Crash Landing A Private Jet

My first dream was a rare and interesting experience, unfortunately I can not remember most of it, and so the important details are missing and I only remember some of my second dream because I went back to sleep without voice recording either dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be on a luxury private jet that was flying during the day, and maybe some of my former classmates and / or some other people were flying on the private jet with me.

I can not remember any of the important details so I am not sure who I was with, why I was there, where were we going, what was happening exactly, who owned the private jet, who was flying it, et cetera.

I just remember the main cabin area being very nice and open so there were not many seats, it was more like a room than an airplane cabin, and we were probably not sitting down so we were probably doing other things while probably having a good time.

I think that things were positive but then something happened that I can not remember at all, I assume whatever happened possibly left everyone dead except me, but I can not remember anything about this part of the dream unfortunately.

I just remember wondering who was flying the private jet now so I went to the cockpit, no one was flying the private jet now, and I could see outside the front window and we were in the sky flying during the day but we were losing altitude so we were going to crash into a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

I had no idea how to fly this private jet and I probably had no one to ask now that I assume that everyone was dead, I am not sure though but I assume that they were, and so I grabbed the control stick(?) and I started trying to gain altitude again but it was not working because I did not know how to make the private jet accelerate.

The private jet continued to lose altitude, I probably thought that I was going die too (if the others were dead), but instead of giving up I decided to at least try a crash landing (emergency landing) even though I did not know how to release the landing gear (tires).

I started controlling the direction that the private jet was falling toward, I looked for a place to land, unfortunately my only option was a fictional area of grass in front of a ditch / river near the side of the street where the road to the D High School meets another road that goes along the side of the D Junior High School playground that no one uses.

I flew over the neighborhood without hitting anything and I did not know how where the brakes were, and so I made the private jet slid lightly across the grass because I did not know how to release the landing gear.

The private jet slid across the grass and dirt, and eventually it crashed into the ditch / river and it started to sink nose first until it was not visible (which makes no sense for a ditch / river like that to be that deep).

I am not sure if I jumped out before it sank or before it crashed into the ditch, also I am not sure if I was injured or not, but I do know that it seemed that no one saw this oddly.

For some unknown reason I did not want anyone to know about this or that I had been on the private jet so I did not want to report it or tell anyone, I hoped that no one would realize or find it or be able to figure out that I had been involved, and so it was like I wanted to cover it up oddly but I have no idea why because I can not remember most of this dream now unfortunately.

I wanted to probably remove any evidence that I had been involved but the private jet was under water now, which was a good and bad thing, and so I hoped that maybe most or any evidence would be destroyed or lost or contaminated on its own.

I left the scene quickly to avoid being seen, I went on the other side of the ditch / river, and I took a back route through a trail and behind neighborhoods and maybe to a highway that would take me home to reduce the chances of being seen.

As I walked I was thinking about what to do and trying to predict what might happen in each what-if scenario, I assumed that they would probably find the private jet eventually (whether during a drought or search for the missing private jet and missing people) and that they would probably find some evidence that I was involved eventually and it would look bad if I ran away without reporting it, and so I probably decided to turn around and return to the crash site. (If it were not for that, I would have probably never told anyone anything, and left it a mystery and left the others there to rot and be forgotten; which is terrible, and not like me at all)

On the way back I started thinking about what to say, how to act, what to do, et cetera.

I was possibly injured or faking injured or I was slightly injured but was partly faking to make it seem worse on my way back, I was probably the only survivor, and so it would not look good if I was not injured at all or if I was barely injured.

I was not going to lie about the details but I did not want to share the complete truth oddly but I have no idea why, I was going to only share limited information, and I was going to try to do it in a way that would not make them suspicious and ask me more detailed questions.

I imagined that they would ask me more detailed questions, and so I thought of some ways to avoid the questions without lying.

For a worse-case scenario I was considering pretending to have no memory of certain details due to an injury from the crash.

All of this is confusing to me because this is not like me at all, I have no idea why I would be so determined to hide some of the truth of what happened, but I can not remember the important details of this dream to help me make sense of any of this.

I was thinking and preparing for many possibilities and I was even practicing faking injuries, faking emotions, playing dumb, choosing my lines of dialogue of what I would say in various situations, et cetera.

I was possibly even considering contacting a lawyer first or letting a lawyer talk for me if things went bad, and so I was seriously preparing for many possibilities.

I was probably even thinking about how to handle the fact that probably some people I know had died on the private jet, how to handle this socially et cetera, and so I possibly thinking about how to handle this with their family and friends and the police et cetera.

I was being very methodical and maybe even somewhat sociopathic about this, did I even feel bad about the others probably dying or was I just worried about myself (which is not like me at all)?

I do not even recognize myself in this dream because the me in this dream is not the me that I am familiar with in real life or in most dreams and in daydreams and in thoughts et cetera, so this is unusual, and I wish that I could have remembered more of this dream so that I could make more sense of it and so that I could try to understand my motivations for doing what I did in this dream.

I seriously want to know what happened on that private jet, what could have possibly happened on that private jet that led to me doing what I did and what I thought about  and considered doing in this dream?

Anyway, that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a building working, I was at some kind of job that I can not remember doing something that I can not remember, and this building was like a combination of The E House and my parent’s house and several other buildings and it probably changed look and location during the dream without me noticing.

At some point I walked into a part of the building that looked like The E House combined with a place for people in need of medical attention and maybe people in need of temporary housing, and there were several female nurses with light-color skin wearing somewhat older-style nursing uniforms and nursing hats who were at a desk.

My coworker Mr. CF was working here as well, he was wearing his security guard uniform from The BP Library where we work so I guess he was a security guard in this dream as well, and he was in a small medical room helping an old probably homeless sick man with light-color skin with gray / white long hair and a long beard who was sitting on an examination chair / table.

The room was on a small fictional hall next to the stairs, and I heard the old man saying something that almost sounded like he admitted that maybe he had killed one or more people before in the past but it was hard to understand him.

After my coworker Mr. CF finished helping the old man we both started talking, and we walked outside during and eventually I remember us being in a yard that looked like my parent’s yard near the storage buildings.

It was a daytime outside, I remember Mr. CF mentioning something that the old man had possibly told him, and even he was not exactly sure what he said so I told him what I thought that I heard and he said that the old man was probably just crazy or senile or something so he was not taking what he said seriously.

Mr. CF told me that the old man or another man had told him that he had recently found out that he was Acadian, he mentioned a certain percentage, and so I took this to mean that the man had found out that some of his ancestors were part of the Acadian social group (ethnic group).

I then told Mr. CF that I had recently learned about a sale on a genealogical DNA test, an autosomal DNA (atDNA) test called Family Finder by Family Tree DNA, and that I had learned about it from a post called Friends And Family Summer Sale At Family Tree DNA by Roberta Estes on her blog / website DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy. (I read and commented on her post before going to sleep)

I told Mr. CF that I was going to buy the Family Finder kit (test) now that it was on sale for $69 for the rest of this month, I can not remember the rest of our conversation, but I do know that it was lunch break time.

Mr. CF realized that it was time for the weather forecast to be shown on television, and so he ran toward the building (which now looked like my parent’s house) to run inside to watch the weather on television during his break.

I decided that I would take my lunch break at The E House so I walked to the fence of The E House, but then I realized how terrible it looked outside and inside when I last saw it because it has been abandoned property for several years now so I decided to return to the building to take my break there instead.

I walked through the back door and it looked like the living room at my parent’s house because the building now looked like my parent’s house, Mr. CF was probably in another room, and the television was on but no one was watching it.

I turned to the television and a movie was playing where the actress Katie McGrath was playing a high-level rich upper class fancy dress-wearing vampire villain who somewhat reminded me of the character Semira in appearance combined with a bit of Danica Talos in personality in maybe a remake or new movie that was somewhat like maybe a combination of the movie Blade: Trinity and / or the movie Queen Of The Damned and / or the movie Underworld: Blood Wars.

I watched for a few seconds before turning off the television, I wondered what was the name of that film, and then I stopped to decide what to do for my lunch break but I woke up realizing that I had overslept past my usual get ready for work time.

The end,

-John Jr


My Nephew CC + Donations + Sigourney Weaver = ?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that my baby nephew CC was at my parent’s house during the day, and we were babysitting him.

The next thing that I remember is that my mom possibly sent me to donate some old stuff (toys, books, and more) to some Goodwill-like store in a city like you are going to the city of L, and maybe my brother GC went along with me for the ride.

While we were out driving our mom probably called us asking us to stop at one or more grocery stores and stores, and so we went to some other stores as well for her.

Off and on throughout this dream I would sometimes see something in my mind, it would become my main focus, but I could still see what was going on in the dream and I could still do stuff as I saw this in my mind.

I am not sure if these were flashbacks, daydreams, dreams within dreams, thoughts, remote viewing, or what it was that I kept seeing off and on throughout the dream.

Whatever they were they all involved a man with light-color skin with maybe dark-color hair and a woman who seemed to be the actress Sigourney Weaver, it seemed that the man had recently met Mrs. Weaver, and it seemed to be maybe slightly futuristic or it just seemed that way because they were often in luxurious places that used the color white a lot along with modern minimalist furnishings.

Slowly they were building some kind of relationship, I assumed that Mrs. Weaver was married, and so I wondered what was going on because it seemed that maybe their relationship had become sexual but it was never clear if that was true or not.

I am not sure when I started seeing this in my mind in the dream, I just know that my brother GC and I went to the BB Grocery Store on Southside, and there we saw my former male coworker Mr. CG from The BP School Board Computer Department and a man with light-color skin with medium-length hair (maybe an orange-brown color) wearing sunglasses who seemed to be his new partner on the job.

The partner of my former coworker Mr. CG seemed to be possibly blind and maybe even deaf and maybe even dead or zombie-like, he never talked and he always had the same unclear expression on his face, and I am not sure if we ever got to see him walk or stand or not so it probably reminded me of a scene that I saw on YouTube from the film Weekend At Bernie’s.

The next thing that I remember is my brother GC and I standing outside the abandoned Dairy Queen building, and I was seeing another scene in my mind about the man and Mrs. Weaver.

They seemed to always meet at maybe her house, I just remember an all white room, and when they would go out they would travel either in her private jet or be driven around to fancy places around the world as Mrs. Weaver bought designer clothing in Europe in places like Italy et cetera and went to fancy restaurants et cetera.

Instead of just once scene I would usually see many scenes like a montage of short scenes showing them together as time passed, and after those scenes ended I started driving my brother GC and I to a Goodwill-like store combined with a grocery store in a fictional version of the city of L or a fictional city near the city of L.

We either donated the items to this store earlier in the dream or we donated the items when we arrived this time, and I remember us walking around the store.

At some point as we were walking near the cash registers we saw my former male coworker Mr. CG and his partner again, they were possibly sitting down, and we walked over to greet them.

Once again his partner was wearing shades and did not respond the entire time like he was possibly blind and / or deaf and / or dead and / or zombie-like and / or had a mental disability or something, we briefly talked with my former coworker Mr. CG, and then we continued shopping.

Near and in the toy section of the store I found some of the toys and items that we donated to the store, I even found a book of home remedies that we had donated, and as I was looking at the items I started to see some of those scenes in my mind again.

The man and Mrs. Weaver’s relationship had progressed it seemed, and now she had him running errands for her sometimes around the world buying designer clothing and other items around Europe (Italy was one country) and other places in her private jet et cetera.

I would see brief scenes of him being flown and drove around the world shopping, and bring back bags of stuff to Mrs. Weaver.

They still spent some time together but they were spending less time together because of him being sent out to shop for her, and this seemed to be annoying him a bit and Mrs. Weaver seemed to be acting more pushy and controlling.

After those scenes were over, in the store I noticed a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair shopping with her young son who also had light-color skin across the walkway on the opposite side from me, and I was by and / or in the toy section so I felt strange being there without a kid.

I was worried about what the woman would think seeing a man near or in the toy section without a kid, and so I remember picking up either a toy that looked like a baby or my actual nephew CC (oddly I can not remember if I was just pretending to hold a baby or if it was a real baby 😀 ) while I was looking at the items that we donated.

But I woke up.

This morning in the real world my parent’s returned home with my nephew CC for us to babysit him and spend some time with him, I had no idea that this was going to happen this week, and so I think that it is interesting that I dreamed of us babysitting him last night.

The end,

-John Jr