Robert Downey Jr. Paying For Help & Dealing With Corrupt Police Officers & David Harbour

I barely remember a variety of dream fragments from last night, and I am not sure if they are part of the same dream or not.

So I will type them randomly as I remember them, but I have forgotten most of them after not voice recording my dreams.

Dream 1

One dream fragment involved our female neighbor across the street at The B House, maybe some of the others that live with her were in the dream as well, but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream 2

A second dream fragment involved me being inside a windowless building inside a large gym-like room with a large ceiling, I remember the actor Robert Downey Jr. paying me and several other people for help and probably security/protection.


Watching A Training Day-Like Film At Work

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, that took place inside of a fictional building, and I had a job at this building that reminded me of my old LB job; but my job seemed to only involve computers, and so did the jobs of most of the other people who I worked with in this dream.

I am not sure what was the name of the company that I worked for or what my job was exactly, there were no customers coming inside our building & so we were not a store, and I worked in a computer lab-like room in the building.


Getting A Ticket And Going To Jail And Trying To Get Money To Pay For The Ticket

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed early last night and I accidentally slept for too long, about ten hours, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional small city that was slightly like D, and I was driving in my automobile on a country highway and through some country streets on the out-skirts of the city; and something happened that I can not remember where I was stopped by a police officer who had the color green as part of his uniform, maybe by accident, and I got a ticket that cost about $600 – 800 and I either got arrested or I had to follow the police officer to the jail for small/non-violent crimes.

The small jail was not very secure and it was in the city, and I was taken to see my jail cell which was in a jail suite that had 3 jail cells in it that looked like somewhat big bathroom stalls; each jail cell had a bed, toilet, sink, a sticker-type mirror magnet stuck to the cell/stall door for a mirror since a normal mirror was too dangerous, a blue colored thing that I am guessing held drinking water, and emergency/hospital monitor & IV bag for nutrition if people could not eat or something.

Each jail cell/stall door did not seem to lock but the jail suite door could lock, the jail cell/stall on the left of mine had a woman with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair in it & she was hooked up to a hospital/emergency monitor & IV & she looked unconscious and/or sick, an older man with whitish colored skin with a long beard was being taken from the jail cell/stall that was to be mine which was in-between the woman’s jail cell/stall and an empty jail cell/stall I think that looked/felt like someone had died recently in that jail cell/stall, and so it was just the woman and I in our jail suite which had three separate jail cells/stalls.

I was surprised that women and men could share jail suites and I wondered if the woman was dying and I wondered if someone had died in the jail cell/stall to the right of mine, the police officer told me that I could either spend time in jail or I could leave & try to get the money to pay for my ticket; but I only had 24 – 48 hours to pay for my ticket if I left the jail, or I would be arrested & brought back to jail.

I felt that I did not have enough money in my checking account to pay for the ticket and I did not want to be in jail, even though this jail was a lot nicer/safer than any jail that I have seen since it was only for small crimes/non-violent crimes, and so I took a moment sitting in my jail cell/stall and walking around the jail suite trying to decide what to do.

The jail suite door was open and you could walk around the hallways if you wanted to, since it was still day, so the jail was not very secure and it was not even built secure since most of the doors were regular weak doors.

At some point the woman in the jail cell/stall next to mine woke up and she started having a negative reaction, I opened her jail cell/stall door to ask her if she was okay, but she could not talk; and she was having an emergency it seemed and I tried to call out for help.

I decided to go to the lobby to warn the jail workers about her condition and some of them went to check on her, and then I told the other jail workers that I had decided to leave the jail to try to get the money to pay for my ticket; and so they let me go, and now I had 24 – 48 hours to get the money or I would have to go back to jail.

I remember walking or driving not far from where the police officer had stopped me earlier, and I saw another person get pulled over by the police and he got an expensive ticket as well; and I went to talk with him after the police officer left, and there was another man in the car with him.

The driver was afraid that he could not pay for such an expensive ticket either and so his friend suggested that we go to a club nearby to meet someone who might be able to help with the ticket problem, and so we drove to the club.

I forgot to mention that the driver was a thin weak looking man with whitish colored skin with curly dark-colored hair wearing a t-shirt with blue jeans & he had a squeaky/high-pitched annoying voice, and his friend was a thin man with dark brownish colored skin wearing a black colored baseball hat with a t-shirt with blue jean shorts.

We went inside the club, which was owned by a woman with whitish colored skin with long blond colored hair, and there was a long stage with a lot of people dancing around it to music as the owner performed on the stage; and most of the people looked to be high school aged – young college aged students/people, and so it seemed like a teen club or something, which made me feel even more uncomfortable being there since I was older than anyone there probably.

There were two police officers standing near the stage who were doing security, even though they probably were supposed to be on-duty somewhere else, and the friend of the driver said that one of the police officers was the person who we needed to talk to about getting help with the ticket problem; and so the friend approached the police officer with dark brownish colored skin, the other police officer had whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair, and then the police officer walked over to us & asked us to come outside to talk about the situation.

We went outside near his police car, I decided to stay back because I did not want to illegally make a deal with a police officer to have my ticket problem taken care of, but the driver did talk with the police officer about his ticket problem; and the police officer offered him a deal, $100 cash payment from the driver, and the police officer would take care of his ticket problem.

The driver agreed to the deal and paid him $100 in front of us, and then the police officer thanked him for doing business with him; and he told the driver that he did not have to worry about the ticket problem anymore, and then we left.

Obviously this city had some corrupt police officers and a corrupt system, but I decided to handle it legally, and so I had the driver drop me off near my automobile or somewhere & I thanked him & they drove off; and then I started to think about things that I could sell in a garage sell to earn some money and/or who could I ask for donations and/or where could I work to make some quick money legally and/or who would let me borrow some money, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Corrupt Chief Of Police

Source: Wikipedia

I had several interesting dreams last night, unfortunately, I forgot most of them & I forgot the important parts of the dreams that I do remember; and so they are very unclear and they do not make much sense.

I think that the early dream or dreams involved a college where I probably went to some classes and/or talked with some students & teachers, and something happened at the college that involved the police & maybe something strange like zombies or something; but I am not sure.

I think that I met the chief of police of the fictional city during whatever happened at the school, and I think that he was pretty corrupt & was abusing his power; and he would threaten people, force them to do stuff for him, falsely arrest people, do improper searches of people & their property, lie, and more.

I had met a woman who had a young daughter and she had a woman who was her friend, and the woman with the young daughter & I were starting to become friends & we started dating and/or went on a date near the end of the dream or dreams; but the chief of police was somehow involved with them/bothering them in some way I think.

I remember that most of the dream took place during the day but I forgot most of the interesting parts that took place around the city, at the college, and with the woman & her daughter & her friend; but I do remember that something happened that involved the police again.

The two women came up with a plan to start a police chase or to distract the police or something crazy like that, that probably had something to do with them trying to get the chief of police to stop bothering them or something, and so their crazy plan started; but I do not remember the details.

I just remember that the friend was driving an automobile getting chased by police and the woman & her daughter & I were driving another automobile, and at some point when the police were blocked by a giant truck or something; we picked up the friend in our automobile, and we escaped.

I forgot what happened after this exactly but later I think that the woman and I went on a date during the night, while the friend watched the daughter at her apartment, and after our date we went to pick up the daughter; and I walked them back to their apartment.

But the chief of police approached us, who had already searched the woman’s apartment illegally, and he was a thin tall over-confident man who wore glasses & he had whitish colored skin with short hair at this point but earlier in the dream or dreams he was an average height over-weight man who had grayish/whitish balding hair; I would describe him as slimy/shady/untrustworthy, I thought of a slimy reptilian/reptile/snake when we met him, no offense to reptiles/snakes. 😀

The chief of police seemed to have a lot of power in the city and he did what he wanted mostly, and so he was not afraid to go around the city alone bothering people; because most people would not try to stop him or defend themselves, or they would be arrested.

I was very annoyed by the chief of police but I tried to stay calm and not do anything to get us arrested, and I remember him questioning the woman; and he told us about how he had followed her, and about all the information that he knew about her that he gathered illegally.

He made slightly veiled threats about how he knew where she lived, where her friend lived, what school her daughter goes to, what college the two women went to, and various other personal ways he could threaten her with the information that he had.

We briefly talked and the chief of police did not really find anything else that he could use against her, and so he said goodbye in a villainous way; and he had already made it clear that he could get into her house when he wanted and that he knew a lot about her life.

He walked off smiling, probably laughing, and he probably whistled and/or hummed and/or sang as he walked off in his usual over-confident way.

The woman’s apartment building was a small two-story brick apartment in an alley-like area near a road and there were dark areas near the stairs, and so it looked a bit dangerous at night; but fortunately no one seemed to be hanging out in the neighborhood.

We went to her apartment room on the second floor and we talked about the chief of police, and we probably looked around the apartment to see what he had messed with in the house.

I made some suggestions and we tried to figure out what we could do to help protect the woman, her daughter, and her friend.

I am not sure why the chief of police was bothering them, it seemed that they had done nothing wrong but for some reason he had a special interest in them, like he wanted something and/or enjoyed bothering them especially; he bothered other people around the city as well, but they seemed to be on his list of people he really enjoyed bothering.

We then contacted her friend about what had happened, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


George W. Bush The Investigator | Aliens In The House

George W. Bush The Investigator

Last night I remembered part of two of my dreams, my first dream started with my dad and I going to some unknown house to see someone I think, or we were lost & needed directions.

The house was a nice multi-story house that seemed to be owned by a rich person, and there were maids & workers that all appeared to be from Mexico (Mexican).