My Former Classmate CW A Pleasant Fiction Or Set Up (Trap)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered some of the end of my last dream, which started with me at a restaurant that was in the building that Super China Buffet is in, but I can not remember what happened there other than meetings some former classmates of mine and parts of the dream jumped back & forth between some the restaurant and some woman who worked for some government agency; I was in the part of the dream with the restaurant but I was not in the other part of the dream with the government agent.

At some point I remember walking outside with my former female classmate CW, we were both relaxed and talking as we walked on side of the road toward the bridge that has a small stream of water under it.

I was surprised things were going so well after not seeing each other for some many years, CW pulled me toward trail under the bridge with the stream and we continued walking and talking.

Both of us were in a relaxed and playful mood so CW grabbed me by the waist from behind and I lifted her up so she could ride on my back, and I started to run forward; I was worried about snakes since the grass was tall and we were near water, so I tried to be careful and I warned CW about it.

She did not seem to care and told me that her stomach was hurting so I stopped and sat her down on what appeared to be a table-like thing next to some bushes, I checked for snakes first before I put her down on it, and then I offered to give her a massage to help with her stomach.

We were both very relaxed and in a playful mood, and at this point our hormones levels were skyrocketing so things started to get romantic (it was more complicated than this but I am not good at explaining such things); I stopped & took a deep breath hoping to try to control my hormones, which helped a little as I gave her a normal massage starting with her arms then stomach/lower back but then things got heated again so I had to stop & take another deep breath.

I wanted to start walking again but I was still caught up in the moment with feelings that are hard to describe & CW’s smile, face, mood, etc. were too hard to resist and so I went to kiss CW on the forehead and then on both of her cheeks, but right after I did that, I stopped once again to take a deep breath and started think that something was not right; I thought very briefly about the strange parts of the dream about the female government agent and I wondered if this was a set up, but then someone hit me in the back of the head.

As I was falling to the ground and things were going black, I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂