A President Donald Trump Political Rally Gone Wrong

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by me reading two news articles about The President Of The United States Donald Trump having a political rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and one of those news articles was by The New York Times and it was called At Louisiana Rally, Trump Lashes Out At Impeachment Inquiry And Pelosi.

This dream took place at one of President Trump’s political rallies and somewhere else where I was watching the rally on television or online, President Trump was not in the room yet and possibly was not in the building yet, and someone else was on the stage trying to play two of my YouTube playlists allegedly.

Something went wrong but since I was not there I was not able to see what happened but either they played the wrong two YouTube playlists or someone hacked the playlist and/or something else because the playlists only had 0 -4 of my YouTube videos, and the rest of the videos were not mine and some were pornographic et cetera.

The person was in a bit of a panic trying to figure out what was going on, eventually they probably pointed the blame toward my playlists and me, which was wrong because I doubt that someone hacked my playlist; and so I assumed that either they had chosen two automatic YouTube playlists or their own playlists or someone else’s playlists by mistake and/or someone hacked one of those as a prank.

I remember trying to watch the screen trying to get a closer look to see who the playlists were by but I never could get a good view, I was annoyed and a bit angry about this, and I worried that YouTube would probably incorrectly delete my YouTube channel if they complained that those two YouTube playlists had been mine thinking that I had pranked them and/or that I had content on my playlists that broke YouTube rules.

I wanted to contact them and go investigate so that I could see what the truth of the situation was to clear my name, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Yang’s / Yung’s / Young’s Political Campaign?

I did not record any of my dreams that I had throughout the night and I had not finished typing the previous nights dreams, and so that led to me forgetting all of these dreams except for barely part of one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the political campaign of someone named Yang or Yung or Young.


Korey Coleman’s Children’s Program

Source: Fandom

I remembered at least four of my dreams, each time that I woke up I thought that I was recording them, but I really was only semi-daydreaming / semi-dreaming that I typed my dreams on my mobile phone; and so most of my dreams are forgotten now, even most of the two dreams that I barely remember part of.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a political campaign, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime With Amy Klobuchar?

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and it involved most of my family except for my brother CC and his family, I can not remember why, but we ended up walking across the field to the now abandoned Action Packed House.

We went inside the house, I can not remember why or what we did, I just remember wanting to leave as soon as possibly before someone saw us.

We entered the house from a fictional door on the left side of the house, and then I remember being the first to leave and walk back to my parents house.

Oddly, inside of my parents house was a door on the wall facing the field that was connected to the Action Packed House, which makes no sense because the house is across the field in real life and it was in the dream.

Somehow I did not notice how this did not make any sense, I only worried about someone using that door to enter our house, and so I started trying to adjust and close the door and block it with something.

The door was old and messed up with no door knob / door handle, I managed to close it as secure as I could, and then I used a large wooden board to cover some of it from our side while trying to put some heavy objects behind the wood to hold it in place.

My family returned while I was doing this and I explained the situation and they started to help, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by the anime television show That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, that I am watching with my brother GC, and a video that someone sent me called This Is The Question Amy Klobuchar Says She’d Ask Trump:

This is not clear but I think that the dream involved maybe me being a slime monster from the anime television show That Time That I Got Reincarnated As A Slime or I was just a head or something strange like that, and I had a special ability that was like the ability Predator that the character Rimuru Tempest has except weaker.

I could touch an object (living and non-living) and scan / analyse it, and fix or heal it too if I wanted to and if I had the resources to.

I remember using this ability to help people by scanning / analyzing them for health problems, and then healing them; and so people would come to me for diagnosing and healing health problems.

Either in this dream or another dream I ended up interacting with some politicians who were campaigning in The United States I assume (maybe The 2020 United States Presidential Election, but I am not sure), one of the politicians was The United States senator Amy Klobuchar, and the other was a male politician but I can not remember who he was.

I am not sure if they had asked me for help or not at first, I just remember wanting to scan / analyze them to test their truthfulness et cetera, but I am not sure if I got to do this or not; I just know that I remember thinking that some of them were probably afraid of what I might find if I used my ability to scan / analyze them.

I am not sure if this ability would also allow me to access some of their memories or not, I just know that some of them wanted me to use my ability to scan / analyze them for health problems so that I could heal them if there were any health problems, and maybe some of them wanted me to improve them and / or make adjustments to them if that was possible.

Senator Klobuchar was probably one of the politicians who wanted me to check them for health problems et cetera, so I talked with her, and I probably went to use my ability on her.

We were at an indoor / outdoor area with marble pillars like a government building, and so I assume we were at The United States Capitol.

But I that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

After work today I watched an episode of the television show The Punisher (Season 2) and then I took a nap, and I had one or more dreams and I woke up remembering part of a dream that was fading quickly but I did not record it.

The dream was possibly partly inspired by The Punisher (Season 2), but I can not remember.

There was something going on that I can not remember now, but I decided to type this anyway even though that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

-John Jr


A Father Who Does Not Wants His Son To Become Like Him

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of three dreams from last night, and so they are not very clear.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was seeing various video clips/et cetera of some of the strategies that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were using in their presidential campaigns, and Donald Trump’s campaign team (staff) started copying Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy of being very scripted and fake.

Donald Trump and his campaign outdid Hillary Clinton and her campaign at their own strategy, and Donald Trump and his campaign became even more scripted and fake than hers.

Donald Trump was so scripted and fake in this dream during rallies and interviews and public appearances that I think that they were possibly using impostors sometimes because some of them did not act like or talk like the real Donald Trump and I doubt that Donald Trump would ever agree to be that scripted and fake and/or be able to stick with the script and fakeness for that long, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was my most detailed dream from the night but now I can not remember most of it, it took place during the day, and it took place inside and outside.

I possibly was inside a multi-story hospital and/or a multi-purpose building that also had a hospital in it, and I was walking around when I found a boy with dark-brown skin with short black hair who was alone without his parent’s so I stopped to talk with him waiting to see if his parent’s would show up and if not I was going to help him find his parent’s.

The boy seemed to be a troubled youth from a poor family, during our conversation I learned various details, and I remember him mentioning his friends and some of the bad things that they like to do for fun.

I tried to teach the boy some positive things to do instead and I tried to encourage him to not do those bad things, and I hoped that my words and examples would help bring a positive change in his life.

At some point we walked around inside and outside the building looking for his parent’s, we found his mom in the parking lot at some point who was a thin woman with dark-brown skin with long black hair and maybe she was holding a baby, and she had been inside the hospital at a doctor’s appointment for her and/or her baby.

The boy’s father approached us (I do not think that his mother and father were married, and it seemed that he had not been in the boy’s life that much so far), he looked and sounded like a rough just got out of jail version of André 3000 wearing a white A-shirt (muscle shirt) and baggy jeans, and him and the boy ended up arguing when he heard the boy talking about the bad things that him and his friend’s like to do.

The father told the boy that he did not want him ending up like him, and he explained how he grew up poor and in a bad neighborhood getting in trouble with his friends and into adulthood where he got involved with drugs/violence/gangs/et cetera so he got arrested a lot and he had probably just recently gotten out of jail.

He did not go to college and he mentioned many other positive things that he did not do or learn or try during his life so far, and then he pulled out a revolver and told his son that he had this revolver specifically for him and that he had one round (cartridge) in this gun just for his son/with his son’s name on it in case the boy decided to try to do the bad things that his father had done and end up being like him.

He pointed the revolver at his son’s face telling him that he will shoot and kill him if he ever thinks that he will end up like him one day, he refused to have his child grow up to be like him because he wanted his children to be better than he was so he would rather kill his own child than see him become like him, and so he told his son to remember this day because he will kill him if he keeps going down the same path that he did.

This was an intense and surprising moment as I stood there watching this, I came close to intervening but I waited cautiously, and I was glad that I did not need to get involved because he put the revolver away.

I did not agree with what he did, but it was clear that he did care about his son in his own way and that he wanted a better life for him even though he had not set a good example so far and had probably not been in his life much so far.

I may have said something to them before I woke up, but I can not remember.

Dream 3

Unfortunately I woke up suddenly from this dream as my body realized that I had overslept because it was so foggy and dark outside that it lost track of time, and so I had to get ready for work quickly so I forgot most of this dream because it faded from my mind quickly before I could voice record it after I woke up so suddenly without stabilizing my memory of the dream first.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place at a slightly fictional version of The E House and I was there with my male cousin ME, and we were upstairs doing something that I can not remember that possibly involved rules and maybe trying to move stuff from upstairs to downstairs.

Items that belonged to our dead grandparent’s (our grandmother DE and our grandfather CE) were probably still upstairs, we probably talked about some of our memories of our dead grandparent’s and when we were kids, and maybe some weird things happened but unfortunately I can not remember anything else now except that we were possibly about to walk downstairs before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr