Walking Around A College

This dream possibly transitioned without me noticing from maybe me being at a hotel and resort-like place with a shopping mall et cetera to it then possibly becoming a college where I was a student with a dorm room in a dorm suite, but I can not remember.

I just remember walking back to my dorm suite where I had a small rectangular room with wood panel walls, there was at least one other room to my left and a bathroom to my right, and maybe there was a door to another dorm room or dorm suite that connected to ours.

I was a student at this college, maybe a new student and I possibly still worked at The BP Library so maybe I stayed here on certain days and maybe I drove home on the other days to work and maybe I stayed at my parents house on those days because I had my dress clothes that I wear for work still at my parents house while I had my old work clothes at my dorm room and I was wearing one of those outfits which was a polo shirt with pants, but I am not sure.

I remember needing to use the bathroom so I knocked on our bathroom door, no one responded and so I went to walk inside, but I saw a young man with light-color skin who was from another room or suite that was connected to ours so I apologized and I walked back to my room as I heard him mumbling to himself.

Some kind of event and / or something was possibly taking place at the college and I remember some people I knew encouraging me earlier to get out more often and go to events like that, I felt like hiding as usual partly but part of me did not like and felt back about that, and so I decided to go out and walk around the college campus at least.

I walked around the courtyards and sidewalks and catwalks, I remember seeing other students including some of my coworkers like my female coworker TR and maybe several former classmates of mine, and I probably greeted them and maybe briefly talked with them before continuing my walk.

Eventually I reached a grass area next to a building that maybe had the name LukesE, there were cheerleaders (male and female) practicing there, younger versions of my brothers showed up along with maybe my mom, and then a soccer team started practicing as some people from the neighborhood arrived with a basketball to play some basketball on a basketball goal that was at the edge of the grass over the pavement of the parking lot and driving area near it.

My brothers were going to try to join in the sports activities but I probably told them to stay back because the college team were trying to practice, then a female cheerleader with light-medium color skin walked over to me to hand me a wood and metal plaque that had fallen from the LukesE building, and she asked me to take it to one of the college offices to let them know that it fell off the building.

So I walked away with my brother GC to do this, I noticed an office at the end of the LukesE building so I took the plaque there, and inside was a woman with dark-color skin talking on a telephone while another woman with light-color skin wearing glasses who reminded me of my aunt RE combined with my coworker Mrs. MB was sitting on a couch near the door.

I greeted the woman on the couch and I told her about the plaque and I gave it to her, she started to tell me about something that I can not remember and something involving money, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Rocky Balboa’s Date | A White Solidarity March? | Nicole Kidman Is My Coworker

Dream 1

This dream involved the character Rocky Balboa going on a date with a woman, and he took her to maybe an Italian restaurant or pizza place in a shopping mall-like area where his now ex-wife Adrian Pennino worked.

Adrian was there working and she greeted them, she was surprisingly cool with the situation, and the three of them talked.

The woman on the date with Rocky seemed shy, and Adrian started telling her about a male priest from her younger days who used to give her and the other young people advice on things like sex to help them deal with shyness and their religious beliefs involving sex; surprisingly he did not teach them to avoid pre-marital sex.

Adrian was trying to help the woman get past her shyness like she did, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in the field outside my parents yard by their garden, and I was out there with my dad and most of my brothers and maybe some of their friends.

My dad had built a rectangular playhouse / obstacle course out of cardboard, and oddly some cactuses / cacti were inside of it.

There was a television playing various anime and cartoons and flipping through channels, and the anime (animated) television Hunter x Hunter (2011) was one of the things playing on the television; and I told my brothers TDC and KDC that they should watch that show because it was pretty good.

At some point everyone else went inside except for my dad and I who were standing in the field talking until my dad continued doing yard work, and then I heard yelling and chanting and singing and clapping coming down the street that The E House is on; and it sounded like a protest march.

A truck with white signs on it drove across the field from that street and right past me and onto our street, and then it drove away; and it possibly had a sign on it that said White Solidarity among other things.

Then from the street it came from I saw the protest march of mostly young adults with light-color skin, except for at least one young man with light-medium color skin who probably had some ancestors from the middle east, and most of them were wearing white polo shirts but some had white Ku Klux Klan (KKK)-like robes and white thin KKK-like hats.

Some had white signs with various messages that were possibly barely veiled white supremacist messages, some were riding horses with maybe white flags and banners et cetera, and there were more of then than you would except for a small city like the city of D.

They were very energized too, they were marching right through Eastside, and I told my dad that we should go back in the yard so as we were doing this I got out my mobile phone to contact my brothers inside about this and then I wanted to get a few photographs and some video of this because I have never seen anything like this especially on Eastside.

This did bother me as well and I was not sure what they would do if they saw us, and so that is why I wanted to go back in our yard to reduce the chances of something bad happening; but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream involved me working at The BP Library, I remember watching my coworkers help patrons and maybe helping a few patrons myself, but most of my time involved me watching and trying to learn and talking to coworkers trying to learn things to help me at work; and so I would approach the conversations in a way that would lead to my coworkers sharing work knowledge with me.

I talked with some fictional coworkers and real ones like my female coworker DT, my female coworker CR, my female coworker JB who I talked with at the front desk, et cetera; besides sharing some knowledge they would also sometimes share resources where that I could use to learn more, and sometimes they would show me how to do something instead of just telling me how.

At some point the actress Nicole Kidman was one of my coworkers and she was working at the front desk where JB had been working earlier, I started talking with her, and she started sharing some work knowledge with me as well.

Mrs. Kidman was telling me about something and the dream jumped to her riding in the back of maybe a taxi in France being filmed with one camera inside the car and one outside of it following it from the side, Mrs. Kidman was talking and maybe answering questions as the cameras recorded, and at some point the male taxi driver asked her a question in French; and to my surprise Mrs. Kidman replied in French.

I am not sure what was said but it seemed that maybe the driver was asking her where she wanted to be dropped off at maybe, I just remember the first word that Mrs. Kidman said sounded like Bahsh, and the driver continued driving.

After her story and this scene the dream jumped back to the library where we were talking, and Mrs. Kidman ended our conversation by maybe giving me some links online where I could learn and practice more work knowledge that she had told me about; and I thanked her and I went to the back to the break room.

Our director Mrs. EC walked into the break room and we started talking, she shared some work knowledge with me, and at the end she went and got me several homemade looking booklets of white paper with black text with work knowledge on several different topics that I could study.

I thanked her and I accepted them, she walked away, and then I wondered how to go about trying to study and apply all of this work knowledge; and I started to wonder what had I gotten myself into, I also thought that it was cool that I got my coworkers to share some work knowledge with me to help me learn more, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The New Founding Fathers Coup?

The Purge (TV Series): This Is The New America | on USA Network

This dream was possibly inspired by the new The Purge television show.

The Purge (TV Series) | Official Trailer | on USA Network

This dream took place inside a multi-story multi-purpose building that was like a combination of a convention center, shopping mall, college, hotel, and maybe one or more conferences and / or something was going on.

There is more to this dream that I can not remember, I had a room in this building on one of the upper floors, which is where most or all of this dream took place.


Dreams Interrupted

For the second day in a row, I have been awakened by someone early & at a bad time, so I forgot my dreams yesterday due to this & I forgot most of the details of my dreams from today; but I might be starting a substitute computer technician job soon, maybe.

My most interesting dream from last night is now almost completely lost, it took place in a fictional area outside during the day, that was near a tiny forest that was by a small river that was next to a building/structure of some kind; and it involved humans, non-human animals, maybe some other type of beings, and maybe a supernatural / paranormal thing / spirit / deity that might have been female but I am not sure.

I just remember things being nice at first & enjoying nature, but something happened that caused maybe a somewhat powerful forest spirit / deity / being / whatever to start attacking for some reason; and I remember humans/non-human animals/maybe other beings/& I running/climbing/jumping/hiding/flying/floating/et cetera around the area from the somewhat powerful spirit/deity/being.

It was not that scary I think but I could be wrong and I do not think that many people/beings got hurt but I could be wrong, and it became a bit fun/funny as we went around in circles mostly around the forest/river/structure/field; and I remember flying/floating a few times maybe.

My memory is too unclear to make sense or properly describe this dream, so I will stop there to prevent further errors.

The next dream might have taken place not far away at a Dollar General or a fake version of it, and I think that I had just gotten a job there maybe.

I was probably wearing a black tennis / polo shirt with khaki colored pants, I was not sure if I had the job or what my job was, and so I mostly walked around the store trying to figure out what to do while watching & talking with workers & customers.

I remember there were some annoying kids running around the store being loud & messing with stuff, and I had to talk to the kids several times; and they kept bothering me every so often, which was a bit fun/funny but also a bit annoying.

I was nice to the kids and I tried to suggest that they quiet down a bit, and that they could still have fun but in a less annoying way.

I was not sure who their parent’s were but whoever they were they were not watching their kids, I know that much.

I probably started helping around the store a bit while trying to find the manager, and at some point I walked toward the cash register to see if the manager was there; but no one was there, except a middle-aged woman waiting for the cashier to return.

The woman told me that I had muscular arms or something like that, and then to my surprise she grabbed my arm(s) to see how muscular they were; and then she said something like: “You really do have strong/big/muscular arms, I guess that makes you one of the big/strong/muscular arms types of/like those with big dicks.” (Or something strange & inappropriate like that, which shocked me a bit, and so after an awkward moment of silence/confusion/et cetera I awkwardly thanked her & I quickly walked away before she sexual harassed me further or something)

I woke up shortly after that as I walked off confused/shocked/et cetera while still looking for the manager.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Folding Metal Thing

I had several dreams last night, one was short & clear, but I forgot it due to waking up with a sore throat & feeling a bit sick; and I had a repeating daydream or semi-dream involving my sore throat that caused me to forget my dream(s), but I had another dream that I somewhat remember.

I was in D during the morning when the school buses are picking up kids/my brothers for school, I remember walking up the street passed/past my uncle WC’s house to the stop sign, and something happened involving an abandoned school bus or something; but I can not remember what happened exactly, I just remember finding a folding metal thing that would unfold into something, maybe a bus, I am not sure.

I remember thinking that it was for the SB (School Board) or something, and so I took the folding metal thing & I started walking to one of the schools or the Bus Barn to return the folding metal thing to them.

I can not remember what happened at the beginning of my journey but at some point I reached a fictional version of the fields near the B Store that are sometimes in my dreams, and I saw some of my former classmates such as RP; and I remember talking to RP, and I showed him the folding metal thing.

At some point I continued my journey and I remember coming across some of my former female classmates who mentioned that I looked thinner, more toned, stronger, better; I thanked them and I told them that I have been recently adding more strength training to my exercise routine, and at some point I continued my journey feeling better about my appearance.

I can not remember how I got to this point but I remember going in an apartment-like building where I seemed to have an apartment that I was sharing with some of my former male & female classmates, and at some point some members of my mom’s side of the family came by the apartment building and/or it was near my grandfather’s house; and my mom & dad were there too.

I think that my dead grandmother DE (my mom’s mom) was in the dream at some point, I am not sure, but I am not sure if she talked or not (she usually does not talk in my dreams).

It seemed that some family members were there to visit my grandmother or something, and at some point they were going to go somewhere in their automobiles, and I wanted to go too; but I had to go change clothes (put some blue jeans on & a tennis/polo shirt) in my apartment first.

Various former classmates of mine where hanging out in the apartment when I went to change clothes and I ended up taking too long, and so I got left behind; and I missed the trip with my grandmother, indirect family members, and my parent’s.

I was a bit disappointed but I did take too long, but I woke up as I was thinking about what to do next.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂