Getting Chased & Anti-Maskers

This dream took place during the day, part of the dream took place at a college that had a restaurant with an upper floor, and at some point I went to the restaurant.

At some point I returned to my dorm, my brother GC was possibly there, and then I left on a bus; and my former male classmate MT was among the people on the bus.

A President Donald Trump Political Rally Gone Wrong

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by me reading two news articles about The President Of The United States Donald Trump having a political rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and one of those news articles was by The New York Times and it was called At Louisiana Rally, Trump Lashes Out At Impeachment Inquiry And Pelosi.

This dream took place at one of President Trump’s political rallies and somewhere else where I was watching the rally on television or online, President Trump was not in the room yet and possibly was not in the building yet, and someone else was on the stage trying to play two of my YouTube playlists allegedly.

Something went wrong but since I was not there I was not able to see what happened but either they played the wrong two YouTube playlists or someone hacked the playlist and/or something else because the playlists only had 0 -4 of my YouTube videos, and the rest of the videos were not mine and some were pornographic et cetera.

The person was in a bit of a panic trying to figure out what was going on, eventually they probably pointed the blame toward my playlists and me, which was wrong because I doubt that someone hacked my playlist; and so I assumed that either they had chosen two automatic YouTube playlists or their own playlists or someone else’s playlists by mistake and/or someone hacked one of those as a prank.

I remember trying to watch the screen trying to get a closer look to see who the playlists were by but I never could get a good view, I was annoyed and a bit angry about this, and I worried that YouTube would probably incorrectly delete my YouTube channel if they complained that those two YouTube playlists had been mine thinking that I had pranked them and/or that I had content on my playlists that broke YouTube rules.

I wanted to contact them and go investigate so that I could see what the truth of the situation was to clear my name, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Preston Garvey Calls Social Services – Fallout 4 Prank Call

Preston Garvey Calls Social Services - Fallout 4 Prank Call
Source: YouTube

The other day I saw a prank call YouTube video by the YouTube channel ICEnJAM called Preston Garvey Calls Social Services – Fallout 4 Prank Call:

I was surprised by how well that prank call worked, and I went on to watch almost all the videos in the upload playlist for this YouTube channel:

The end,

-John Jr

A Birthday Surprise / Prank?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered part of several dreams but I ended up forgetting all of them except for barely part of two dreams because I probably accidentally went back to sleep, I was doing several things at once later when I was trying to voice record my dreams and another dream came to my mind so I went to voice record that dream, but my last two dreams faded away while I was voice recording the older dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was on maybe an upper floor of a college or school-like building, and I probably walked from a hall with carpet into another hall with carpet where there were classrooms on both sides of the hall with classes taking place in some of them.

I remember shelving objects on one or more shelves on the right side of the hall, and I remember a female student with light-brown skin with dark-hair glancing at me a few times from a classroom as she sat in class.

At some point their class was over and the female student and some of her female friends / classmates walked over to me, and the female student who had glanced at me earlier asked me something that I can not remember that caught me off-guard and made me uncomfortable.

I can not remember what she asked or said or what I said, I just know that I said something to help get me out of the situation, and I sensed that the female student was probably interested in me.

She spoke English with an accent like she probably knew Spanish and was possibly from Mexico and / or The United States (Mexican American), I could not tell how old these students were but I assumed that they were either freshmen or sophomores in college or seniors in high school, either way that is too young in my opinion.

Whatever I said got me out of the situation for now, but I assumed that she would probably try talking to me again in the future because she was probably interested in me so I would have to try to figure out how to respond and handle the situation next time if I was correct about this to avoid making things even more awkward but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in maybe a slightly fictional version of the city of D on Eastside in the neighborhoods across from The B Alternative School or a fictional city that was similar, and I was possibly outside walking or I was driving through the neighborhoods but I can not remember which.

At some point my former male classmate SS greeted me happily, he was either walking or driving, and he invited me somewhere that I can not remember and we ended up driving but I can not remember if we were in his automobile or my automobile or who was driving.

As we were driving some crazy things started to happen, one of which was it seemed that a woman possibly got shot and fell face first in the field near the church on the street that leads to the street in front of The B Alternative School, and things got even crazier and wilder from there as my former male classmate SS overreacted and started driving fast and crazy to escape the neighborhood (so he was driving).

I tried to get him to calm down and slow down, I probably wanted us to stop and help the woman, but he would not calm down or slow down or stop.

And other crazy things happened that I can not remember like people making a lot of noise and seeing crazy things happening around the neighborhood, but it all seemed possibly fake like I was being pranked and so it seemed that my former classmate SS was overacting intentionally as part of a possible prank.

Some of the people doing crazy things and the woman who supposedly got shot all looked like they were possibly friends and family members of Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) and maybe my former classmate SS (who is from South Korea), and so that also made me think that this was all some kind of huge prank that my former classmate SS and maybe Ryan Higa and others had set up for me for some unknown reason(s) so I assumed that maybe they were doing this for his YouTube channel (Nigahiga) or something like that.

I started trying to figure out why they would be pranking me like this, I then realized that it was my birthday (so maybe this dream took place in the future on my birthday because today is not my birthday), and so maybe this was all a huge birthday prank and surprise.

I assumed that my former classmate SS would drive me somewhere where the others would try to get to before us, I assumed that after we drove past them that they would immediately jump into automobiles to drive to the location using another route, so that they can surprise me with surprise birthday party when we arrive.

When I realized this possibility I started to get emotional, was it possible that my former classmate SS who I have not seen in years would return to set up this huge birthday prank and surprise for me?

I remember almost crying or slightly crying as I thought about this possibility and about what might happen when we reach where ever we were going, and so I played various possibilities in my mind.

I decided to enjoy the show and join in the possible prank fun so I started pretending to overreact as well to the craziness.

But I can not remember if we really reached the location and if I was correct about this being a birthday prank and surprise because I am not sure if the things that I remember were my daydreams of what might happen and / or if they are things that really happen.

This was one of the dreams that mostly faded from my mind, and so that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

Aaron Chiz Trolling / Pranking / Annoying People In Real Life

Source: Wikimedia Commons


All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, Aaron Chiz from YouTube was making new videos for his YouTube channel, and in these videos he was going around in real life trolling/pranking/annoying people.

Aaron would set up his camera and have it recording without other people knowing it, he would then go to public and private areas, and troll/annoy/prank people.

Some of the videos were of Aaron annoying his friends, family members, and people in his neighborhood.

One of these people was the woman from my dream from the night before last who looked somewhat like the actress Mercedes Masohn combined with someone else and she could speak Spanish and English so I have dreamed about the same fictional woman two nights in a row, I remember them being inside a house with other people including maybe the mother of the woman, and it seemed that Aaron would often annoy her because she was an easy target because they saw each other a lot (maybe her mom and her did work for the people in this house and/or would visit them often) and she was a more quiet and kind person it seemed.

In another video Aaron was at an outdoor restaurant/food stand/diner-like place trolling customers and an older female employee with light brown skin who spoke Spanish and who spoke English was an accent like she was possibly from Mexico who was the only employee there.

As usual Aaron was secretly recording everything with his video camera, I remember Aaron speaking a bit of Spanish and English with the woman as he trolled her, and he would try to annoy her even more by mimicking her accent in English and randomly shouting things in Spanish to himself.

At some point I remember driving with my mom and the woman who looked somewhat like the actress Mercedes Masohn combined with someone else and she could speak English and Spanish, and we were driving to a restaurant to eat.

I asked them if I should invite Aaron and the woman angrily said no, that was my first time ever see her get angry or speak loudly, and she explained how Aaron liked to troll/annoy/prank her often and she was tired of it and so she was angry about that and she did not want to be around him anymore than she already had to be around him because they would often see each other even though she did not want to see him because he would usually be at the house that her mom and her would often go to work at and/or visit (Aaron probably was friend’s and/or family with the people who lived there, and/or maybe he lived there).

Like in my dream from the night before last I wanted to get to know the woman better and I was interested in her and I enjoyed spending time with her and I did not want to risk angering her any further, I understood her reasons, and so I told her that I would not invite Aaron so we continued driving on our way to the restaurant.

I started thinking about bringing up the topic of Aaron again so that I could find out if she wanted me to talk to Aaron about this to get him to stop or if I could give her some advice about it, and I also thought about if I should talk to her about me teaching her some self-defense skills but I woke up as I was thinking about if and how I should bring up these topics.

A Forgotten Dream From The Night Before Last

When I woke up from my last dream (June 19, 2016) I stopped to quickly think about the dream so that I could voice record it, but then I remembered part of a forgotten dream from the night before last (June 18, 2016).

The reason that I remembered this dream is because the same woman or a woman like her from my last dream on June 19, 2016 was also in a dream the from the night before last (June 18, 2016), but I forgot most of both dreams from both nights while trying to quickly organize my memory of them in my mind before voice recording them.

I will copy and paste this dream and add it to yesterday’s dream post (June 18, 2016) where it belongs, but I will also leave it on today’s dream post (June 19, 2016) for those who already read yesterday’s post before I added this dream to it.

All that I can remember of this dream from the night before last (June 18, 2016) is that it took place during the day, and I remember eating at a restaurant with my mom and a quiet and attractive woman who spoke English and Spanish who somewhat looked like a combination of the actress Mercedes Masohn and one or more other women.

I remember us eating and talking, I was interested in the woman and I wanted to get to know her better, and I remember enjoying our meal and conversation as the three of us talked and ate.

My mom and the woman and I all got along very well and we were enjoying each other’s company, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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