Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-Hime)

What is it?

The 1997 Japanese-animated epic fantasy movie Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-Hime).



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Dream 1

This dream involved me traveling by automobile, I am not sure if I was alone or not, I just remember stopping at a gas station in a fictional city at some point.

A male employee with light-color skin with yellow / brown hair in a bowl cut style was working behind the counter, and he told me or us about a place in this city called either The End Of The World or The End Of.


Princess Mononoke: Old Man Yells At Anime (ANIME ABANDON)

Princess Mononoke: Old Man Yells At Anime (ANIME ABANDON)

What Is It?

The YouTube video Princess Mononoke: Old Man Yells At Anime (ANIME ABANDON) by the YouTube channel BennettTheSage.

Here is the description for this video:

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Watching Movies In A Field

Source: IMDb

I barely remember my last dream, which is a bit confusing due to some parts that probably repeated a few times with slight differences each time, and I am not sure how the dream began exactly.

I remember driving an old school bus with my brothers (who were younger again) in it during the day, and I have no idea where we were; but I remember driving to a small field with a fence, out in a somewhat nice area in the middle of nowhere.

We seemed to be on a trip and one of our stops was to watch some movies in this field, and it seemed that a wife, husband (who was not in the dream during this part), and their two or three kids were making a bit of money by showing movies in the field while selling some food & drink as well.

Next to the field was an area with some playground equipment for when kids would get bored during a movie and there was probably a portable toilet near there as well, and in the field was a simple large white screen held up by thin metal poles with a simple projector to project the movies to the screen; it was a simple and inexpensive setup that the family had, and they sold some snacks & drinks from an ice cooler.

I forgot how much it cost to watch a movie but it was probably inexpensive and the snacks & drinks were probably inexpensive as well, and there were a few seating areas in the field such as a few picnic tables, a few benches, and a few chairs.

I remember watching most of the movies from the bus while my brothers watched them from the field mostly and the first movie was about non-human animals like zoo animals & pets, which some of my brothers like, and it reminded me of something from the Animal Planet TV channel and/or the Discovery Channel.

The second film was about a woman who reminded me of myself in the dream, who was driving her younger siblings around on a bus to see non-human animals at zoos and other places; and there might have been another movie, but either the dream repeated and/or  we went to another place to watch another film, but I can not remember which.

Later I remember being at the field again with my brothers and the husband & kids were there, the wife was gone somewhere, so the husband was in charge of showing the movie & watching the kids; and the husband did not seem happy about watching the kids, and so he was in a bad mood & he seemed to be the annoying angry type who did not want kids but had them anyway.

I forgot to mention that a few other people came to watch the movies at the field too, throughout the dream, and the husband tried to figure out what movie to play; and he ended up playing the Japanese animated (anime) film Princess Mononoke, to my surprise, but I do not think that he had ever seen the film before.

A woman in the field had never heard of the film before and so I told her a bit about it, and I told her that it was a pretty good film.

One or two movies later I remember my brothers getting restless and so I took them to playground to play, and I remember seeing & hearing the husband angrily talking to his kids; even though they were not making much noise and they just wanted to run around & play near the playground.

The husband was thin with curly black colored hair with a white muscle shirt, and he was negative the entire dream; but fortunately he toned it down a bit, I woke up shortly after this and/or after one or more repeats of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂