Finding Out An Anime Character Is Privileged

Finding Out An Anime Character Is Privileged

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The YouTube video Finding Out An Anime Character Is Privileged by the YouTube channel Cilvanis.

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Seems like every time there is a hardworking anime character, they turn out to be the most overpowered character in the show

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11-16-2013 | Dream Journal | Zoe Benson Getting In Trouble At School Or College

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I woke up and I went back to sleep several times last night, each time remembering part of the same dream or dreams but I kept going back to sleep instead of voice recording the dream or dreams, and so I forgot that dream or dreams unfortunately; and now I barely remember part of the last dream that I had.

I think that the dream jumped back and forth between several people and their stories/situations during the dream including Zoe Benson from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven (who seemed to be the main character of the dream), one or more other people who(m) I can not remember, and I/me.

I can not remember the parts of the dream/stories/situations of anyone (even the parts of the dream that I was in) except for some parts of the dream involving Zoe (I was not in the parts of the dream about her or the others, unless I was somehow them, but I doubt it), I think that most of the dream was focused on Zoe, and so she was probably the main character of the dream instead of me and the others; but my memory is so unclear that it is hard to make sense of the dream (because the dream followed different people/situations/stories with me only being in some/a few parts of the dream).

I think that most of the dream involved Zoe being at a school or college and she often got in trouble with teachers/professors/authority probably because Zoe was always honest and she got straight to the point and she said what was on her mind/what she thought/et cetera; and she was not afraid to challenge her teachers/professors/authority when they did something that she did not agree with or that she thought was wrong or if they did something that did not make sense/illogical, and she probably often refused to blindly follow authority or be controlled completely by authority.


12-1-2012 | Dream Fragments | Barely Remembered Dream Fragments After Pain

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I had several dreams last night but I woke up and had to leave to a Christmas parade and near the end of the parade I was eating a cookie and some of it touched the inside of one of my dying teeth (which was supposed to be pulled on November 26th, but I decided to wait & talk with my dentist again to see if I can just get fillings for those two dying teeth instead so I have to wait until later this month to see the dentist about the two dying teeth again), causing me much pain & I did not have any mouthwash or pain medicine with me, and so I was in a lot of pain until I could get home; and walking, talking, sitting, anything was hard being in so much pain so I forgot most of my dreams (being in pain for that long is not fun, is a bit draining, and the pain becomes your main focus).

I now will only be able to type parts of random dream fragments as they come to my mind.

One dream involved my family and I getting on a boat owned by someone rich who let us use one of his boats while he used another boat I think and we were on a body of water, and only people who were rich had boats; and most of the other people looked down on us since we were probably the only people who were poor/lower-class/low-income on a boat.

I am not sure if everyone was boating for fun or for a competition, I can not remember, I just remember my family & I trying to figure out how to drive/handle the boat properly; and the man who was rich who let us use one of his boats, would sometimes yell tips/advice to help us.

The water and the area had a that dream-like look that dreams with water & boats usually have in my dreams, grayish/darkish/isolated cloudy sky like the world is smaller or endless with deep blueish colored water that is endless/heavy/dreamy, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


11-27-2012 And ? | Dream Fragments | Unknown Dream Fragments | Dream Of Going To A Somewhat Dark Gas Station-Like Place?

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I had to wake up earlier than I expected to go help someone, and I had to deal with the usual morning annoyances; so I forgot most of what I dreamed about last night.

One of the dreams might have had something to do with the animated TV show Young Justice, where there was a back and forth mental conflict about something that I can not remember.

Another one of the dreams might have had something to do with something else that might have involved sleeping/staying in bed/being comfortable/or something, but I am not sure and I can not remember.

I just remembered part of either a dream or real event from years ago (I am not sure how many years ago, but it is probably from many years ago), probably a dream, but I am not sure.

I was younger (still public school age(d)) and I remember my mom, my dad, and I riding in an automobile; and some of my mom family members like my uncle CE and maybe a few other people were either with us or driving with us in their own automobiles.

My brothers might have been with us but I am not sure, and maybe a few people who(m) my dad knew might have been with us but I am not sure.

I remember that we were driving up a straight road/highway in the middle-of-no-where/the country/somewhere and the sunlight outside had an orangish glow to it, and we stopped at a gas station-like place that was either abandoned or very quiet & somewhat dark inside.

I remember us going inside the somewhat dark gas station-like place, and I remember there being a  somewhat older man with whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair wearing a cowboy hat with a long sleeve button shirt in a checked-like pattern that might have been white & blue colored with blue jeans & cowboy boots; but I can not remember if the man had traveled in the group with us or if he was already in the gas station-like place or if he arrived after we arrived, my guess is he was one of the people who knew my dad & that he was probably driving in an automobile leading our group somewhere.

I think that maybe we were headed out in the country to fish on some private property or something, and so the man with the cowboy hat probably knew where it was and maybe even owned it.

We probably bought/got/found some fishing bait/equipment, snacks, gas, et cetera; and then got back in our automobiles to continue the journey, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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A New Baby Brother

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Last night I have several dreams, but I forgot most of them.

In one dream my mom gave birth to a baby boy, and so I had a new baby brother to my surprise.

I think that my parent’s named him with a first name that started with either an A or J, but I can not remember the exact first name.

I remember being surprised that my new baby brother already had his eyes opened even though he was only a few days old, and I remember playing with him & holding him as I talked with my parent’s; it was nice/fun having a baby brother again compared to dealing with most of my other brothers who are now older annoying brats mostly, but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

I barely remember part of my last dream which is too unclear, but I think that it involved some people and small non-Humans who were in a prison/jail/or something; and they were signaling to some people outside, and I was with the people who were outside.

One of the small non-Humans was making signals/commercials to get the attention of some people on the outside (not just my group, but people in the outside world), and there was an argument between the group in the prison/jail/whatever over which/what kind/how many signals/commercials to use.

My group approached the other group to talk with them, maybe they were doing manual labor outside or something, and so they tried to talk to us carefully without alerting the guards or whoever; and we tried to offer some advice/help to them, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr