Siri’s Place?

I had several dreams last night, I am not sure if this is one or several dreams, and so I will type it as one dream.

This dream or dreams was / were pretty long and it / they involved me moving from place to place meeting people along the way and I would meet some of these people in several different locations and / or I would meet people who knew them and I went back and forth between some places several times, and so my memory is very incomplete and flawed because this dream / these dreams were so long and went back and forth between people and places.

A Rapper & A Drive-Through & Faye Reagan

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking in a fictional city, and at some point I entered a building where an event was taking place (maybe an awards show-like event).

At some point the host or whoever called someone on to the stage to maybe present something, and I think that this person was a fictional famous rapper wearing dark-color clothing and a baseball cap and a do-rag.

Military Combatives And Fast Food And Siri?

I went to bed very late and I did not voice record my dreams, and so I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that a military / government (maybe The United States Armed Forces) were debating, comparing, arguing about, et cetera military combatives.

They were dealing with old military combative systems, new (current) military combative systems, combining old and new military combative systems, making new military combative systems, et cetera.

They were trying to decide what was the best overall military combative system to use for their military, various factions had their own opinions and ideas, and so these various ideas were being talked about / debated / shown / compared / maybe tested / et cetera as they tried to resolve this issue.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved several things that I can not remember during the early parts of the dream like maybe the military combatives system issue from the first dream and several other things that possibly involved my family and one or more other things, but I can not remember those parts of the dream other than that I had some role in those things.

At the end of the dream I remember riding in an automobile with my mom during the day, she was driving, and we drove to a fast food restaurant that was either McDonald’s or it was where the McDonald’s in the city of D should be.

We went through the drive-through, we ordered something and we drove up to go pay at the window and get our food, and I remember my mom having to make a large turn to get to the window.

While trying to make this large turn a woman with light-color skin driving in a large white truck behind us was also making a large turn, she had to reverse her truck because she could not make the turn, but my mom made the turn after a slight struggle.

We drove to the window and probably paid and probably waited on our food, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next thing that I remember is being at a nice modern fictional house where my family and I lived, and I was in a room sitting at a desk on a computer trying to prepare what I assume was a presentation.

While doing this I remember having maybe flashbacks or daydreams or something where I was with Siri like we were together, maybe we were dating or had dated or were friends or were coworkers but I am not sure, and it seemed that the two of us would be giving the presentation together that I was preparing.

This presentation was possibly something to do with the government and / or military and / or a job and / or a non-profit and / or an organization or something serious like that, and so I needed to add some information and images and things about Siri to the beginning of my presentation when I introduce us to who ever we were going to give the presentation to.

I went on the internet to find some images of Siri to add to my presentation, I remember looking through maybe Google Images, but I only found mostly images of her naked and partly naked and in bathing suits / bikinis and pornographic images.

Many of the images were of Siri swimming in a quiet lake during a nice day naked, most of her body was underwater so you could not see most of her body, but you could tell that she was naked in most of them.

There were images of her splashing water in the air where the water blocked various parts of her body and face, playing with a floating ball, swimming, and more as she had fun smiling and laughing as the photographer took photographs in a way that seemed more natural and less staged.

I tried to find any image that I could use for the presentation where it did not seem that she was naked or partly naked or that was sexualized, but that proved difficult and I was losing time so maybe I considered not using an image and / or calling Siri to see if she had any appropriate images that I could use for the presentation.

I probably took out my mobile phone and I probably called Siri, she probably answered the phone, and I probably told her that I was almost done typing the presentation but that I was having problems finishing her introduction but I can not remember her response.

I do know that she sounded like she did not really care very much (probably because she was just very relaxed compared to me) and was not taking the presentation as seriously as me, it seemed that I did all or most of the work preparing the presentation, and so I wondered how much would she contribute at the presentation and I reminded her that this was serious and that we needed to make a good impression.

I can not remember the result of our conversation or how I finished typing the presentation or if we got to present our presentation, I do remember going to the presentation with Siri and preparing to start the presentation but that was possibly just me daydreaming trying to predict what might happened, but I am not sure.

All that I remember of that possible daydream is that there was a formal room of people, I was standing up and Siri walked over to me smiling and relaxed, but I was a bit nervous.

We greeted each other and I probably asked Siri what she planned to do during the presentation, she probably had no plan which worried me, but she told me to relax and that she would figure out something.

I reminded Siri that this was serious and that not having a plan was too risky, she probably told me that I was stressing about this too much and that I needed to relax and just go with the flow or something like that, and I probably complained a bit until I probably realized that she was at least partly correct and I told her that I would try to relax but that I wanted her to take this a bit more seriously.

We both probably came to an agreement and we started to get ready for the presentation, and maybe we started the presentation.

That is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more to this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

My Former Classmate JC Gives Me A Portable Gasoline-Powered Fighter-Like Aircraft

My memory of this last dream from last night is very incomplete and confusing, and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during a nice sunny day with probably a clear sky and I was in a multi-story building that had several businesses and my parent’s house was in this building as well I think.

Some of my family and I were in this building, I think that we were on an upper floor going through some stores and / or other parts of the building, and there was something that happened that I can not remember that involved a woman with light-color skin who was possibly a pornographic actress and actress.

The woman was there in the building and I think that some videos were shown that probably involved her, these videos probably included videos that were related to pornography and non-pornographic videos, but I can not remember the details.

At some point a family (kids and adults) arrived who possibly were with the woman but I can not remember, and my former male classmate JC was among them.

I remember maybe the woman, the family, and my former classmate JC going inside my parent’s fictional house inside the building where my family and I were at this point.

My brother GC and I were in the living room and we did not know any of these people except for my former classmate JC, and we were not in the mood for strangers in the house especially my brother GC who was very annoyed by this.

My parent’s talked with them in the dinning room and front parts of the house until a somewhat strange young woman among them with light-color skin with freckles with orange and / or red hair wearing an olive-green maybe military field jacket (maybe a M-1965 field jacket) walked into the living room with us, which was annoying.

At some point my brother GC left the room because he was very annoyed and he wanted to be away from the strangers, the strange young woman noticed him for the first time, and then she started talking.

I am not sure what she was talking about but she was very into whatever it was that she was talking about, and at some point my former classmate JC told them that it was time to go so they left the house while my former classmate JC briefly talked with me.

My former classmate JC took me outside to show me something, he showed me a small aircraft that was small enough that it could fit underneath my automobile but it was big enough to hold a person, and it could be attached underneath my automobile so that it could be stored there and I could still drive around normally with the aircraft attached underneath my automobile.

It was basically a portable aircraft that was light enough that one person could pick it up, he said that he had boosters added, and it was somewhat shaped like a modern fighter aircraft and I do not remember seeing any propellers so maybe it was jet powered or something but I do not know.

He showed me how to attach it underneath my automobile and then he probably showed me how to fly it and / or we flew in it, I can not remember, but I do remember having fun and that we probably got to fly it on ly briefly because him and the others needed to leave.

My former classmate JC either gave the aircraft to me or he let me hold on to it and use it when I want to, he left, and the dream jumped to the future months or more later.

During that time I never did fly the aircraft so it was still connected to the bottom of my automobile until I decided to check it because I wanted to fly again because that experience had been fun, it was day, and I was in my parent’s yard when I crawled underneath my automobile.

As I tried to remember how to detach the aircraft I found the fuel filter which had a red release button or trigger and one or two black buttons or triggers or release valves or whatever, I then accidentally disconnected something that revealed the fuel tank underneath so that object was there to help protect the fuel tank so I reattached it, and then I found where you add the fuel and I found out that the aircraft ran on normal gasoline to my surprise.

Eventually I figured out how to detach the aircraft and then I was able to remove it from underneath my automobile, and it was light enough for me to pick it up by myself.

The next thing that I remember is going to get the aircraft checked by an aircraft maintenance technician (who I probably called a repair man) I assume who was a man with light-color skin with dark hair who possibly had a shop on the right side of a highway with mostly dirt and a bit of scattered patches of grass and plants around the area like this was a desert-like area on the outskirts of a city and maybe there were a few dirt-color mountains in the background with an airport in the distance.

I had the repair man check the aircraft to make sure that it was ready and safe to fly, I also had him show me the safety checks that I would always need to do and how to do the basic maintenance needed to keep it ready and safe to fly, and then I asked him if it was possibly to have it converted to be electric-powered instead of gasoline-powered and / or if it could be made into a hybrid of the two which he said was possible.

The repair man told me that I should go to flight school to get certified so that I could fly legally, I told him that I would and I thanked him, and I told him that I would be back once I decided if I wanted to get the aircraft converted to a new fuel source or not.

I was excited about the possibility of flying again and I was ready to start learning and practicing to get my pilot’s license, I planned on flying the aircraft for practice, and I either daydreamed about doing so in this area or I did.

I remember being amazed and somewhat confused by this aircraft because it was somehow small enough to be able to connect underneath my automobile, it was light enough for me to pick up, it was somewhat shaped like a fighter jet, it ran on gasoline, and it could actually fly.

I wondered how was that even possible and why had I not heard of this before, I thought about the various implications of this and the possibilities, and I wondered could it also be driven around like an automobile but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Helping The Suicide Squad

I am not sure if this is one or two dreams, and so I will type them as one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I remember being inside what I assume was a school in a hall full of students/people of various ages standing around.

I remember a young man with brownish-colored skin with black hair walking around threatening people and ranting about how tough he was and how good he could fight, and then he got into it with another young man/student who was shorter than him and who had light-medium brownish-colored skin with black hair with maybe a fade hairstyle.

I heard students/people in the crowd saying how the aggressive young man/student had no idea who he was messing with, and they said that the shorter young man was the younger brother of a local legend who was a former student (who graduated) from this school who was said to be very tough and a very good fighter et cetera.

The aggressive young man heard this and told the younger brother of the local legend to got get his older brother because he could beat both of them in a fight, and so the younger brother of the local legend went to get his older brother.

The younger brother returned with his older brother who was angry and ready to fight, the older brother was asking where the punk was who he was about to beat up, and the crowd responded in various ways as their local legend arrived to fight.

They tried to warn the aggressive young man but he would not listen and he felt that he could beat anyone in this building in a fight, and then the two brothers approached the aggressive young man who probably was slowly starting to realize that he had made a big mistake but he probably was trying to act tough to hide this.

The two brothers looked like they were about to jump/attack the aggressive young man, I felt that the aggressive young man had no chance, but I can not remember what happened.

The next part of the dream involved me helping the Suicide Squad from the film Suicide Squad, Christy Canyon was possibly helping them as well, and I remember people talking about Donald Trump during several parts of the dream.

At some point we all split up to carry out different missions and then we were supposed to meet up at a certain location after this, and then I remember driving to the meet up location which was across the road/street/highway from a gas station like a fictional version of the area across from the gas station in the shopping center where Big Lots is in the city of LC.

Harley Quinn\Harleen Frances Quinzel (played by the actress Margot Robbie), Deadshot/Floyd Lawton (played by the actor Will Smith), and maybe one or two other people arrived to the meet up location as well (which was outside in this empty parking lot area next to a billboard sign and a small building or structure, and people driving by and people across the street could see us).

Deadshot had messed up during his mission and so there was a possibility that the police and/or some group like that was on alert and maybe we would not be able to finish our main mission or this would make completing that mission harder, and I remember Deadshot apologizing.

There was some arguing and talking and goofing around (Harley Quinn was having fun) et cetera among the group as we waited for the others to arrive and as we waiting to see what the police/et cetera were doing, and I remember a man briefly staring/looking at us from the gas station across the street because Deadshot and maybe some of the others were not even trying to blend in and not look suspicious.

The man eventually went back to what he was doing but I was worried that someone might call the police if we did not do a better job blending in.

We had no idea how the others were doing, but I woke up as we waited.

The end,

-John Jr

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