Playing Spades With My Cousin ME

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I had more dreams that I woke up remembering but I went back to sleep without recording them by accident, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream took place inside a fictional version of The E House, possibly a version of it from one or more past dreams, because I had memories and possibly false memories of it.

This house was more than one floor and even had a store connected to it, and it even had an elevator.

It looked nothing like the real E House, but somehow I knew what it was supposed to be.

My memories and possibly false memories of the house included me knowing about the unused floors of the house that you could access through an elevator down a hallway that no one really uses, and the unused floors were somewhat creepy / scary and had a sort of paranormal / supernatural feel to them combined with the feeling of something familiar and like this area contained objects from my past like walking into a small old corner of your subconscious.

Some strange paranormal and / or supernatural and natural things may have even happened in the unused floors during some of my adventures through them but I can not remember, even though I found these areas a bit creepy and scary I still liked exploring them because usually no one else was there, and there was something familiar about them and it was like stepping into forgotten parts of the past.

It was one of those places that you would normally avoid in a dream and in real life, a place that emits strange energy that scares you away (a no go zone basically, somewhere that you are not supposed to go, or something so unknown and different that you mind is afraid of it), and that even scares away most dream characters; but I had a personal connection to this place because it was my grandfather CE’s now abandoned house and before that it was his and my grandmother DE’s house when they were alive so there were happy memories there so I was able to have enough courage to explore it when most others would not.

Me, my mom, my brother GC, and my brothers TDC and KDC were at the house like we were going to spend the night and possibly move in so we were picking our rooms and even thinking about how to arrange the furniture and what rooms would be used for what and converted to what.

I walked past some open rooms on the left side of a hallway, we were possibly on an upper floor but I am not sure, one or more were bedrooms but some could be converted into whatever so I was trying to decide which should be bedrooms and which should be family rooms  and living rooms et cetera.

At the end of the hallway you could turn left, there was at least one table and some chairs before this, and on the hallway on the left side was the quiet mostly unused hallway that led to the elevator to reach the unused floors that were probably somewhat dusty and possibly had some spider webs and that most people were afraid to go to.

I wanted to explore these unused floors again because it had been awhile, the fear and energy I felt just thinking about those floors were not enough to stop me, and I knew that I had survived the other times even if strange things did happen sometimes and there were possibly some threats there sometimes.

Before I could walk up the hallway to the elevator my male cousin ME walked behind me, I greeted him, and I asked him if he wanted to go exploring the unused floors but did not because he was afraid like most people and I could not convince him to go because that is how afraid people were of those areas.

I asked him what did he want to do then, he replied that he wanted to play cards, and he pulled a deck of playing cards out of his pocket and he moved the table and chairs at the beginning of the hallway on the left and we sat down to play.

I told him that it has been years since I played any normal playing card-type game so he would have to teach me the rules of whatever game we play, he decided on the game Spades, and he shuffled the deck and handed out the cards.

I asked him how to play and he started looking at the top of my cards, I try to avoid letting him see them, he tapped the cards, he pulled out a few cards and took them, and then he pulled out a sheet of paper and pen and started writing and doing calculations and saying them out-loud.

I noticed drawn and color faces on the bottom of the page in different styles, I complimented him on the drawings if those were his, and I asked him about the calculations that he was doing and how do we play because I do not remember having to do any of this in the past in Spades.

He did not respond and he kept doing his calculations and pulling some of my cards, I felt that he was just cheating and pretending that this was part of the game, and then he stopped the game and said that he wanted to play dodgeball and he pulled out a dodgeball.

I noticed some windows or something so I said that we should move somewhere else or outside, and so we started walking.

We reached a hallway where part of the wall opened automatically to the store by the clothing section, and we saw an overweight woman with light-color skin with yellow hair wearing somewhat nice clothing and a large pearl necklace or pearl-like necklace who saw us and asked us some questions.

I sensed that if we did not answer her questions to her liking that she would call the police thinking that we did not belong there, in the corner of my eyes I saw ME shaking his head no for me to not answer her questions, but I did anyway and I told her that we live here and then I corrected myself and I said that this was our grandfather’s house and that we were staying there and were probably moving in.

The woman then went back to shopping, I turned to see that ME was gone, and so I walked into the store looking for him.

Eventually I found him walking near a group of young people with dark-color skin wearing athletic clothing, and so I walked over to him.

He seemed angry at me and he would not look at me, I guess he was mad at me for answering the woman’s questions, and now he did not want to play dodgeball or anything.

I felt a bit bad but there was nothing that I could do, and so I turned around to walk back to the house areas to probably go explore the unused areas but I woke up

The end,

-John Jr


A Drive-Through Music Store | Aaron Chiz Drinking Blue Moon Beer

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the night and I remember my brother GC and I being at a small modern two-story house on the second floor, I am not sure if anyone else from my family was there or not, and it seemed that we had just moved into this house.

I can not remember most of the dream so I am not sure in what order this happened but I remember leaving in my automobile to a drive-through music store to get a song by a fictional female music artist who was probably from Japan whose name started with a Y and maybe sounded something like Yamisa or Yamisha or something like that.

There were some automobiles in line in front of me, this drive-through somewhat reminded me of the McDonald’s drive-through in the city of D but the menu was closer to where the entrance of the building should be, and I remember having a list of some songs and musicians and albums as I looked the menu.

A woman took my order at the ordering menu over the intercom, I remember looking at my list trying to find the name of the musician and the song hoping that she would understand me and be able to find the song and other music by this female musician, because it was not on their menu.

I can not remember what happened, the next thing that I remember is being back at the house on the second floor in the bathroom naked about to take a shower or bath, but I noticed that at least one of the windows was not completely covered so you lost some privacy.

This bathroom had a lot of large windows around the room with only some frosted paper or something like that on the windows except for part of one window where the paper was peeling off to where you could see outside and people could see inside as you used the bathroom, and so we were going to have to fix this; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, my former male classmate DH arrived at my parent’s house by automobile in a surprise visit, and I rode with him back to him parent’s house.

His parent’s house was bigger and longer and the yard was surrounded by wooden privacy fence, and there were some barns in the backyard a few small ones and some large connected ones.

We went into my former classmate DH’s old room which was bigger and looked nothing like his old room except for it being messy, I remember talking and wanting to maybe play some tennis and/or video games and/or some other things, but my former classmate DH seemed tired and ended up falling asleep as I was talking and suggesting things to do.

He woke up and we walked outside in the backyard, I had fictional memories from maybe some past dreams of his parent’s having chickens in a small barn but they no longer had chickens now it seemed, and we walked into the large connected barns and this reminded me of some fictional memories from some past dreams of my family and I being on vacation and going inside a large building that looked like connected barns inside that was possibly a store and/or tourist center and/or museum.

I told my former classmate DH about these memories and how it looked almost exactly like this, at some point maybe it actually was this place or one like it because I remember other people being inside and maybe selling things as we walked around, and there was more to this part of the dream that I can not remember except for maybe my former classmate DH mentioning things about his job in the military.

*I just remembered another part of this dream where a younger version of my male cousin DE wearing glasses entered the barn-like store holding some playing cards, his voice was very quiet and harder to understand and he did not talk much, and he motioned for me to pick a card so I did; and I noticed that a paper with text was taped to the back of the card, my cousin DE had a list and he read what it said in reference to the card that I picked so each card had its own special text to read, and I think that the main word for the card I pulled was possibly Bought and maybe the text was encouraging you to buy something but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream*

At some point we walked back inside his parent’s house who seemed to be gone somewhere, my former classmate DH stopped to check on a fictional young female cousin of his and maybe his son AH who he seemed to be babysitting, and so this was probably part of the reason he was so tired.

My memory is messed up but the next thing I remember is being somewhere else maybe, I remember a teenage girl or young woman with white skin with long hair walking by this area, and then I remember seeing Aaron Chiz from YouTube with a tall glass cup of Blue Moon beer and the glass cup had the Blue Moon symbol and words on it.

I stopped to talk with Aaron and I remember him saying how refreshing and good the beer was and he described the flavor and why he liked it, there was more to this part of the dream, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr