Let’s Show Them The Light Under The Light?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I possibly woke up and went back to sleep into this dream several times during the night but I can not remember, so I did not voice record my dreams during that time, and so now I can only remember part of this dream.

I remember the dream taking place during the day mostly at an unknown modern building, some interesting and possibly strange things happened there that I can not remember, and I was there with some other people including the actor Woody Harrelson who(m) I remember talking to several times during the dream.

There was possibly also something about a job, maybe a job tryout and / or job sign-up and / or job fair and / or something job related, and maybe the other people and me had to do some things involving the job thing but I can not remember.

At some point I remember getting a call from my parent’s on my mobile phone, there was something about them trying to buy one or more automobiles, and one of these automobiles would possibly be for me so I guess they wanted me to call a certain male automobile salesperson so I did.

The male salesperson told me that he had an automobile on sale for maybe between $8,000 – $13,000, he did not tell me much about it at all, and for some odd reason I agreed to take the automobile that he told me about even though I did not see it or test drive it or let an automobile mechanic check it and I ended the call and I let my parent’s know so they were possibly going to go buy it later.

There was something that happened but I am not sure if I heard this through my mobile phone or if someone had a police scanner radio or if someone had a police radio or how I heard it, but I heard a male police officer making a call to all police officers in the area who were listening.

The police officer said that there was an official emergency situation and that they needed all available police officers to respond to it, and he said that it possibly involved ISIS.

He did not specify what he meant by ISIS, but I assumed that he meant the terrorist group ISIS (The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria) (The Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant (ISIL)) (The Islamic State (IS)).

The police officer ended with something that confused me even in the dream and I am not sure if it was a threat or warning or prayer or quote or verse or scripture or what it was or what it meant exactly, and this is what he said:

“Let’s Show Them The Light Under The Light.”.

I assumed that this message was to his fellow police officers and that Them referred to ISIS, but that was just my assumption.

I still was not sure what that meant exactly. (So maybe he was referring to Isis the goddess and not ISIS the terrorist group when he said ISIS, but I have no idea)

I remember thinking about this trying to figure out what he meant by that, thinking about the automobile that was for sale, and talking to some of the others in the building when I got a call on my mobile phone from the automobile salesperson telling me that he had one more automobile for sale at a lower price than the other automobile (maybe $8,000).

Once again he barely told me anything about the automobile, and oddly I agreed to take that one instead and so I told my parent’s.

I returned to what I was doing but then I started to reconsider my automobile decision, I realized that I did not know much about the automobiles and that it was not wise to buy something like that blindly, but I was not sure if we were locked into buying it now that I had agreed to take it.

I wanted to call my parent’s to tell them to not buy any automobile yet without looking at and testing and getting it checked, but I was not sure if it was too late or not.

I woke up before I could decide whether to call them first or the automobile salesman first.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate AM | A Dream Fragment

Dream Fragment My Former Classmate AM

I had this dream fragment a few days ago, and it took place at night-time at the park in D.

At the beginning of the walking trail there was a little apartment or room, and I remember walking in there with a woman I used to go to school with and work with, named AM.

She wanted to tell me something, so we walked into the room so that no one else could hear us.

As she started talking, her husband burst the door open looking angry, and he wanted to know what was going on; so I guess he thought that AM was cheating on him.

I told him to calm down and that she was only talking to me about something, and them AM went to explain the situation to him; but I woke up.

Dream Fragment March 1 2009

Last night I only remember part of one of my dreams, I was not in this dream, but I could see things like a camera person.

A woman was driving a car all alone on a quiet road on a gray day, and later a police car came driving up the road fast; and the police car hit her car.

Somehow the police car accidentally went into her lane and hit her car from the side, and both cars flew to the side of the road.

Another car with four young men saw the wreck, and so they stopped to watch from a distance.

I am not sure what happened to the woman, but I remember the police officer calling for help with his radio; and he said that the woman hit his car, which was a lie.

The four young men in the other car heard this and they started to get scared since they were witnesses, and as they were talking the police officer saw them.

The four young men panicked and they drove off very fast, they wanted to tell the truth about the wreck, but they were afraid that the police officer would arrest them & cover it up; so they drove off hoping to escape, so that they could tell someone the truth.

They drove up the road past some other police officers that were on the way to the wreck site, and then they drove into a field & they drove over a fence; and as this happened, two police cars drove across the field past them.

The two police officers seen that they were driving too fast, over 100mph, and so the two police officers started to chase them.

The dream then jumped to someone interviewing one of the young men that was in the car, and I guess he had explained what he saw that day; and I was seeing this.

The young man said that they wanted to be heroes and make sure that the truth about the wreck was told, and so they drove back to The United States (USA) to escape the police; so that they could tell the truth.

The interviewer then started to interview his lawyer, and the lawyer said that his client was a nice young man; but that he was immature.

He said that his client should not have fled the scene and that he should have told the police the truth; even if they thought that they would be put in jail, and that the police would try to cover up the wreck.

I do not know what happened to the woman in the wreck, so I am not sure if she died or not; I only remember waking up as the lawyer was still being interviewed.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂