People Trying To Kill Me & A Woman & A Baby & Getting Mutated & Getting Quarantined

I went to bed very late last night and I slept pretty well, and so I only barely remember part of one or more dreams (I am not sure which); and it or they took place between the afternoon – night in a fictional city.

I remember being in a fictional city near highways, businesses, et cetera like I had been exploring the city; and at some point something happened where a group of people (probably a gang) started trying to kill a woman, the woman’s baby, and I.


A Man Calls The Police On Me | Ruth Wilson | Fighting An Entity At A Swimming Pool

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being on the upper floor of a fictional building during the day that reminded me of a combination of the upper floor at the D High School & a small shopping mall and/or a store.

I was near the glass entrance/exit doors that had maybe a buggy/shopping cart rack on the left side and a cash register with a line of people on the right side.

My mom called me on my mobile phone asking me to go to the parking lot to wait for her, she was coming to pick me up in the BV or something like that.

So I went outside to the parking lot, but she was not there yet.

Somehow I ended up sitting in the back seat of a reddish colored four-door car waiting for my mom to show up, I did not know who the car was for, but it was unlocked.