Previewing The Twenty Fifteen Theme | Sebastian Stan’s / Prince Jonathon “Jack” Benjamin’s Family Gets Attacked

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

My first dream is super unclear and I can not remember most of it, I think that the dream involved the new WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme that is still being worked on, and several men were talking about various topics in a room as they and/or I previewed one or two blogs that were using/testing the Twenty Fifteen theme (Brandon Kraft’s blog / website might have been one of them).

I remember listening to their conversations which covered various strange topics and various strange things happened during the dream as I previewed the blog or blogs, and I was even able to see things from various points of view like: from inside the blog or blogs or computer, from outside the computer, from the points of view of the men, and I was even able to see and/or experience some of the things that they talked about but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is more clear than the first dream but it is also unclear, I think that it started during the night and I was walking toward the front of a house that probably looked like E Manor, and I went inside the house; and it was owned by a family/royal family/house/great house/minor house/royal house/whatever like in the television show Game Of Thrones, but the dream took place in modern times.

Something serious happened that caused everyone to wake up and start running around the house, I think that someone (possibly a kid) got attacked and/or killed and/or kidnapped, and someone probably left a note and/or clues and/or a warning/threat letting them/us know that the family was now under attack by probably another family/house.

I decided to help the family/house that was being attacked, it seemed that the elders/older family members of the family/house were probably dead (possibly killed during past battles with other families/houses), and so I think that the current head of the family/house was the actor Sebastian Stan who was acting like his character Prince Jonathon (Jack) Benjamin from the television show Kings.

We ran around the house together probably gathering some weapons and searching for threats, clues, and whoever got attacked/killed/kidnapped/whatever; and whatever happened seemed to possibly have been done by someone from either within the family/house and/or someone who worked for them and/or one of their allies/friends.

I remember the family/house being very angry and ready to get revenge and/or to recover/save the person who got attacked/killed/kidnapped/whatever, but fortunately Mr. Stan and I had enough common sense to realize that was not the best option; and that we needed to prepare, and figure out what happened.

The family/house was made up of adults who were not very old and they seemed to spend most of their time partying, drinking, having sex, relaxing, et cetera after barely surviving the last great war among families/houses it seemed; and when the attack happened they even had some of their friends over who had been partying earlier during the night.

We went to a somewhat hidden area that was possibly not far from the kitchen in a dimly lit hall (the entire house was dimly lit) that went down into the basement through an old tunnel that eventually led to a large and tall well-lit room with upper and lower areas of bleachers/seats, a gym, basketball court, and other areas; and we searched this area, and then we started working on a plan after securing the house.

We were going to go exercise/train, reinforce the defenses of the house, set up patrols of the house, investigate clues, come up with battle/survival/rescue/et cetera plans, and various other things like that; and so we talked for a while.

I noticed that the basketball/gym area had a few windows to the outside along the right side, it was day outside and I could see that we were in the D Junior High School field it seemed to my surprise, and the windows were only half-blocked with stuff to help prevent people from seeing inside; but the windows had no bars and/or anything else to secure them, and I saw this as a security flaw and I wondered if the attacker had entered the house through one of the windows.

I thought that it was a bad idea to have unsecured windows in the room that was supposed to be the most hidden and secure room in the house, and during our talk I learned more about Mr. Stan and his family/house; and even though he spent most of his time partying, drinking, and with a lot of women instead of running the family/house he was actually smarter and mores skilled than you would think.

I think that he was a soldier or former soldier who was actually pretty skilled/tough who was somewhat good at strategy, he seemed to party a lot trying to forget the bad memories of the war or wars that almost destroyed his family/house and that killed many/all of their elders, and the survivors of his family seemed to focus on trying to forget the past as well.

The rest of the survivors were not very smart and most of them probably were not trained as soldiers, so they did not have a good chance of surviving another war among families/houses, but they were brave and ready to defend themselves; and so we hoped that some training and smart strategies would help them/us survive, and we hoped to avoid war if possible.

After the talk they started to party to relax, then they would start training/et cetera, and so I spent a few minutes with them before walking off to start the serious stuff; and I decided to goof around climbing some of the tall bleacher/seating areas first, one of rows was covered with a sheet/blanket, and so I slipped.

I was hanging from a high area, if I fell I would possible get hurt or die, and I barely was able to climb back up without falling; and I came very close to falling because the sheet/blanket made it hard to climb back up, but I do not think that anyone saw this because they were too busy partying and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr