Watching Movies In A Field

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I barely remember my last dream, which is a bit confusing due to some parts that probably repeated a few times with slight differences each time, and I am not sure how the dream began exactly.

I remember driving an old school bus with my brothers (who were younger again) in it during the day, and I have no idea where we were; but I remember driving to a small field with a fence, out in a somewhat nice area in the middle of nowhere.

We seemed to be on a trip and one of our stops was to watch some movies in this field, and it seemed that a wife, husband (who was not in the dream during this part), and their two or three kids were making a bit of money by showing movies in the field while selling some food & drink as well.

Next to the field was an area with some playground equipment for when kids would get bored during a movie and there was probably a portable toilet near there as well, and in the field was a simple large white screen held up by thin metal poles with a simple projector to project the movies to the screen; it was a simple and inexpensive setup that the family had, and they sold some snacks & drinks from an ice cooler.

I forgot how much it cost to watch a movie but it was probably inexpensive and the snacks & drinks were probably inexpensive as well, and there were a few seating areas in the field such as a few picnic tables, a few benches, and a few chairs.

I remember watching most of the movies from the bus while my brothers watched them from the field mostly and the first movie was about non-human animals like zoo animals & pets, which some of my brothers like, and it reminded me of something from the Animal Planet TV channel and/or the Discovery Channel.

The second film was about a woman who reminded me of myself in the dream, who was driving her younger siblings around on a bus to see non-human animals at zoos and other places; and there might have been another movie, but either the dream repeated and/or  we went to another place to watch another film, but I can not remember which.

Later I remember being at the field again with my brothers and the husband & kids were there, the wife was gone somewhere, so the husband was in charge of showing the movie & watching the kids; and the husband did not seem happy about watching the kids, and so he was in a bad mood & he seemed to be the annoying angry type who did not want kids but had them anyway.

I forgot to mention that a few other people came to watch the movies at the field too, throughout the dream, and the husband tried to figure out what movie to play; and he ended up playing the Japanese animated (anime) film Princess Mononoke, to my surprise, but I do not think that he had ever seen the film before.

A woman in the field had never heard of the film before and so I told her a bit about it, and I told her that it was a pretty good film.

One or two movies later I remember my brothers getting restless and so I took them to playground to play, and I remember seeing & hearing the husband angrily talking to his kids; even though they were not making much noise and they just wanted to run around & play near the playground.

The husband was thin with curly black colored hair with a white muscle shirt, and he was negative the entire dream; but fortunately he toned it down a bit, I woke up shortly after this and/or after one or more repeats of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


8-21-2011 | Dream Fragments | Semi-Lucid Dream Fragments

The Cheshire Cat vanishes in Wonderland.

I remember a bit of three dream fragments from last night, with the first dream taking place inside a school that was mixed with a house, and the parent’s of my former classmate AH, Mr. H & Ms. H, were teachers of one of the classes that I was in & my brother CC was in that class too.

My brother CC had went to use the bathroom near the end of the class and I asked to go to the bathroom as well, and near the bathroom was an open door that led outside into a small area of the yard, and I saw a fox chasing a rabbit or something like that; and I went to distract the fox from killing the rabbit or whatever he was chasing, and the fox stopped & it got scared & it ran.

I then used the bathroom and Mr. H came to see what was taking me so long, and he thought that I was just wasting time instead of using the bathroom and so I told him about the situation with the fox, but he thought that I was lying & he started to laugh; Ms. H came to see what was going on too and then the bell rang for the class to be over, and I briefly talked with Mr. H & Ms. H and then I left, but I woke up.


A Brutal Killing | Presidential Assassination Attempts

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Dream 1

Last night I remember some of two dream fragments, with the first one starting at a farm/zoo-like place in the day, and I was with my parent’s.

There were other people there, mostly kids with their parent’s and teachers, like they were on a field trip or something.

To our surprise the place seemed recently abandoned and there was no one taking care of the animals, and the place looked a bit run down.

Most of the kids were playing on playground equipment and my parent’s & I walked around, and to our surprise & disgust, we saw many dead animals; mostly dead cows.

There were some animals still alive as we walked around, but they did not look healthy; my guess was that the owners had gotten arrested for animal cruelty recently, so no one was left to take care of the animals.

We decided to leave but one of the exits to the parking lot was a slide at the playground, and so we were going to slide down it to reach the playground.

A kid in front of me went down the slide and then I did as well, and we reached a dark parking lot; and standing near the end of the slide was a man trying to sell drugs or something to the kid.

Then another man with an afro came walking by and he stopped to tell the other man to leave the kid alone, and then the other man started talking to him; since they knew each other.

The other man asked the man with the afro to join him, but the man with the afro said that he had started to change his life for the better, and that he did not do stuff like that anymore.

The man with the afro appeared to had been or still was a member of some African-American social group, maybe something like The Black Panthers (Black Panther Party) or Nation Of Islam or something, and he told the other man that he should be trying to help the community instead of making it worse.

The other man got angry as the man with the afro started to walk off, so the other man tried to stab him with a pocket knife from behind; but the man with the afro pulled out his pocket knife and blocked the attack to our surprise.

The kid and I were watching this all quietly and we were both shocked, and my parent’s were not in the parking lot yet; so only us two were witnessing this.

The man with the afro told the other man that he did not want to fight, but the other man continued to try to cut him with his pocket knife; but the man with the afro blocked the attacks until he had his knife to the other man’s throat.

The other man was surprised and once again the man with the afro told him that he did not want to fight, and this time the other man said okay; but as the man with the afro was turning to walk off, the other man tried to stab him in the back again.

The man with the afro then blocked the attack and quickly stabbed the other man in the throat/neck about 7 times or so, then he stabbed him in the eye, and he started to cut the other man’s face from his eye to the bottom of his face; it was realistic, nasty, and disturbing.

You could hear the sounds of the ripping and the popping of his eyeball and flesh.

I was so shocked and disturbed, that I accidentally woke myself up from the dream.

Dream 2

My next dream is unclear, but it took place in the bottom floor of a modern building with a lot of glass, and The President Of The United States Elias Martinez from the TV show The Event was there with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Agent or whatever he was.

Some high level person in the government tried to kill the president and I was there, and so the CIA agent and I went to help the president; I guess the secret service agents must have been killed in the attack.

The president was unconscious and we had no one there to help us, so the CIA agent called for backup, as he tried to wake the president up.

Eventually the president woke up as a few new secret service agents came into the building to help walk the president to his limo and I could hear a few police sirens near by, and I think we used a large painting of The Young Shepherdess to shield the president; but I could be wrong.

As we were walking the president and shielding him, I noticed something odd about the secret service agents, and I felt that they were going to try to kill the president; and suddenly one of them pulled out his pistol to shoot the president, but I tackled him before he could shoot.

The CIA agent then shot the other secret service agents, and I managed to take the pistol from the one I tackled and I shot him; the CIA agent, the president, and I were shocked & did not know who to trust then.

The three of us decided to get to the limo as some police officers came to help us, but as they were trying to get the president into the limo, I noticed a suspicious looking police officer on a bicycle in front of the limo; I felt that he had a bomb, so I went to search him.

We started to wrestle and I knocked his helmet and shades off, and he was a man with blond hair and whitish colored skin; he somewhat looked like a character from the film Remember The Titans.

I found a bag on him with the bomb in it and I yelled for the others to get away because there was a bomb, as I tried to throw it, but the police officer grabbed my arm and the bomb fell near us.

I tried to run but the police officer grabbed me and so I did not get very far, so I jumped on the ground to avoid the explosion, in a way that would expose the police officer to most of the blast.

The bomb exploded and sent the police officer and I flying in the air, but most of the shock-wave hit him; it hit him so hard that his legs flew backward so far, that his feet hit the back of his head. 😀

I was not hurt bad and I started to get up, but the police officer got up to my surprise too; and he was smiling and started to attack me, but I was able to out grapple him and I held him down.

The CIA agent and a few other police officers came and arrested him, but he was still smiling and I think he said that it was not over, as he looked at me while the other police officers were walking him to their police car.

The CIA agent said that the president was still alive and that he was on his way to a secure location, but suddenly the police officer that had been arrested, vanished while the other police officers were still holding him; we all were shocked and started to swing around, trying to see if he was invisible now or something, but we could not find him.

He had smiled and looked at me when he vanished, he was handcuffed, and two other police officers were holding both of his arms at the time; so we had no idea what was going on or how he escaped like that.

The CIA agent and I felt that something very crazy was going on and we had no idea who to trust, but I woke before we could talk about the situation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂