Working As A Prison Guard & IT Assistant?

This dream took place during the day at either a multipurpose building or a building complex of several buildings like: a fictional version of The BP Library, a very small jail with a computer lab & office & bathroom, and maybe something else.

I seemed to be working as an IT assistant and / or prison guard (officer) at the very small jail, and I also still worked at The BP Library; so I possibly had two jobs.


The Rental E House | An Assassin Among Prisoners

Dream 1

This dream took place at a larger, somewhat fictional version of The E House that my mom’s side of the family was renting out, and it had been used as a: summer school, summer camp, maybe college, business retreat, and more over the years.

I even had false memories of this and having gone to school and / or college and / or summer camp there at some point when I was younger.


Killing Azrael | Playing Chrono Cross

The Elder Scrolls Lore: The Aldmeri Dominion

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day inside a Daedric-like realm / Planes Of Oblivion / Planes of Existence / dimension / dream world that was controlled by a powerful male Daedric Prince-like entity or God or Demigod.

I can not remember what the powerful male Daedric Prince-like entity or God or Demigod looked like, I possibly did not see him, but I did hear him talk & I assumed that he was humanoid.


Harvey Kinkle & Kevin Spacey At A College?

English: Kevin Spacey at the ceremony of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (2008)
Français : Kevin Spacey à la cérémonie du British Academy of Film and Television Arts (2008)
File:Kevin Spacey – BAFTA 2008.jpg

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly took place in The United Kingdom (UK) at maybe a college that possibly had a prison and / or it had some prisoners there among the normal students & college staff.

The character Harvey Kinkle from the TV show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and a young woman with light-color skin were there.

They went to a class or meeting in a classroom where Kevin Spacey seemed to be the professor / teacher.


Printing And Correcting A Song Of Ice And Fire?

Unfortunately I did not record most of my dreams, I do know that I had a variety of dreams that were inspired by me watching Episode 6 (The Iron Throne) of the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 8) before I went to sleep.

During part of this dream I remember seeing a female BP Library patron named TW, maybe I was at The BP Library when I saw her, but I can not remember.

Later at the end of the dream I was driving during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D near The Post Office, and I was driving to a fictional gas station near it to get some food and / or something like that.

When I drove into the parking lot I saw TW again and a man with light-color skin, they were both prisoners wearing jail / prison uniforms, and they seemed to be jail / prison trustees as part of the trusty system (trustee system).

I was confused by how TW could be a prisoner (especially a trustee) already when I had just saw her earlier in the dream, I did not bother thinking to hard about this though, and I wanted to avoid her / them so that they would not try to ask me for something and / or try to get me to help them escape and / or something like that.

Oddly I saw no police officer with them, I tried to avoid them so I drove away from them, and I did not go inside the gas station because I wanted to wait for them to leave first.

Eventually I drove to the parking lot where The Bail Bonds place should be, in the parking lot was a printer on a table or something and a computer, and I remember getting out to investigate.

The character Grey Worm and maybe someone else were there, and the printer was printing out the entire A Song Of Ice And Fire I assumed which was a historic record of their world I assumed.

I think that they were printing a rough draft, as it was printing I looked at some of the pages and I saw some errors and mistakes, and so I told them about this.

I then stopped the printing and I started trying to find and fix errors et cetera starting with the printed copies, and I used the computer to edit those pages.

Some pages were past the margins, some pages had messed up formatting, and other things like that so I was finding them and fixing them and showing them to the others.

There was probably also a problem with the format that it was saved it, and so I probably tried saving the file in several other formats and / or I tried to decide which format to use like: .ODT and .RTF et cetera.

My plan was to find the best format to use and make sure that issue was fixed, and then I would finish checking and fixing pages before continuing to print them.

I also tried to show the others how to do this, I assumed that this was going to be a huge project so there was no way that I could do all of this if this really was a historic record of many things that have happened since the beginning of recorded time or whatever, and so I only planned on doing some of it now and then printing the corrected pages; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr