will call older brother, since he had a young sister in the dream and I do not know his name, and he was trying to hide something the entire dream; and that something was probably a conspiracy to commit a major event of some kind, but I am not sure what exactly.

Older brother was being cautious the entire dream and was a bit paranoid about hiding whatever he was trying to hide, he wanted to hide any information/objects/contacts (other people were part of the conspiracy but the dream focused mostly on older brother)/involvement/et cetera in the conspiracy that he was part of, and this unknown conspiracy was slowly taking place the entire dream.

The first part of the dream took place at a large strange one floor building that had indoor areas, outdoor/semi-outdoor areas, and even parts of a home or homes; and older brother and his young sister lived in this building in the part that was a house, but the dream started in the public areas of the building.

There were people walking around, talking, et cetera; and younger sister might have played with some toys and/or playground equipment.

I think that I could sometimes read older brothers mind and hear his thoughts, he was constantly being cautious about people finding out about his secrets/the conspiracy and he constantly was alert & finding ways to hide the conspiracy, and at some point he approached his young sister.

They had a conversation and his sister kept asking questions, questions that made older brother think that his sister was suspicious about his actions/behavior(s), and so older brother started to wonder if he would have to kill his own sister or something; and so he started to ask his sister questions, and then he started to think that something bad had happened to his sister.

He no longer felt that she was suspicious about him and instead he felt that maybe she had been raped or sexual abused in the past/recently, and so he found a doctor in the building; and he ask the doctor to check his sister to make sure that she was okay, and he told the doctor about his suspicions.

I can not remember why older brother felt that something bad had probably happened to his sister, but something made him think that; and so his older brother instincts put him in protective mode, and he wanted to protect his sister & if something bad had happened to her, then he wanted to investigate & deal with who ever had harmed her.

The doctor was checking his sister’s physical/emotional/mental/et cetera health but older brother was impatient and kept rushing the doctor, and so the doctor had to keep telling him to calm down & that he wanted to do more testing; and he told older brother that so far his sister seemed physically healthy, but more tests were needed.

The doctor told older brother that the tests would take more time and he recommended that he go do something else to relax, and so older brother left to continue working on hiding the conspiracy that he was part of; and the dream followed older brother to a new location.

I had remembered the second part of the dream but I forgot it shortly after waking up when I was focusing on trying to remember the first part, and I accidentally forgot the second part while recovering the first part; oops. 😀

The end,

-John Jr