Fighting In A Mixed Martial Arts Tournament And Getting Training Offers

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that during some part of the dream I decided to enter a mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament even though I have no real martial arts training (except for maybe a one or two-hour self-defense class for women that my male cousin DE and I went to with my mom once when we were kids), and I did not even prepare for this tournament.

In the dream it was a sudden decision, I found out about the tournament late, and then I entered the tournament.

I am not sure how many fights I fought, I just remember part of my last fight, and in my last fight I fought a man who looked like a tougher and more muscular version of the actor Jeffrey Donovan.

The man and I had a good and long almost evenly matched fight, and I was using my grappling skills mostly because his striking skills were probably better than mine.

There was something about my former male classmate JC in this dream but I can not remember what, I assume that my opponent and my fight against him reminded me of my former classmate JC, and of the only time that I lost a grappling match in my adult life so far.

In real life back when I was in college my former classmate JC and I had a grappling match in our college dorm room for fun to see who would win, we were roommates, and some of our former classmates and current collegemates and current roommates watched our grappling match.

My former classmate JC and I were about evenly matched, he was a bit taller and maybe heavier than me, and he had more grappling experience because him and his male cousin L were fans of professional wrestling.

We had a long and good grappling match, my former classmate JC has strange bone/joint/muscle structure (he can pop out and bend parts of his body in strange ways) et cetera so most of my submission moves would not work against him during our grappling match, and so during our grappling match that gave him an advantage so eventually I got too tired and he eventually won thanks to his strange joint/bone/muscle structure and more grappling experience.

That is the only time in my adult life that I have ever lost a grappling match, my grappling record as an adult so far is 1 loss and 1 draw and who knows how many wins, but it has been years since I had a grappling match because the people I know are too afraid of losing again I guess.

Anyway, I assume that my fight in the dream reminded me of this, but I could be wrong.

My fight in the dream was similar to my grappling match against my former classmate JC, without the strange joint/bone/muscle structure problem, and once again my opponent was more experienced and a bit taller and heavier than me and we were almost evenly matched so it was a close back and forth fight.

I can not remember the outcome of the fight, unfortunately, and the next part of the dream that I remember took place in the future.

I remember walking outside during maybe late in the afternoon or early evening across a parking lot near a police station/police academy-like building where there were many police officers (but most were probably wearing police workout clothes instead of their usual uniforms or had changed out of their uniforms because there shifts were probably over) but I do not remember seeing a jail or any inmates or any people reporting crimes, it just seemed like a place where police officers can train/exercise/take showers/eat/maybe sleep/et cetera.

As I was walking a male police officer with whitish-color skin stopped me because he said that I looked familiar, he recognized me and he told me that he fought me once, and then I recognized him as the last person I fought in the mixed martial arts tournament (the man who looked like a tougher and more muscular version of the actor Jeffrey Donovan).

Now that we both recognized and remembered each other we started walking and talking to the police station, and he walked me inside the back of the building where the locker rooms and gym and areas like that are inside the police station/police academy-like building.

We talked about our fight, I told him that I had no real martial arts training and that I had entered the tournament without preparing, and this surprised him because he said that I did a good job during our fight.

He said that he was trained in mixed martial arts by an older man, who had whitish-color skin with white/gray hair and beard who was possibly also a police officer and I saw flashbacks of this man training him and this man was the old mean rough tough no-nonsense type who possibly had an accent (maybe Irish or Scottish or something like that), and he also had some hand-to-hand combat training as a police officer of course.

I remember him saying that maybe he had won our fight but this was said as he was going to mention something else so I did not get any details and I was not sure if he really was talking about our fight or not, I still did not remember the outcome of our fight, and so I was going to ask him if he had won the fight or not because I could not remember but I did not ask him.

He was in a good mood and was excited now that he had found me, and he offered to train me in mixed martial arts and he wanted me to join him in competing in more mixed martial arts tournaments for money and because it seemed like he liked to challenge himself.

He was acting like a bro, into manly stuff and sports and partying et cetera and he was trying to get me to join in because I had impressed him during our fight, and he felt that I had a lot more potential especially once I got some training and he said that they could use some skilled/tough people/fighters like me.

I was not sure about the tournament stuff and bro lifestyle, but I definitely was interested in getting some training in mixed martial arts and getting in better shape so I accepted his offer to train me in mixed martial arts.

We finished our conversation, he was very excited, and we said goodbye and that he would see me again on our first training day which would be inside this police station/police academy-like building.

As I was walking away I remember seeing an athletic female police officer with whitish-color skin with very short medium-to-dark color hair who was dressed like and looked like she was about to exercise or had just finished (she was dressed like a recruit in training, maybe a gray T-shirt with police logo, and workout pants or shorts), and somehow we ended up in a conversation (she caught my attention and I probably overheard her saying something to some other police officers).

The female police officer told me that she was trying to train in mixed martial arts (for exercise, self-defense, sport, fun, et cetera) but she was having difficulty getting any of the other police officers to train with her and/or to train her, and so I offered to train with her.

So now I was set to train with two different police officers in mixed martial arts, I was not sure how I was going to do this, and so I thought about seeing if I could get us to all train together.

I was too busy talking with the female police officer and we were having a good conversation so I probably did not bring up the other male police officer, we seemed to have more in common compared to the male police officer, and so I was interested in getting to know her and I felt that we would probably become friends (maybe even more) and have a good time working out and training together.

I was more interested in training with her than with the male police officer, but I woke up shortly after saying goodbye and that we would see each other again on our first training day at this police station/police academy-like building.

Before I woke up I paused to think about whether I should tell the female police officer about the male police officer now or if I should wait until our first training day, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Singing The Dragonborn Comes

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I had more dreams last night but I forgot them maybe except for maybe part of a dream that took place during the day that possibly involved a college, maybe fictional roommates/suite-mates/classmates/friends, maybe some of my family, a fictional city, my former male classmate BH, et cetera; and now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of my last dream took place probably during the day in a windowless one-story building that seemed to be a multi-purpose city building that was probably used by the city, police department, a college, et cetera; and it had hallways with many rooms, some bathrooms, and in the middle of the building between two hallways was a small quiet (other than the female police officers arguing) police station which was just a counter/office-like area.

I went inside this building many times during the dream near the police station to go to the bathroom, most of the police officers were women who argued a lot so there was always some drama between them, and all the janitors in the building were women who I would sometimes hear talking about the latest drama between the female police officers; and the bathroom that I used most of the time was actually a women’s bathroom.

There are several reasons that I can not remember for why I ended up using the women’s bathroom most of the time, I do know that I forgot that it was a women’s bathroom or I did not find out until later in the dream that it was a women’s bathroom, and sometimes the female janitors would be cleaning and gossiping in the bathroom and/or some of the female police officers would be arguing inside or outside the bathroom in their open police station.

Interestingly people in the dream also would have some fun when they were not arguing or gossiping, they would often talk about the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and sing songs from the video game like The Dragonborn Comes, and I even joined in some of the singing sometimes because I know some of the lyrics to some of those songs; and it was fun singing with the others, it was like a bunch of people at a tavern in Skyrim having a good time, and surprisingly I did not really feel nervous.

At some point in the dream I finally figured out/remembered that I had been using the women’s bathroom all this time and I found out where the men’s bathroom was so I went to use it, there were some college students taking a break from a class and singing and having fun in the hallway outside the men’s bathroom, and inside the bathroom was a female college student with whitish colored skin with long medium-colored hair wearing glasses and sitting in a sitting area while some female janitors cleaned part of the bathroom while gossiping.

This bathroom was surprisingly clean and had pretty good privacy compared to the average bathroom in my dreams, the janitors were cleaning in one of the corners and so most of the stalls and semi-private urinals were open, and so I asked the janitors if it was okay for me to use the bathroom and they said yes; and then I said a few things to them, and I greeted the female college student before I went to urinate.

After urinating I washed my hands and then I stopped to talk to the female college student before going to sing with the other college students in the hallway who I heard singing songs from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we talked briefly and then we started singing The Dragonborn Comes, and then I went into the hallway to join the others in their song but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Tires And Relaxing With Charlotte Gainsbourg

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All that I can remember of this dream is that during the evening or night my former male classmate JC and I drove to the parking lot of a multi-story multi-purpose building to search for something or someone inside the building, I can not remember what or who, but I know that we were not supposed to be there.

I know that part of the building was a college (maybe we were students or former students or we just knew this area somehow) and part of it was a hospital but some other possible parts of the building were maybe a police station, military section, science labs, and maybe some other areas; and there were security guards, police officers, and maybe some soldiers guarding various areas along with some security cameras.

There were doctors, scientists, and other people walking around various areas as my former classmate JC and I walked around the building cautiously and separately searching for something or someone, and I remember walking through parts of the building on different floors (there were elevators and maybe some stairs) at least four times before stopping because I was afraid that the security would become suspicious if we kept walking around the building.

We did not find whatever or whoever we were searching for, I decided that we should abandon the mission for now to be safe, and so we went back outside to the parking lot to leave; but one of the tires on my former classmate JC’s car was flat, and so we tried to deal with this.

I decided that we should drive away from the parking lot somewhere else nearby to fix his flat before the security comes investigating, we went to do this but then one of my back tires had a problem where the rim was starting to separate from the tire, and so we drove to a parking area on grass on a hill over a field near the building where mostly college students and other people like to hang out; and we were familiar with this area.

Some of the students and college professors would park on the hill and walk across a land bridge to the building and/or the field, we parked at the edge of the hill near an area where you could sit on the grass, and when we got out of our automobiles to work on our tires somehow a younger and curvier and more attractive version of the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg was with me/us; and she convinced me to relax with her instead of working on the tires, and so I guess my former classmate JC worked on the tires while we relaxed.

Somehow it was day now like maybe it was morning time and the dream felt very nice and relaxing now, some college students were starting to arrive in the field to play sports and hang out, and I remember Mrs. Gainsbourg laying across my lap; and I remember her taking her clothes off like she was going to try to tan or just relax nude, I recommended that she keep her clothes on but she did not, and so I covered her with a whitish colored towel with horizontal blackish colored stripes.

Some female college students sat on the hill area to relax as well, I remember laying with Mrs. Gainsbourg just talking and relaxing, and she kept moving closer to the edge which was dangerous; and I told her this but she told me not to worry, at some point she started to fall pulling me down with her, and so I grabbed her and told her to hold on to me and then I grabbed the edge as we fell to stop us from falling.

I stopped us from falling as I hung on the edge, under this area was a nice area covered by the land that we were falling from, and so it was a nice shaded relaxing area on the ground with sitting and laying areas; and so I jumped down to it as Mrs. Gainsbourg held on to me, and I remember explaining to her that we almost got injured or died because she did not take my advice.

She started smiling and laughing and joking about it, then I realized that it was a bit funny and so I started smiling and laughing as well, and then I noticed two women walking toward us to sit in this shaded area with us; and Mrs. Gainsbourg was naked again after our near fall, and so I covered her with the towel again but somehow it covered her like a nice bikini and it felt nice and silky and soft.

We continued relaxing and talking as Mrs. Gainsbourg sat across my lap, I remember her skin and the towel/bikini feeling soft and silky and nice, and it seemed that we were dating maybe; and the dream felt very nice and relaxing, we just enjoyed the view and moment, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Graduation At A Mall-Like School / College And Using A Border Patrol SUV Without Permission | My Dead Cousin AE

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Dream 1

My first dream was long and detailed but all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream maybe during the start of the evening or late in the afternoon I was inside a nice one-story mall-like school/college that was familiar to me that was like a combination of a school/college and a mall with slightly tinted glass walls for most of the classrooms, dorm rooms, offices, cafeterias, businesses, et cetera that were inside the building.

There were students and people going around shopping, talking, eating, drinking, having class, going to their dorm rooms, working, et cetera and I was rushing from my last class or something like that back to my dorm room because I needed to get dressed for a graduation inside the building and I was behind schedule.

Once inside my dorm room (which also had slightly tinted glass walls so you could see through the walls into the mall-like areas and other people could see into my dorm room except for the bathroom and maybe a few other places) I stood in front of my chest-of-drawers trying to find something to wear, and there was an open door connected to my dorm room behind me with two women with whitish colored skin who worked in an office.

I waved at them and they waved back at me as they talked and watched me adjust my clothing as I put on a suit jacket and/or nice shirt over my under shirt with a tie, I put on a belt, and I changed shoes; and as I was trying to do this my former female classmates MW and her friend DS kept coming into my dorm room reminding me that I needed to hurry to the graduation because I had a special part in the program/graduation and/or I was going to get an award and/or I was graduating as well so they could not start without me.

My former classmate MW seemed to be helping organize the graduation for the or our graduated class and her friend my former classmate DS was helping her, they would leave back to the graduation and then come back to my dorm room to tell me to hurry each time, and after they left the last time I remember struggling/rushing to tuck in my shirts into my pants after tightening my belt first by mistake.

I did not want to waste time untightening my belt so I sucked in my stomach by hold my breath and I tucked in my shirts, I remember the two women in the office making positive comments about my outfit and how I looked, and then I left to rush to the graduation even though I was not exactly sure where in the building was the auditorium.

I walked through the mall-like areas toward where I hoped the auditorium would be or that I would see my former classmates WM and DS coming to find me again, I saw a young man with light-brownish colored skin with dark brownish colored hair who looked familiar and I greeted him; and he greeted me by name like he knew me, I assumed that he played American football back in high school and possibly now in college with one or more of my brothers, and we started talking as I continued walking.

He told me stories of some of his experiences/memories from back when he played American football in high school, at some point I probably reached the auditorium and joined the graduation but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place during the night probably after the graduation and I received a call from a fictional man who was watching / babysitting my brother TD’s pet dog Jack (an American Pit Bull Terrier) and my brother GC’s pet dog Cloud (a mostly Labrador  Retriever part American Pit Bull Terrier), the man said that Cloud ran away and he needed help finding him now, and so I drove and picked him and Jack up.

This city was like a fictional city based on the city of LC and we drove down a street to a small parking lot with a small police station in an area that looked like where L’s Restaurant should be, a man I knew / a friend worked as a Border Patrol agent/office in this police station, and I was going to ask him if we could borrow his Border Patrol SUV (sports utility vehicle) to search for Cloud.

The parking lot and police station were quiet with no one around and only his Border Patrol SUV in the parking lot, I assumed that he was either on a lunch break or off for the night, and so I was going to just use my automobile; but the man with me kept trying to convince me to use my friend’s Border Patrol SUV now, and ask him for permission later after using it.

I did not think that was a good idea but the man convinced me that we had to hurry and that we did not have time to wait or call my friend so I made the mistake of taking his advice, and we got into my friend’s Border Patrol SUV with Jack; and I drove it as we searched for Cloud, and we drove to a street off the main street that was like a quiet back road with fields on the right and maybe a baseball field on the left and some fenced properties for warehouses and/or something like that.

I parked and we walked around to a familiar narrow alley by the baseball field and we saw Cloud, he ran to the baseball field and so we went after him through an opening in the fence, and we used Jack to get Cloud to run over to us; and then I grabbed him by the collar and I walked him back with us to the Border Patrol SUV, and then we started driving back to the police station.

I felt uncomfortable and worried the entire time about using the Border Patrol SUV without permission and I feared that the police might be looking for us and that they might arrest us if they found out, there was a situation that stopped traffic that involved the police and maybe some mean/dangerous-looking soldiers, and so traffic got redirected into a parking lot like the one where CiCi’s Pizza should be.

I feared that they were searching for us but I was still dressed up so I hoped that they would assume that I worked with Border Patrol/law enforcement/the government, the situation was about something else and the police/soldiers did not notice that we were not really Border Patrol agents, and then we started trying to leave the parking lot.

An automobile with some angry/dangerous-looking men with whitish colored skin who looked like they were going to a bar started yelling and blowing their horn at us like they wanted to fight us because they thought that we were Border Patrol agents/officers and/or something like that or they were just looking for a fight, either way we tried to ignore them, and I drove away back to the police station.

As we got closer I got out my mobile phone to finally call my friend for permission to use his Border Patrol SUV even though we were almost done using it, I was going to get some more gasoline for it but the gasoline meter was still showing as full, and I was going to explain the situation to him and apologize; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that I was once again inside the mall-like school/college from the first dream, I remember going to my dorm room that was in a slightly different location/place this time closer to a side or back entrance/exit, and once again there was another room connected to my dorm room but I can not remember if it was still an office or not; but I do remember several people being in this/that room.

I remember wanting to be left alone and not seen for some reason(s) that I can not remember, I just wanted to relax and not have people know where my dorm room was so that I would not get random unexpected visitors and people wanting me to help them/people wanting to use me, and as I was standing near my slightly tinted glass door and walls looking into the mall-like area near the entrance/exit I saw a woman enter the building.

The woman was my dead female cousin AE but in the dream I did not remember that she was supposed to be dead, I did not want her to see me, and so I tried to hide because my walls and door were glass so people can see into my dorm room; but either she saw me or I decided to greet her, but I still hoped that she did not realize where my dorm room was.

I talked with her in the hall outside my door trying to make it seem like I was just walking through this area or visiting some friends in the room connected to my room and/or in my real dorm room, I am not sure if this worked or not, I just remember us talking; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Fictional New Season Of Luther With John Luther And Alice Morgan As Partners?

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I remembered the very end of one dream but I forgot it after failing to voice record it when I woke up to use the bathroom, after I went back to sleep I had my last dream which was very long/detailed/interesting and it involved at least three different perspectives/points of view/whatever, but unfortunately I can not remember a lot of the dream.

The dream started like it was the first episode of a new season of a fictional television show that would focus on three different perspectives/points of views with different characters in each with the entire television show focused on trying to solve a mystery involving maybe a name that I think was/sounded something like Zoo-Lee-Zoe (Zulizeau or Zulijeau) or Jew-Li-Zoe (Julizeau or Julijeau) or some name like that (I am not sure what or who this name represented, but I heard it mentioned in each perspective; and my guess is that the name represented a man who was possibly a detective who was possibly part of the investigation, but that is a wild guess), and so the various characters would likely meet each other at some point because they were all trying to solve the same mystery.

The first perspective/point of view/whatever of the dream started inside of a police station during the day on an upper floor of a building in an unknown city/country that possibly was the United States (USA), a balding high level obese police officer/detective/chief/whoever with whitish colored skin was talking to a male detective with whitish colored skin giving him the new case that he would be investigating, and maybe the detective’s name was Zulizeau/Zulijeau or Julizeau/Julijeau or something like that but I am not sure.

That name was mentioned so maybe that name was what he was to investigate or maybe that was the name of this case or something like that but I have no idea because I can not remember, they talked about the case but I can not remember this part of the dream, and the dream jumped to the second perspective/whatever; and this is my favorite part of the dream, it was short, but it was amazing.

The second perspective/point of view/whatever of the dream was amazing (I can not properly describe in words how nice it was/felt/looked) and somewhat realistic and it started from the point of view of someone waking up outside on the sands of a nice beach in an unknown city/country early in the morning when it is dark and the sun is starting to rise and I could see and somewhat feel things from this person’s point of view as they opened their eyes, and this seemed like the opening scene of a new season of a television show (showing things from the points of view of the characters, and from the outside view of the camera).

The person opened one eye first and you could see that the person had sand covering them like a blanket, you could see that things were dark with a growing orangish colored light as the sun slowly started rising in the cloudy sky (not rain clouds, just morning clouds), you could see that the person was close to the water as the waves slowly moved, and you could hear/feel the wind and sounds of the waves and some birds flying over the beach.

The person opened both eyes and they looked to the right and you could see a sidewalk and street with houses/apartments on a hill in the distance and a city further in the distance, the person started to move the sand off of their body, and the person appeared to be a woman with pale whitish colored skin; and the camera slowly moved up starting from her feet like they wanted you to slowly guess who this person was, and you could see that she was wearing a bikini but you could not see her face.

From behind she had long reddish/orangish colored hair and she was laying next to someone and she had her hands/body on this person and she was laying against this person’s body who was still covered with sand like they were a couple/dating or married, I started guessing that this was possibly Alice Morgan from the BBC television show Luther, and she laid there with the other person for a few seconds enjoying the moment before waking this person up (and it was an amazing moment on this nice beach and I could somewhat sense/feel what she was feeling, and it was a very positive mood/feeling of just wanting to stay there forever with someone you love/care about in this beautiful environment).

She quietly whispered in the ear of this person and from her voice I knew that I was correct about it being Alice Morgan and they showed her face (she was smiling and happy) and I assumed that the other person was the character John Luther from the BBC television show Luther, the other person woke up and moved a bit causing some of the sand to fall off, and the camera started moving up slowly starting from this person’s feet.

The person appeared to be a tall man with dark brownish colored skin who was either naked under the sand or wearing a tight speedo/bikini underwear/swimming trunks because you could see the shape of what seemed to be a large penis under the sand, and then you saw his face and it was John Luther like I predicted and he was still tired and he wanted to lay there a bit longer; and Alice reminded him that they needed to be leaving soon because the sun was rising and people were starting to jog/walk/wake up/go to work/go to school/et cetera, and so they should get dressed and leave before someone sees them. (I was not sure if Alice was still wanted by the police and on the run or not, but they seemed to be a couple now)

To get Luther to get up to get dressed I think that Alice told Luther about the mystery/case/whatever, and she mentioned that his friend Zulizeau/Zulijeau or Julizeau/Julijeau or whatever (she possibly did not literally mean that was his friend, and she was possibly using a type of code (some of my family members and I use code words like this, where friend could mean something else like enemy or something completely different); and so it is possible that name does not even represent a real person but I have no idea because I can not remember and maybe I did not even know in the dream); and this got Luther’s attention so he was about to get up to get dressed so that they could leave to start their investigation (I am not sure if they were private detectives now or if they were working for someone or if this was personal, either way, they seemed to be partners working together directly now), but then the third perspective/part of the dream started.

The third perspective/point of view/whatever of the dream had me as the main character and one of my brothers or an unknown man was with me, we seemed to be undercover trying to investigate a mystery involving Zulizeau/Zulijeau or Julizeau/Julijeau or whatever, but I am not sure if we worked for anyone or not or if this was just personal; either way we did not want anyone to know that we were investigating this, and so we were undercover trying to act normal.

During the third perspective there were times when the dream jumped back briefly to the first and second perspective to show how the other main characters were doing, I can not remember what was happening in the first perspective, but in the second perspective I remember seeing that Alice and Luther were dressed; and they were walking across the beach to leave as things got brighter outside and more people started moving around, but then the dream switched back to the third perspective where I was the main character.

The man with me (possibly one of my brothers) was my partner (a person working with you), so I will refer to him as my partner, and we went to a small hotel that was in maybe a one-story building possibly in the same unknown city/country where Alice and Luther were and maybe even not too far from the beach but I am not sure because I did not go outside as far as I can remember; and hotel was only in one part of the building I think, and so some other parts of the building were probably used for something else.

We heard rumors that there were possibly paranormal/supernatural elements to the mystery that we were investigating that possibly took place inside this building, and so we decided to spend the day/night at the hotel to investigate.

A somewhat obese woman with light brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair worked at the hotel and about three other people (men) were staying there, the woman was nice, and we asked her and the men questions trying to learn about the rumors that we heard; and we tried to act normal so that they would not think that we were investigating.

The hotel was simply a room with brownish colored carpet and walls with a few hotel rooms and shared bathrooms and a shared laundry room along half of the room, the center of the room was a shared living room/entertainment room/dining room/lounge/bar/et cetera (with a television, maybe pool table, chairs, sofas/couches, et cetera), and the other parts of the room had the front desk and other areas for the workers; and there was an entrance/exit on one side of the room from the inside, and one that went outside to an area that possibly lead to another building and the sidewalk.

The hotel had a maybe 1960s modern/whatever style to it and several meals were served each day, my partner and I put our stuff inside our room which was a small room with two twin beds, and we spent most of our time talking to people and possibly investigating parts of the building; and at some point we ate with the woman and the three men at a round brownish colored table, and we all ate mostly seafood (including steamed shrimp, fried shrimp, stuffed crab, and some interesting food dishes that I never had before) and some other interesting/good food dishes.

One of the men was probably my former male classmate DC but I am not sure, I just remember hearing some of the possibly paranormal/supernatural rumors/stories that they had heard, and learning about the hotel and the building; and I remember everyone being nice and we all had a good time, I am usually a bit uncomfortable/shy/nervous around strangers, but I was relaxed around them.

At some point I think that we went to sleep and we woke up the next morning but I could be wrong, I remember telling my partner that we should hide some of our equipment so that people would not realize that we were investigating and undercover when they clean our room, and then we went to have breakfast with everyone; and I remember wondering if we should check out or stay another day.

I also wondered if any of the paranormal/supernatural-like rumors/stories were true or not, I can not remember any of them, but I wondered if this mystery was bigger and more complicated than we originally thought; but I woke up.

I forgot to mention that the third perspective with my partner and I felt more like a normal mystery dream, but the first and third perspectives felt like a television show; and to me this all seemed like a fictional new season of the BBC television show Luther.

The end,

-John Jr